1992 Nissan 100NX 3 Door Targa 1.6 twin cam 16v from UK and Ireland


Bargain head turner!!!!!


Worn out spark plugs.

Passenger side window motor.

Air circulation switch jammed (really?)

General Comments:

A great car. I fitted mine with a set of 17" 5 spoke alloy wheels and also lowered the suspension. The car was a real head turner, especially with the roof off.

Need to keep a good service history to keep some value, and also regularly service it.

Not much room in the back, but my girl never complained!

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Review Date: 7th September, 2000

1992 Nissan 100NX 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


A sheep in wolf's clothing, but fun


More niggly things in general than anything significant.

Central locking is a bit temperamental from time to time so it pays to check both doors have locked when you think they have...

An annoying slow leak of air from the offside front tyre. Had the wheel & tyre checked and the valve replaced but still it deflates.

Rear wiper needs sorting out. And of course, there's the acceleration lag which seems to be characteristic of the 100NX.

Still, on the plus side, the air circulation switch works just fine, & the parcel shelf hinges are still attached!

General Comments:

Economy isn't as good as the figures would lead you to believe. It's a bit of a sheep in wolf's clothing, but goes quite well for a 1.6 - and it does look good, topless or not! Whenever the sun hints at shining, I whip off the roof & then I can forgive it most of its foibles.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2000

1992 Nissan 100NX Targa 1.6 carb from UK and Ireland


The exhaust snapped in half about a month after I bought it, and the clutch failed about 3 months later. The dealers bust one of the door locks fitting the alarm, and then bust the interior door trim fixing the lock. Also my air circulation switch is stuck (surprise).

General Comments:

A lovely car to drive, but a serious lack of aftermarket parts for it (ie: bodykit, filters, spoilers etc). Nice and reliable but expensive to fix when it goes wrong (my MOT cost me £400 for two things).

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Review Date: 6th July, 2000

1992 Nissan 100NX 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Lovely reliable small coupe


Air circulation control stuck!

Parcel shelf hangers broke & replaced - make sure the parcel shelf is down when you shut the boot, otherwise, ping!

Acceleration lag - a service sorts it out, but it creeps back. I may try a K&N filter & new plugs.

Make sure you get decent tyres for the front - all to easy to lose grip when pulling away.

I think fuel economy is poor, but I do floor it.

General Comments:

Yes, getting the injection model would have been better, but we couldn't afford the extra £1000.

Lovely gearchange. Smelly CAT.

You can fit a 8'x12" plank of wood in it with the back seat down (can't fit a roofrack) :-)

All in all, I agree with everyone else on this site!

Next step up - either newer injection model, or 300ZX (T-top again). I wonder how I could get hold of a 100NX 2.0i??

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Review Date: 27th June, 2000

30th Jul 2001, 16:33

OK - since writing that we've had:

Rear shock needed changing - paid £145 - yes I now know to go see larkspeed.com for £69!!

Central locking is playing up.

Drivers auto-close/open window switch needs attention.

I'm going to sort these two electrical problems out, and am also actually going to get around to getting the right K&N air filter to sort out the "turbo-lag" problem at 3000 RPM.

Now got P6000s on the front.

Oh, and the (original) radio has a bit of trouble with tapes - a dry joint or bad connection I think.

1992 Nissan 100NX 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland



General Comments:

A good and fun car. It was no sports coupe but it was a nice means of getting around. I used it for a long daily commute and thoroughly enjoyed it. T-bar roof an excellent idea which gave you the best of both worlds. Performance hardly scorching but it was fairly well refined and felt a bit faster than it actually was. Interior space excellent given the bodystle. Running costs very cheap. Just could have done with looking a bit better.

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Review Date: 16th July, 1999