18th Dec 2007, 12:06

Hi I have an eclipse gt 2004 it's a great car with great performance I drive my eclipse to 135 mph and its very fine and smooth!!! I wish the car have all wheel drive!!

Now I'm going to put a supercharger inside to gain much power i think 310hp!!! the third generation rules!!!

8th Feb 2008, 07:52

I have a 2003 Eclipse GT 3.0 liter V6 and it runs great. I currently have a cold air intake and twin turbo installed in the car with a racing suspension, along with a high performace catback.

Of course I did my speeding on a legal race track. On a long straight-away I got my car up to about 190. The car has been stripped of its weight with basically full carbon body and anything that doesn't deal with performance.

The only difference I have seen with the Eclipse GTS was side impact air bags and a slightly lower body weight, so it would be appreciated if people would respect the GT model also.

For a stock performance GT, expect it to get up to around 135-145, depending on the street and physics that are hidden from the eye. Expect the same for the gts model.

The competition for the stock Eclipse model is the RSX, and the or Tiburon.

Oh yeah, the car has around 650 horses, and I never got the chance to reach its top speed, but I'm sure it's over 200+. I will have more info during this year... maybe, but most likely.

And for those who accidentally put regular gas in your Eclipse, use an octane booster to restore the gas quality.

13th Feb 2008, 09:07

I have a 2003 Eclipse GT V6 and I got an aftermarket exhaust and a cold air intake I'm looking to get a twin turbo, but I cannot find out where to find them. I am also looking for anything that would make my car go faster. If you can help me out email me at cooljaystinky@gmail.com. Thank you! Any help will be greatly appreciated.

27th May 2008, 15:11

Oh the premium gas question... I ran regular for the first year I had my 2003 GT and all of a sudden, the check engine light comes on. I go to have it checked out and 2 of the 6 cylinder's misfired. I didn't pay any attention so I kept on putting regular, a month or so later, it did it again. I've ran premium ever since with no problems.

30th May 2008, 16:59

I have an 03 Spyder GTS, and I love it. Very fast, easy to make faster, and yes, only premium. The speedometer goes to 150, I've had it at 135 with no problems. A very smooth, quick ride. Plus with the top up or down, it always gets looks. I love this car.

25th Jun 2008, 03:19

I have had my 2001 GT for about a month, and it's OK. I've seen a lot of videos of Eclipse racing and they all lose. When I drive my car, it seems fast. I got it up to 110 mph. It's quick I guess, but I'm having doubts. Before this car I had an Acura Integra LS 97. That thing was quick and I'm starting to miss it. I hit 120 mph in it and it was stock, so I'm not sure if I should sell my Eclipse and get me an Acura again. I do like them both, but I think the Acura could be modified more, so I'm stuck on what to do... what do ya think???

7th Jul 2008, 00:24

I have had a 2003 gts for three weeks now. Its quick and handles reasonably. Stock I did 130 before quiting. I mean quiting too, it wanted to keep going. I love the car. Not too many aftermarket parts though. Anyone with info on a turbo or supercharger for this model year help would be greatly appreciated. Hit me up @ 03eclipsegts@live.com.

Too bad these cars aren't still built by the Japanese.

31st May 2009, 17:37

I have a 2003 Eclipse GT 3.0 V6. Looking for a turbo, supercharger, or twin turbo, but I can't find the turbo manifold anywhere. Can somebody help me out??? My email is martinezmz90@yahoo.com

Thanks a lot.

11th Jun 2009, 23:56


I have a 2003 Eclipse GT and I love it! I don't race it and I don't know what the top speed is on it, I would like it to last and hotdogging has a tendency to wear on a car. I run premium fuel in it and was advised by the dealership to continue. I also have been running Mobil One synthetic oil in it since the first oil change, along with a Fram TG filter. It also has a K&N air filter on it. I ended up putting Yokohoma tires on it V4's (?) and it handles like it is on rails. Great car, and I hope to keep it forever.. Oh did I mention it has 185,000 miles on it and still running strong!


13th Jul 2009, 11:19

I'm an Eclipse FANATIC!! I know just about everything there is to know about the Eclipse, old or new.

You guys seem to be interested in the 00-05 Eclipse GT.. sweet car but needs more HP, right? OK guys I'll help you out. For those interested in a bolt on supercharger that puts you to 330hp+, then go and visit rippmods.com and give them a call, and those interested in putting a turbo 300+hp as well, then visit ddynopower.com. Either supercharger or turbo kit, they're both under $3,000, and both perform very well.

And if you're the serious type and want 400hp 500hp or more, then I'll tell you guys how and where to go. Just trying to help you guys, enjoy your Eclipse!

8th Aug 2009, 22:39

Hey guys, I'm really into the Eclipses right now, and I'm considering buying an 03, GT, silver, mint condition, sort of suped up with a skirt, lowered and sound system, it has 63,000 km on it. It's going for 15 grand.

I just wanted to know if it's a good deal. It ran pretty good, but not as good as the 06 I tried, probably because it was newer.

Also, I've been researching the car and found that a lot of people hate on it, saying it's unreliable, the paint is terrible and it has a lot of issues, I LOVE the car, but I definitely wanna hear from proper owners. Please reply, would love to get the car!

8th Sep 2009, 17:44

I own a 01 Eclipse GT and I love it!! It's very reliable. The only defect is that the clear coat on the roof is starting to peel off, but other that that its a great car!! I went 145 mph easily and I've raced Mustangs, Civics, Acuras... almost every import you can think of, and yes I've lost some and won some.. I have royal purple full synthetic oil in my engine, and always put 91 octane and it runs great!!

10th Sep 2009, 13:05

$15,000 is a bit too high, there are many other 3Gs that are much less than that. The newer Eclipse is faster, but is much heavier, meaning less handling, and the V6 in the newer Eclipse wastes a lot of gas.

In my opinion I would get the 3G because the car is VERY underestimated!!! I have raced multiple times and have lost only few due to higher end cars. The 3G is reliable, just like any other car if you take care of it and maintain it, it will last forever. There are many things to do to the 3G, and if you ask me having a sick 3G is much rarer than owning any other Eclipse.