23rd Jan 2011, 09:23

"You must have never been in a VR-4, I have tdo4s, 650cc injectors, a BC, and AF, and I spank my neighbor's 2009 Z06. He is thinking about Callaway options just to beat me, and I only have $7k in my VR-4 LOL. It pulls 11.2 on street tires!"

Of course I was talking stock, not modified. You can mod out any car to make it faster. Take the $7K and put a supercharger on the Z06, and bye bye to you...

2nd Feb 2011, 16:18

"It’s obvious that this “vette guy” doesn’t own one. I have a supercharged 2008 Z06 with gears and exhaust, and I use to own a heavily modified 1999 VR-4 (that was stolen back in 02). I can tell you hands down the VR-4 would just destroy my Corvette all the way to 175 MPH. After that I'm sure I could take it. The big problem is traction; the VR-4 has twice the traction. If Mitsubishi still made the 3000GT VR-4, I would trade in my Corvette in a heart beat... and by the way, my vortech super charger kit cost $9K plus $2 to install and tune, and now I make 743HP on pump gas at sea level. My 3000GT made 937HP on pump gas at altitude when I lived in Denver, and I have double the money in the Vette."

If your VR-4 was over 900 HP, you had more than $7K of parts into it. The Corvette is a more durable, better all around car.

This is a dead argument anyhow, as they don't make this car anymore... however the Vette still lives on! The VR-4 was an okay car, but it was too heavy and way too small inside for its enormous exterior dimensions. Then Mitsubishi thought it would be a good idea to up the price into the $40K plus area, which quickly killed the car. There were so many better choices in the day than this complex overweight overblown car. Just the fact that you had to mod it out to get anything out of it is proof positive. Stock to stock, a Vette would destroy your VR-4, and always did.

2nd Feb 2011, 21:40

As a mechanic I must say that buying a Mitsubishi product is considered unwise in the shop. However, uninformed people typically make my paycheck nice, so go for it if you want.

7th Feb 2011, 08:36

"I have own over 200 corvettes (my family owns Corvette *******) and “my” every day driver is a 1997 3000gt VR4. If you drive many corvettes, you will find that the cars feel cheap and full of plastic, plus they break all the time, unlike the 3000GT."

Yet you have owned over 200 of them... yeah okay!

"Dear Corvette Guy, you're right, this is a dead argument, the 3000GT VR4 is hands and feet better than a Corvette, but don’t believe me, check out Motor Trend, Car and Driver and Automobile, or better yet, just search “3000GT VR4 vs C6 ZO6” on youtube… If you have experts and owners of both cars telling you one is better than the another, then that is the way it is. Also I had $36K in my 99VR4 including the cost of the car, and I have over $70K+ in my Z06. Even if I had waited and bought the ZR1, it still wouldn’t have mattered."

Again, they discontinued these cars for a reason. Dead argument. Even a base Corvette today will wipe the pavement with one of these old cars stock to stock. The $22K V6 Mustang is just as quick to 60 now too at 5.4 seconds, and it pulls .95g's on the skidpad so it even will keep up in the handling department. The VR4 was a cool car overall, but had too much crap on it like the all wheel steering that added nothing to the performance, but did add weight. The car was about 4000 pounds. Talk about a cow! It was also so tiny on the inside that anyone over 5'10" was cramped beyond belief. I surely don't like being uncomfortable just for the sake of a fast car. And lastly, Mitsubishi builds some of the worst cars out there, and they always have.

Don't waste time talking about modding cars. Anyone can mod any car to make it faster than the next. However, you don't have to mod out a Vette to have a good all around car. Apparently you do have to mod out the VR-4 to make a real car out of it, so again, this is a dead argument, and not worth talking about anymore. Peace out!

14th Feb 2011, 12:40

"I would take a VR-4 over a Corvette any day. Corvettes are for old guys who want to look like they can go fast, but never do. Those 90's turbo cars are for the younger crowd that don't care about looking cool to grandma’s, but just want to have fun and go fast. I think that was what Corvettes did back in the 60's. It seems the avg age of a Vette driver is around 70 years old... maybe that's why they make the Vette suspension so soft... LOL."

A base Corvette gets into the mid 0.9g range for handling and the suspension is soft? Well that's a feat! I'd rather have a Mustang than either the Vette or the old VR-4. The Mustang is a much better laid out car, and it is easy to live with day to day. The VR-4 was good looking from the outside, but horrendously small on the inside. I think the Eclipse from the same years was at least as big on the inside, which isn't saying much. Now you can get a V6 Mustang that performs right alongside the VR-4 in acceleration and handling, but you'll pay 1/2 the price the last VR-4 went for over a decade ago. It also gets around 30 mpg too, which is a nice bonus!

16th Feb 2011, 07:58

12:40 I am in a large Corvette Club, and I would say the average age around 40 not 70. And we do drive very fast on track days. The new Vettes are very fast; under 4 sec 0-60, and are more compared to the more expensive supercars, not looking backwards. Even so, if I were to pick the best bang for buck as a teen today, I would go with the Mustangs. The cost to buy,build and insure. When I am 70, I will probably be driving an Audi sedan or the like, not a new Vette manual. It's hard to drive a supercharged Vette, Z06, Grand Sport etc and drive as you describe. They are quick, reliable and don't break. If you can afford a new one, you will not be disappointed.

16th Feb 2011, 14:22

Hey, I am with you (12:40)... it was 23:49 that was against the Corvette.

6th Jul 2011, 00:43

I just sold my '06 Corvette, and picked up a '93 VR-4 for $4K. At first I thought I had made a mistake. I had to spend close to $9K just fixing all the issues, but I upgraded as I went, added bigger turbos and BC and injectors. I just had it Dynoed at 577hp with 672 LBFT. I can honestly say I will never go back to a Vette while I can still find these cars.