1991 Nissan 200SX 1.8 turbo petrol from UK and Ireland


Oh what a sexy beast!


Well, my so called engineering mate messed up one of my shocks, so they needed replacing. On went the adjustables.

Boot leaks.

Got continuous naff MPG. Any ideas people? I'm looking at 20mpg driving like a Granny?!

General Comments:

The car is ace. Performance is down due to a problem with the turbo/engine I think.

Eats petrol even when motorway cruising!

Now got 17s on and lowered. Handles much better. Shame you fall out the seats when you steer hard really!

Had a problem with rust under the rear fin. Keep an eye on that guys!

So if anyone knows what#s up with my fuel consumption HELP!!!?!

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Review Date: 6th December, 2000

21st Dec 2000, 11:15

Dunno what can be wrong with your Nissan. Mine has had a bit done to it, inc 17" wheels, lowered, Stainless zorst, induction kit, boost raised, chip (from Norris Designs), dump valve and a few other little things, and mine still returns on average 28-30 mpg, and that is a combination of town driving, open road driving and a thrash every now and again, and this is with the boost raised.

I would get it to a good garage and get the car set up correctly, maybe the mixture is out or something???


22nd Jan 2001, 10:37

Further to the comments from STUY, I do similar driving - eg a town/open road combination and, as he so eloquently puts it, the occasional 'thrash'.

I am on my 3rd 200SX and all have been autos. Each of them have averaged about 26-27mpg almost regardless of what I do (will do 30mpg on a motorway run - even if you ton it). Obviously if you thrash the pants off it every 5 minutes you deserve what you get (sub 20mpg and a driving ban probably), but so long as you're over 23 and don't wear a baseball cap the wrong way round 26mpg for an auto will easily be achieved.

My mate owns a manual and, again with similar driving, gets 30-31mpg all the time, more on the motorway. As per STUY's views, it's got to be a set-up/tuning problem. I suggest paying the money for a checkup - it may even be worth going to a dealer if the economy is THAT bad. But it will have to be THAT bad....


31st Jul 2001, 05:46

I get about 30mpg regardless of driving style. Check those tyre pressures, they are critical. Sticky front brake calipers can contribute to bad mpg too. I got my car set up on a rolling road after owning it 2 years... its like I own a different car now!. And take off the handbrake bawbag.

1991 Nissan 200SX Executive 1.8 turbo petrol from UK and Ireland


PERFECT CAR - except for over 100 pounds a month on petrol for an average driver


1 tyre had a puncture virtually as soon as I bought it, which stressed me out a bit, and the fan belt and wiper blades need replacing, so only small things really.

General Comments:

This is possibly the best car I've ever driven, my previous car was fast, a Mazda MX-3 1.6, but this car just urinates all over it and most other cars in fact.

I'm only 22 so insurance is a bit pricy - £1200 pounds TPFT with 2 years no claims - but it is actually worth it to drive this monster!!

I would recommend this car to anyone who can afford the insurance and the petrol - which I am struggling to deal with because this car certainly likes its petrol more than I thought it would!!!

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Review Date: 1st December, 2000

13th Dec 2000, 11:36

I have a '99 Touring that no matter how I drive it gets 26 mpg. I don't mind though - I didn't buy it for economy.

14th Dec 2000, 16:51

Yup, same as. I've actually started to walk to work for a while as it cost me a tenner just to start it up. As I've just spent all my money on a new house it's not ideal. Top motor otherwise, not as fast as my 2.0T Reno though.

1st Nov 2001, 10:01

Look at tesco insurance.

I'm 21, and I got my 200sx (With turbo) insured for £1150 Fully comp. (H plate 1991) Pure fastness!!! For relatively small amounts of cash.

9th Dec 2002, 14:59

How far does this £100 a month get you?. I have a heavily modded AX-GT at the moment I spend around £100 a month traveling to work which gets me around 720 miles.

I really want to take another step up in performance, insurance isn't a massive issue, I just wonder if I can afford to run it, also are parts east to get, cheap?