1997 Mercury Sable LX Wagon V6 from North America


Great Car, Lots of power, great ride


The only major repair the car has needed is some transmission repair at 45000 miles. I thankfully have an extended warranty (Warranty Direct has been great) and they paid for this.

The pressurised cylinder holding open the trunk door broke off and needed replacement.

The dome light came on just now and I have been trying to get this fixed.. without spending $$... (this is how I came to know of this forum for reviews... thanks for the WD40 tip... am waiting to try it when my wife comes back with the car).

General Comments:

This car has been lightly used... has just 70K on it... and it runs like a charm. We plan to keep it till this breaks down... hopefully it will last a long time.

Why am I unsure I would buy the car again? Because my other car now is a Toyota Camry... boy is that a boring car... nothing ever seems to happen! I like it that way as there are other sources I turn to for excitement in my life!

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Review Date: 20th November, 2006

1997 Mercury Sable from North America


I'm really disappointed with this car!


In the short time I have owned this car I have discovered that:

1. The rear brake lights will not go on unless the hazard light switch is turned on. (The hazard lights do not work at all.)

2. The steering column started to make a rubbing noise. Turned out there are 3 things wrong with the steering column (joints, pins and something else) and will cost $1,200 total to get it all fixed!

3. Brake light went out suddenly.

General Comments:

I bought this car for my son's first car. I've read very good reviews about it and since this car only had 43,000 miles on it, I felt he would have many good, worry-free years with it.

The first problem was the brake light going out (while he was in line to take his driving test--so he had to postpone it). At 45,000 miles, that seems a bit early.

The problem with the hazard light switch operating the rear brake lights, but not the hazard lights (a $200 repair) is annoying.

But the real kicker is the steering wheel needing such intensive repairs. I've had many cars of a variety of brands lasting well over 80,000 miles (my current Honda has over 100,000 miles) and have never heard of this type of problem. And at only 44,000 miles??? It's going to cost $1000 to fix. Now I'm wondering if it's even worth it to repair this. What's going to break next?

Has anyone else had this type of problem with their Sable?

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Review Date: 16th October, 2006

8th Nov 2006, 04:36

I own a 1996 mercury sable ls. and the steering column also makes those noises under certain circumstances. DO NOT pay for that repair, there is nothing wrong with it. it is simply the power steering pump, it cannot keep up with the shift in fluid sometimes. but nothing is wrong with it, this also happens on most ford taurus and other sables. the shop you brought it to simply wants your money. again, there is nothing wrong with it, it just sounds bad. there is no need to fix this.

5th Apr 2007, 11:40

I have a 1996 Mercury Sable and the steering column makes this awful noise. It kind of sounds like really bad rubbing and I'm afraid that it will end up going out on me. Another problem is the brake light went on and every now and than it goes off, but comes back on again, but mostly stays on and I had the brakes fixed in the summer of 2006. Not only that, but my engine light has gone on and won't go off, it is driving me nuts. Last year I spent around $900 getting the clutch and all that stuff that has to do with the defrost, air conditioning and so on fixed. I spent $7,000 on this car back in 2005 and it had less than 90,000 miles on it. Sometimes I wonder if this car is worth all the money that has been spent.

20th Oct 2009, 15:05

The brake lights going on and off is most likely a loose connection to the brake sensor. The sensor is located on the brake pedal itself, the repair will cost about $5 if you do it yourself by changing the connectors. I have had this same problem with my 1997 Mercury Sable.

21st Oct 2009, 16:18

I think he meant the "BRAKE" repair light on the dash. Not the brake lights themselves.