1992 Nissan 100NX 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Great fun, and the T-Bar roof is brilliant


The car is very reliable generally.

The carburettor needs changing to a Weber version as fuel consumption is 22mpg.

Air recirculation switch stuck and parcel shelf hinges wobble, as with all 100NX's.

General Comments:

A great, cheap, fun summer car. When the roof is off, you don't want any other car. I am serious.

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Review Date: 19th December, 2002

1992 Nissan 100NX from UK and Ireland


Car for all seasons


The driver seat back collapsed about a 20 00 miles ago - fixed by a local mechanic.

Parcel shelf hinges broke.

Air recycle lever stuck.

General Comments:

Perfect car for two people with 2 small dogs.

Almost convertible as an open air car and yet a practical hatchback.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2002

1992 Nissan 100NX 2.0L twin cam from UK and Ireland


Fun car with plenty of grunt if you have the import model


Door windows do rattle when half way down.

I have the same problem as someone else with my offside front tyre, slow deflation.

My parcel shelf hinges have also broken.

Apart from that no major problems at all.

General Comments:

Being an import model with a 2.0l engine the performance is a lot better than the standard 1.6l eng model.

Superb to drive and very fast, with cruise control fitted sit back on the motor way and let the car do it, s stuff.

The targa top roof makes for an eye catching model in the summer, I do recommend larger alloys on the car though (16 inch).

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Review Date: 24th November, 2002

1992 Nissan 100NX GA16DS Carburretor from UK and Ireland


Nippy, targa toped, posy fun at a bargain price


The Hitachi carburetor is totally rubbish. It uses a Lambda sensor system, which does what it likes when it likes.

There is a cure however!

Weber do a replacement & conversion, which removes the need for the Lambda system, making it redundant.

It is a good old Weber Twin. Solid, reliable, & only £337 fitted & tuned.

Compare this to the Nissan advised £650+ replacement carburettor, which will still use the Lambda system.

This modification does away with the ECU (Electronic Control System) fuel mixture control system, leaving this to the garage to set via a standard mixture screw. If however, the ECU is also up the spout (known for it), then replacing your carburettor with the same thing (virtually) is going to mean a new ECU, which costs lots more £££££££.

If your 100NX is running badly, get the Weber conversion people.

General Comments:

The handling is good, but would be improved by uprated suspension & more rubber.

The interior is lovely. On a ten year old car, there are bound to a few trim rattles, but these are easily solved.

Air recycle switch is stuck on recycle (standard fault, easy fix).

I am trying to set up a UK 100NX club, as there are none in existence at the moment. This will be for advice & information swapping, & possible meet ups.

The site for further info is groups.msn.com/uk100nxclub/

or, email uk100nxclub@groups.msn.com

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Review Date: 1st November, 2002

1992 Nissan 100NX 1.6 Carb from UK and Ireland


Nice little run about that's different from all the usual stuff you see about


When bought the car had carb problems which caused it to intermittently misfire. Tried many Nissan main dealers who either told me it was the auto-choke (which I knew it wasn't) or that the carb needed replacing at £650.00 plus labour. The Nissan dealer in Wisbech (J.S. Holmes) knew exactly what was wrong when I explained the problem on the phone and then fixed it for £150.00. It now runs fantastically well and I haven't had a single problem with it since.

General Comments:

Overall for me a nice little car that performs OK, without setting the world on fire, but it's comfortable, quite economical and you can take the roof off. It's got quirky styling, but hey you see less of them about than Porsches so it's good to be different The main thing so far would have to be it's reliabilty. Apart form the carb problem it's been superb.

Nissan main dealers in the main are not even slightly interested in helping you out because of the age of the car, but there are one or two good ones out there, just hunt around or you'll end up with a seriously dented bank balance!

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2002

5th Apr 2006, 13:08

I would like to know exactly what was wrong with the carburettor (lean mixture or something like that?), because I`m tired of replacing this and that, and not really finding a permanent solution to the problems.

I bought a Sunny -92 with GA16DS engine one year ago/10 000 miles, and shortly thereafter the problems started. Seems to be oil-related, because the symptoms got worse (!?) immediately after each of the first two or three oil changes.

Then I started using Auto-Rx, which has reduced the symptoms, and the car runs really well for periods (will go through second and final rinse-phase this spring).

What about the EGR- and PCV-system, should I replace something, or just clean (thinking of carbon-build-up etc.)?

4th Sep 2007, 04:43

I tried to email the dealer in the review, but they have not replied. It would be nice if someone could just post the solution; then everyone could get on with fixing their cars.

2nd Oct 2007, 02:20

I had this jerking problem on acceleration with my 100nx someone suggested changing the ht leads - no difference then what a suggestion I had - start using REDEX, Car now runs much much better.

11th Jul 2010, 03:25

It is me who wrote the comment of 5th Apr 2006. I have finally found the answer to what was causing most of my problems: The distributor!

If it is right, what I was told at the local junkyard, the distributors are crap on both Sunny, Almera and Primera. Too bad I sold the car for next to nothing - it is the current owner that recently replaced the distributor...

I have now another Sunny -92 with a GA16DS engine, that runs very well and went through the MOT control with incredibly low emission values - partly because I regularly uses Mergi Combustion Catalyst, in addition to Auto-RX.

So it is anyway good to know where to start troubleshooting if problems start occurring with this one too!