4th Feb 2012, 11:43

You're kidding me right? Yeah, the VR4 isn't the best car around, that's a fact. Yeah, they ain't making them any more, but at around 4-8k for one vs a newer Vette as you say, which is an easy 15-25k, it's a no sh%& that the Vette wins in a race. You're talking about 25k car vs a older 8k tops. Now if the VR4 had about 5k even put in it, bye bye Vette, and that's a fact.

I own a 93 VR4. There ain't no Mustang V6 that is hanging with me. I even put down the 2001/2002 SVT Cobras...

All in all, the VR4 is a good car.

13th Aug 2012, 00:08

Love Corvettes, they're fast as hell. But if you have 25g's to pick up a Vette, why not buy a VR4 or Stealth TT for 5g's, and put in 15g's in upgrades.

I own a 95 Stealth TT with stage 1 upgrades. Raced an 03 Corvette the other day, and he only had half of his car past me, through 1st, 2nd, and 3rd till 100 miles an hour.

If you wanna be like anyone else, buy a Corvette, buy a Challenger, buy a Mustang. If you're a die hard car fan, find a car you like and mod it. 90's turbo cars can take on any car with 20-30g's of upgrades (new turbos, built motor, so on).

Is it that crazy investing that kinda money into your car? Do you think it's crazy to buy a brand new car? I do, when you can turn your average sports car into a super car!

13th Aug 2012, 12:43

I find this extremely hard to believe, as I own a Vette, and we also have a 02 Viper in our family.

First of all, find me a 2006 Vette for 25k that's not wrecked, and I will buy it in a heartbeat. You would be lucky to find a 04 C5 for 25k. We find it hard to believe that anyone would sell a C6 vs upgrade this.

I would even go with a used Viper, save a bit more, and get a car with 5000 annual production. My Vette has had many upgrades and is still very different than a base model. And we will pass you and brake quicker on the track.

13th Aug 2012, 18:10

It is crazy, when you sell a modern sports car like a Vette, you'll get some decent cash back. A 20 year old sports car that's been modded and driven hard? Not so much.

14th Aug 2012, 06:05

So what. I have seen plenty of cars on the verge of blowing up on a dyno that are short 1/4 mile bursts. That doesn't mean they handle well or are better. I noticed a slight hood flutter at 167 mph up on a track on my Vette. I heard super car on here and are you serious? We had a Supra higher on the Dyno board, modded higher HP over our Viper. Again, it was modded. There's no way this car would stay with it on the track. A car can be fast, but handles like crap at speed. I am not saying do any of this on a public street. If you don't like stock Corvettes, buy a Callaway or a new supercharged.

16th Aug 2012, 10:15

Shame you didn't keep the better Corvette and upgrade it 600-1000 HP. Or buy a used Hennessy or Venom Viper. Did you buy the 2006 Vette brand new? I think if I were me, I would have gone for the investment, sold the 06 I bought new, and found a 96 Viper GTS, first year of that model, and found a 750 HP one with maybe 1500 made. Very collectible, low production, and I would really have something. If you could afford a new Vette, you could certainly afford my suggestion.