2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT 3.0 V6 from North America


Best car to buy for its class


For the 2 years I've owned my car I have taken my car back 3 times for recalls.

1st was tightening the hose for the radiator.

2nd was changing the battery wire to a bigger gauge.

3rd was replacing transmission fluid for better shifting.

Besides these small recalls, my car runs great!

General Comments:

I bought my 2000 Eclipse GT 2 weeks after it came out. I love driving my car. And for you other Eclipse owners who have taken their cars for a drive on winding roads and roads with steep incline, you know what I mean.

I have a question though, has a turbocharger come out yet for this car? =)

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Review Date: 7th August, 2001

2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT from North America


Great car for the price


The seal around the windshield is coming off.

Only got to use the cruise control once, it stopped working.

The air conditioning is weak, doesn't get very cold.

I have had 2 recalls on the car as well. Hope to have all these items fixed soon.

General Comments:

I enjoy driving the car. It is quick and handles really well.

The seats are really comfortable and all the controls are well placed. I drove from California to Minnesota and had no problems at all, except the cruise control that failed on my way to Minnesota.

The tires are really expensive, $300.00 a piece. Found that out when I had to replace one, and they weren't under warranty.

Overall, I would purchase this car again. Except I would splurge and get the Spyder.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2001

2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT from North America


Put your body in motion!


The only problem I have had with the 2000 Eclipse has been tracked to a manufacture related problem. The engine would not start in cold weather. However, the problem has since been fixed and it is running great.

General Comments:

This a great performance car with a very reasonable price. The handling has improved over the 2nd generation models with only a slight loss in fuel economy.

I previously owned a 1996 Eclipse and was saved from almost certain death by the cars ability to take the impact thus selling me forever on Eclipses.

The 2000 model is a little wider than the 2nd generation but it does help with the handling ability.

The interior is roomier and more comfortable.

While the Eclipse may not be a family oriented vehicle it gains popularity in many other ways such as being very reliable, economical, and safe.

The ride feels much better than most mid-sized and larger cars.

Eclipse ranks as high as you can get with this owner!

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Review Date: 21st July, 2001

21st Feb 2004, 08:37

My 98 Eclipse will not start in the cold weather (below 15 degrees). What exactly did the dealer do to fix this problem? I have called the dealership and they offered no solution except to check the battery (which is brand new). Battery/electrical system was checked out and both are sufficient. Please advise.


2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder RS 2.1 Inline-4 from North America


Right priced sports car with lots of features


The driver side door does not make a very good seal, causing it to leak during hard rains.

At times, the fabric on the top will ride up on the passenger side, exposing the mechanics of the top.

The in-dash 6 CD changer managed to scratch every single CD in the exact same place after about eight months. Dealer says this was due to excessive use and not cleaning it properly (I don't listen to the radio very often).

All of the problems are covered under warranty, however I haven't been able to leave it at the dealership for service.

General Comments:

The car does not handle very well around sharp curves, due to the FWD. This will cause the back wheels to easily slide out or spin.

Acceleration could be better, but acceptable for a 4-cylinder.

The radio and clock display in on the top and middle of the dash is a very good idea. It allows me to quickly glance at the time or tune the radio without taking my eyes of the road.

I've had the car for just over a year and overall, I am very satisfied with it. It handles extremely well and it is a very smooth ride. I would highly recommend this car.

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Review Date: 10th July, 2001

25th Jul 2001, 14:54

Just about your comment on how the car handles around corners - FWD actually helps cars corner better and makes it virtually impossible to slide the back wheels out. That's a RWD symptom...