1991 Nissan 200SX 1.8 16v turbo from UK and Ireland


Don't get a Lemon


Radiator was found to be blocked the day I took delivery.

1st Turbo failed after 6 months of ownership. Dealer promised me it was a new one when I bought it.

2nd Turbo (modified Hi-Flow) failed after one month.

Engine had to have the breather system modified. As it would always have a touch of blue smoke from the exhaust.

Automatic box wouldn't change from 1st to 2nd gear when cold, this started happening after 85,000 miles. Drained the fluid, which came out black. Needed a new auto-box.

Have two water leaks from rubber hoses deep inside the engine bay. Each time the garage had to take the inlet manifold off.

Big rust problem underneath rear spoiler. Had to cut the metal back and fill. Then re-sprayed. Look good after.

Milo-meter would stick sometimes, had to flick the tachometer to make it work.

Drivers window feel into door, due to faulty windows clips.

General Comments:

Car was a dream to drive.

Very comfortable.

Even tho it was very unreliable, the engine was always smooth and willing.

My 200SX had an hybrid Turbo, Boost upgrade to 15PSI, Bump Valve, ECU chip upgrade and Janspeed Exhaust. about 220bhp.

Stupid kickdown on automatic box didn't match the turbo engine. If you floored the throttle, the auto box would drop a gear then you would hit boost, and the engine revs would end up in RED line.

Insurance wasn't too bad for me. But fuel costs were high. More so after engine mods.

Had a good relationship with Norris Designs who did all the repairs and servicing.

Think my car was a lemon, should have bought something a bit more main-stream. But liked my car while I had it.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2003

1991 Nissan 200SX 1.8 turbo from UK and Ireland


Good value, good performance, a little different


Speedo packed up and needed new unit (£200) also PCB has dodgy connection and needed replacing - cost £40.

Turbo manifold loose, causing rattle when cold and loss of power. Easy to fix, just added self locking nuts and tighten occasionally.

Don't use synthetic oil.. it just leaks out. Use a good solid mineral oil.

Automatic gearbox refuses to change up unless you take your foot off the gas. Can be a problem, especially at low speeds and can be a little enthusiastic when kicking down at higher speeds.

Auto box sometimes has no torque. Sometimes I have to restart the car several times to get any. No-one can figure out the reason for this. All levels are OK and otherwise the box is fine, except for flashing overdrive LED on dashboard. Any help on this much appreciated (e-mail mike@lbhconsulting.com)

General Comments:

Lovely car, prone to rust on sills in front of rear wheels.

Good ride. Comfortable, but drivers seat tends to wear down giving little support.

Sun roof leaks constantly. Get one without.

Handling is great, but call the undertaker when it rains! Back end slips out round corners. I've lost control at less than 40 mph on some corners when it's wet. It's a dangerous car in the rain, but I still love it in the dry.

Cabin is great with glass sunroof. Shame Nissan didn't put a t-bar on this model as they did with the 100 NSX and 300 ZX. Really missed out on that.

Back seat small, but dropping seats gives a lots of storage space. I have moved the contents of an entire flat in mine.

Gives many other cars a run for their money. I'm getting a new car and have tried Audi, MR2 and others. Nothing compares to that feeling of being pushed back in your seat and leaving a trail of dust for others to follow.

Highly recommended.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2002

18th Dec 2002, 06:00

Good review, the problems had mostly are due to age. But at 90k miles these cars still perform well if looked after. Don't know much about the problems with an Auto box, i'd never buy an Auto car...