1987 Nissan 300ZX 3.0L from North America


Great car if you take care of it!


1. Speedometer doesn't work, and nor does the gas gage (if you know how to fix this, please tell me!!!)

2. Power steering pump seized.

3. T-tops leaked.

4. Heater core blew.

5. Makes banging noise when you launch too hard on take off.

6. Oil pressure gauge doesn't work.

7. Starting to rust a little.

General Comments:

Car handles great for its weight, has decent power for a non turbo, only paid $400 for it, and it's my daily driver.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2009

1987 Nissan 300ZX 3.0L N/A from North America


Looks and rides like a super car, has the power of a minivan.


Previous owner failed to upkeep the oil change schedule, and let it sit in a garage for 3 years; the heads were gummed up and forced replacement of rocker arms, shafts, and lifters.

Nothing other than that and routine maintenance.

General Comments:

I can honestly say this is the best looking, best driving, most luxurious and fun car I've ever driven, and I've owned over 7 vehicles in the past year, ranging from pure sports cars to top of the line luxury.

It handles incredibly well, even though it's stock and 21 years old, the 2-seat, t-top long-hood short deck coke-bottle body arrangement makes it feel like a pure sports car, and this is the last model of the Z cars like this. It gets looks and compliments everywhere, even with faded paint and chips!

BUT even after it's been treated to full-tube headers and a cat-back exhaust, along with removal of the AC system and belt driven cooling fan and a cold-air intake, the engine still doesn't have the getup I would like. It does sound tremendously awesome, and it's exciting to drive, but even the turbo models could only just break 200hp... there's a lot of mods out there, and a very friendly Z enthusiast community willing to help, but if you're looking for a lot of power, look elsewhere... 1980's emission regulations and safety regulations burdened this car with power robbing emissions equipment, and heavy safety features (though it still only weighs in around 3100 pounds).

This is a rare find, fun to drive, great to be seen in car that feels and drives like a old muscle car, and looks like a import super-car. If you're given the chance and are willing to maintain a now classic car, buy one! If you're not satisfied by anything under 200hp or 0-60 in under 8 seconds, buy a Camaro like everyone else... and leave the Z's to those who truly appreciate them!

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Review Date: 18th April, 2008

1987 Nissan 300ZX 3.0 from North America


Buy one if you want yours at a shop 24-7


The alternator on the car was thrashed. The car ran on the car battery itself.

The radiator has a crack that leaks, excessively.

None of the interior gauges, cluster, panels, worked, with the exception of the windows, locks, and Headlight.

The fuel injectors caused a massive fuel leak, resulting in a fire.

The entire ignition system was corroded, cracked, useless.

Engine blew out at 148,000 Miles at a stop light.

$3000 repair bill.

Minor interior wear.

General Comments:

The car looks Awesome. Classy, yet sporty. It is okay on Acceleration.

Could be improved.

The car handled surprisingly good, despite that the car is older than me, it basically hugs the curves when cornering.

However, the maintenance and reliability issue is something to be desired for.

The interior of the car is very roomy for any person, Even a 6'2 Driver.

An performance exhaust system is not recommended, unless you want your car to be extremely loud.

The 300ZX holds up superb on rust, body and chassis wise. there is absolutely no rust on the under body of the car.

Finding replacement parts for the car, Either at a junk yard or OEM parts at the Nissan dealerships is possible, but very difficult, Let alone expensive.

Don't get me wrong, I love the car, I think it looks great, but recent events have forced me to ditch the car. and to bring it back to life is going to run me about $6000.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2006

29th Mar 2008, 00:33

It was a nearly 20-year old car which was most likely abused. Most Z31's aren't this way at all!

8th Jul 2012, 14:19

My 300ZX has 204,687 miles on it, and still runs like a top.

4th Mar 2014, 11:37

My 87 300ZX non turbo will start up fine after it has been sitting over night or for a few hours.. But if you turn it off to pump gas or something, then try to start it, it'll just turn over. I've replaced the spark plugs, mass air sensor, idle air control sensor, and the fuel filter, and it's still not wanting to start after I turn it off. Please help me. Dad said if I can't get her fixed, I have to sell her and I don't wanna get rid of her :/ She also looks like she's been sitting for a while, but please help me out. Thanks!!

24th Sep 2014, 14:54

You need a crankshaft position sensor.

29th Sep 2014, 12:39

I bought my 1982 new and sold at 50000 miles; the only issue was an A/C repair. Amazing the difference that only 32 years of age can make on a review.

22nd Jul 2015, 04:28

May be the starter.

22nd Jul 2015, 13:42

Heat soak on the starter. Put some heat shield wrap around starter. Autozone has it. Sounds like it starts fine when it cools off. Worth a shot.