6th Sep 2004, 00:46

Well I was clocked at 141mph by Houston P.D. in my 2000 Eclipse GT going south on I45. I went to jail, my car was impounded, and when I got it back it was missing my stereo, amp, and subs. So don't go that fast unless you want to do some jail time and get a large fine.

P.S. I still go that fast when the road is open. 50,136 miles on car and still purrs like a kitten.

7th Sep 2004, 00:34

That is what I like to hear. Someone who is not afraid to push the limits of a car. I have a GS Coupe. So far I have installed an AEM Intake, Magnaflow muffler, and Eibach springs. You are right. The car does get looks. I have pushed my Eclipse to about 125 miles per hour miltiple times and it runs fine at that speed. The high speed stability of my car is great. I was a little disappointed that the car will not exceed about 125 miles per hour right now. The speedometer reads up to 150 and I was hoping to hit about 140 miles per hour. Oh well. Maybe after the Fias Turbo Kit. I am really trying to stop speeding now though. Tickets and going to court is really not worth it. I don't blame anyone who speeds or even thinks of speeding in any Eclipse. It is a speedy and sporty car. Just don't kill yourself. This is coming from someone who does pretty much anything that is illegal in a car. I love cars and I want to have fun in them. The 2004 Eclipse is ending the third generation model. Take a look at the fourth generation concept Eclipse. It looks alright in my opinion, but I would never buy one. I am happy with the third generations. I am also happy that Mitsubishi is ending the third generations even though it is a little sad when I think about it. The Eclipse is a great car and is what any sports car should be.

5th May 2005, 11:28

Well, I have a 5 speed Eclipse GT 2001, I reached 148 on 40 East and then I slowed down, I was thinking to my self after that, why I just didn't push it to 150 and see if it makes it, I mean the driving on that speed was just fine, but of course its not a speed that you drive in it every day. I have only a filter in it, just for the sound :). I really like the Eclipse, I have been driving since I was 12, and I am 23 now and I drove all kind of cars. From this class, I like the eclipse the most.

19th Dec 2005, 07:16

Hey, you're lucky to be driving such a fine car since the age of 12. I hit 150 in mine and the engine kicks-back and doesn't let you accelerate any faster! Although I was like damn I suppose it is a good thing as it prevents potential damage to the engine past 150mph. But I agree, an awesome, fast awesome sporty car. I currently have an '06 plated model on order. I will review once I receive late Jan/Early Feb :)

24th Sep 2006, 22:59

You guys seem to know so much about eclipses and all, and the only thing stopping me from getting the GT model is I've heard that they will only take premium gas? I hope they don't because I really like this car and hope to be able to get it soon.

7th Oct 2006, 14:03

An Eclipse will never do 130? Dream on? LOL I had my GTS up to 147 before I backed down... mainly because it had a bent rim and the car was shaking. Not to sound too arrogant, but maybe you should try pushing it past 130 before you say that it can't, and I'm not talking about the RS or GS models. Go test drive the GTS and THEN tell me what you think.

Overall I've loved my car, but as a sports car enthusiast I always wish it had more power under the hood. 210's good... but the newer model GT's have closer to 270. Maybe I'll get a turbo?!?

13th Sep 2007, 19:42

I have a 2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT. It's a wonderful car, I absolutely love it. Great first car for me. With the premium fuel question, it does say on the inside of the fuel tank door that it takes premium unleaded only, and I have put regular in it before, and for some reason, it didn't feel like it performed as well. So, I guess you could say they do require premium fuel for best performance.

19th Sep 2007, 13:20

I have question concerned to the gas issue which is what would I did not use the premium gas, does it gonna damage the engine though?

23rd Sep 2007, 18:04

Concerning the premium gas, I have a 03 GTS and the fuel cap does say premium only. In an emergency, I had to put in super (the mid octane between reg. and premium) and it did not hurt the engine that I know of, but the performance was VERY sad and disappointing until I refilled it : (

26th Oct 2007, 10:46

Yeah about the whole Spyder's toppin out.. i was clocked at 144 in my 01'..it had 140,000 miles on it at the time. Its stock other than a cold air intake.. go eclipse.

31st Oct 2007, 02:29

Hey guys and girls. I just bought a 2003 gt V6. So far I like it. I had a 97 GS and it was alright. I loved that body style better then the 2003 but I do like the 03 too. I am thinking about gettin a turbo put on with all the accessories for it. Just wanted to know if anyone has put one on and has or had any troubles with it. Thanks for your time. Jimmy.

10th Nov 2007, 18:05

I have had my Eclipse for a year and half, and I can't wait to get rid of it; it only gets 14mpg and it heats up all the way to the top.. I mean the car is verya sexy.. and it does go fast.. but it has caused way too many problems.

12th Nov 2007, 21:16

I just purchased a 2003 Eclipse GT. It is an amazing little car and has a lot of power, but I am curious as to where to get graphics and accessories that are a perfect fit. I keep finding sites for stupid wood trim kits and tail lights. I haven't checked with a shop here in town, but I am trying to find something / someone that specializes in possibly making the street car look on sports cars. Any help would be great.

The car is dead sexy though, I love how it drives.


6th Dec 2007, 03:18

I was racing a 2001 Mustang GT from a dead stop. My 2000 GT stay with it through third gear. Once he hit four he pulled away for about three car lenghts. Guess what? It was governed and cut out at 130. I kept going and reached 156 before it was in the red. That is no lie either. So, I think the car was awesome and would put it up against the 2002 and 2003. I already had a 2003 GTS hardtop. The 2000 was way faster.