1997 Mercury Sable GS 3.0L vulcan V6 from North America


So good it's name is Cyrus!


Nothing out of the ordinary!

General Comments:

It's a great family sedan, affordable and comfortable as well. The 145 hp standard engine is a bit weak and unrefined though, so be sure to opt for the 200 hp version in the upper (ls?) model.

Terrific build quality for a Ford, so good I named it after Cyrus, my dog who recently died.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2002

1997 Mercury Sable 3.8 from North America


I liked the car, but for the overheating problem


Car would overheat when at slow speed or at stop lights.

General Comments:

I began trying to fix the overheating problem by taking the car to a local auto shop and they changed the radiator, this did not correct the problem. I then felt that I should take it to a Ford Dealer, which I did and they charged me fifteen hundred problem to change the headgasket. I left on a long trip and found that I had the same problem on my trip. When I returned I took it back to the dealer and ask them to fix it. They told me as far as they were concerned it was fixed (of course it was not fixed.) I sent an e-mail to Mercury and they pretty much told me the same thing and they refused to help me. I finally had to trade the car for a new one (not a Ford) so someone else is suffering with the problem.

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Review Date: 16th October, 2002

9th Apr 2004, 20:44

If I didn't know any better, that sounds like the fans aren't turning on.

5th May 2004, 13:37

I have a 1992 MERCURY SABLE GS that has a history of overheating. It is constantly overheating. The temperature is high and even adding water and cooler to the radiator the temperature does not low. It might have a leak and it has a water jacket as well since I noticed a strong odor and smoke coming out of the exhauster trim. The local dealer told me the head-gaskets are damaged. To fix the problem would cost more than the value of the car.

1997 Mercury Sable LS 3.0 liter V6 24 V DOHC from North America


I love this car!!!


Changing the front brake disks and resurfacing the rear ones at 104 000 miles.

General Comments:

I am from Hungary and with my wife we were looking for a big car to travel around the US. This is how we ended up with this Sable.

This car is huge. We traveled so many miles with it. It has a 200 horsepower engine, which was very helpful to pass when it was necessary, or to travel on an interstate with 95 miles per hour speed for hours, with two bikes on a bike-rack on the top of the trunk, without any problem.

Everything is working fine in it. It is fully loaded and everything is very well designed around the driver. It is a very comfortable car. We could drive in the city and get 23-24 miles with a gallon and on highway we could get 26-27, but a few times we could make 30 miles with a gallon.

And one other thing: if you check the advertisements or the dealers, you will not find so many Mercury Sables for sale. For me this means people like this car and are satisfied with it so they do not want to sell it.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2002

1997 Mercury Sable GS Wagon 3.0 from North America


Too expensive for low quality


Transmission - complete rebuild at 99,000 miles.

Speed sensor has gone bad 2 times.

Turns signal, dimmer switch.

Camshaft position sensor & drive assembly.

Catalytic converters.

Front struts.

Tie rod ends.

Unknown rough running & bucking problem.

Rear seatbelts keep sticking.

General Comments:

I have done regular maintenance at recommended intervals and it just keeps getting worse.

I could understand some maintenance, like struts & the tie rod ends, but this has been major repairs and it all started happening around 100,000 miles. Feel like it's built in obsolescence and we've heard the same from others. Most of what has gone wrong, we've been told is very normal for this car.

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Review Date: 19th January, 2001

8th Sep 2001, 09:30

Well don't feel bad. We had to have the engine replaced at 53,000 and now looking at the 3rd transmission!

The Mercury Sable wagon is junk! Ford will do nothing and it is clear that this car is a big ole LEMON!

10th Oct 2002, 20:48

I purchased my 1996 Sable LS in april of 2000, with 30000 miles on it. Now, oct 2002 with 60000 miles, the car has been problem free. Brake pads and w/s wiper blades are the only expense so far. I love this car.

Brian Willson.