17th Apr 2010, 17:01

I have a 2002 GT (original owner, 150000 miles), and it runs good on regular or premium gas, and I've had the SES light come on randomly throughout the cars life if I don't occasionally use a tank of 87 octane, which makes it stay off for six months or a year. It may be due to carbon build-up from slower burning high octane gas.

I have all original sensors, pass emissions, and have never had a repair that wasn't regular maintenance since the time car was damaged in a flash flood at only 1200 miles and had a hydrolocked piston replaced. Anyone else have a similar experience with fuel?

I'm thinking about headers because the stock manifolds are very inefficient. I've heard that Ripp long tube headers increase horsepower by 25 or 30, but haven't heard anything on if anyone dyno'd their car with a lower cost header such as OBX, Megan, or DC. Anyone know how these cheaper headers perform?

27th Jun 2010, 08:24

I just bought a 2003 GTS, I just love it! I would like to have the door close more smoothly. It has a sad banging sound. Any idea to make it more smooth closing?

30th Nov 2011, 03:52

Thank you so much, I've been desperately looking for something like this. I had no idea something like this for this price was available. Thank you again so much!

31st Dec 2011, 11:54

3Gs blow. Too heavy. A V6 that's weak. No LSD option, and FWD. Horrible to build unless you have deep pockets. If you wanna go faster, buy an SRT4, STi or Evo.

2nd Jan 2012, 09:01

Trouble is you go from a nice looking two door to a sedan in every choice you've offered. Plus the SRT4 is junk. I never even see them on the road anymore because they had a 20K mile lifespan.

Tell you what, I'll stick with the Mustang. It looks great, and has more than enough power stock, or you can simply bolt on a supercharger if you think you need more.

3rd Apr 2012, 18:29

Where you get 500+ hp?