1987 Nissan 300ZX 3.0 V6 from North America


Best 80's car for the money and performance!


I replaced the Battery, Alternator, and Tires when I bought the car in 2005.

General Comments:

I love every aspect my 300zx. The Z interior is great with many innovative options that are not on cars today. The exterior looks of the car are A+ even by today’s standards. I am happy that I bought this car.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2006

22nd Sep 2006, 22:47

Hello - What is the rule for timing belt changes - every 60,000 miles or can they go longer? Thanks in advance for any responses.

11th Oct 2006, 03:57

Regarding the timing belt it needs replacing every 90,000 miles. I am at 182,000 now and not looking forward to it. Book quotes 5 hours labor, but the belt is less than $50 at discount. Replacing idler spring is also a good idea.

I have had my Z for two years and just drove San Francisco to Idaho Springs and back. It was very comfortable. I replaced the spark plugs with NGK-R and retimed the engine by adding 7 degrees before I left. Went from 24 mpg to 30.1 through Nevada at posted 75mph. My top speed was 115 up NEV. state 93 at night with no cars for 50 miles (literally). Of course this may have been low for the following reasons: 1. Non Turbo 2. 6200 foot altitude 3. 22mph direct on headwind. Nice car!

23rd May 2008, 21:31

I purchased my '87 300ZX (non-turbo) in 1990 for $6500. It was owned by a naval officer and only driven on highways between RI and TX. Having his first born and desperate for a larger car. Bingo... It had 72,000 kind miles on it. It now has 190,000 and looks as good as when I purchased it.

Largest expense was the airflow meter, tough to diagnose and after-market was junk. Although it rides a bit rough, it runs like a sports car with 40,000 miles and gets kudos where ever I take it. Enjoy driving a 21 year old car that is still appreciated.

Only other replacement have been clutch and injectors which were on recall, no charge. Will give it to my son soon. I'm 70 years young and always remember the two '55 T-birds I have previously owned. DON"T ASK!!! I obviously wasn't thinking clearly............

5th Jul 2008, 15:28

I have had my 1987 300ZX turbo for three months now and I love it. It only has 90,000 miles on it and I have only done the required maintenance on it, such as timing belt and all new plugs.

I plan on getting new struts on it, and fixing my A/C unit.

But as for power of the car, I was hoping for more, but overall I am very happy with my car. I would love to get a 350; you know what they say, if you buy one 300zx you will buy another, and I can say I can't wait to buy another.

28th Sep 2011, 23:26

Z31 timing belt replacement is every 60,000 miles, not 90,000 miles as someone previously stated. The engine is an interference type engine, and if the belt breaks, the valves will hit the pistons, so be sure to do the timing belt at the 60k point.

1987 Nissan 300ZX 3.0 non turbo from North America


One of the best cars in the world


When we bought the car it needed new shocks and an oil change, those were the only mechanical problems.

Cosmetically the passenger window needs some help being rolled up and the front lip is slightly cracked.

General Comments:

This is an AWESOME car! It is super quick as well as handling like a dream! The seats wrap around your body and make the ride incredibly enjoyable.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2006

1987 Nissan 300ZX GS 2+2 3.0 V6 from North America


Highly recommend


Shocks were bad, replaced.

Oil needed changed, Oil filter is located right above starter and starter wire. After oil changed at local shop, car wouldn't start, no turnover at all. Turns out wire was loose and soaked with oil, female plug tightened and spade cleaned. Works great.

Ongoing Problem. Car will not shift into OD until warmed up. There is a technical service bulletin on this, but I plan on swapping in a manual this summer.

Power antenna is broke, I don't like them anyways and plan on swapping a shorty rubber antenna.

Digital air needs tinkering and I have the standard dash speedo, thankfully I have seen many posting about the digital dash going out.

General Comments:

I purchased this garage kept car from a gentleman who had too many cars for $600.00. The car came with tinted windows, adjustable whale tail spoiler, almost new 225/50/16 tires on Nissan premium turbine Z rims.

This car is the 2+2 model, but the backseat was trashed for a previous subwoofer installment. I didn't need that so on Ebay, OEMsurplus had the original seats still new from the factory sell off from Nissan. I got the 3 pieces for 75.00 plus 35.00 shipping. All in all, this car kicks ass and takes names. Any questions?

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Review Date: 8th February, 2006

18th Dec 2007, 10:52

The Auto ONLY goes into OD when fully warmed, it's a protection mechanism.