1995 Nissan Altima GXE 2.4 from North America


Good value, durable sedan


New front pads and rear shoes at 95k, pads seem to last about 30k, but are $12 a set.

The original steel wheels had kerb damage, found a secondhand set of GXE/SE alloys online for $120. Tires last 25-30k (Bridgestone RE930i).

Replaced distributor cap and rotor arm, rotor arm was loose (had a helper) and damaged posts.

Replaced radiator, it developed cracks in the plastic around the filler cap that couldn't be sealed. New radiator was $120 online and easy to fit, and replaced the thermostat while the system was empty.

Needs CV boots, will replace shafts for ~$65 per side since it's easier, quicker and less messy (NB hub nuts are high torque and must be replaced).

A/T pan gasket hard to seal, likely due to pan damage; grey "import" gasket sealant easily fixed that.

Leaks oil from breather separator, need to remove PAS pump to remove it and remake the gasket (more sealer!), replace PCV valve while you're there as it's impossible to change any other way.

General Comments:

Reasonable performance (quicker than a 2.0 Accord), easy to drive in traffic, good value, chain cam engines (KA24DE) last well (lots about with 150k+), most stuff easy to fix. Handles fairly well, good ride, brakes good at the front, four disc cars are better.

Driver's seat wears, not great for your lower back.

Headlights are not great for illumination, and rubber seals let in condensation; need to make sure the back covers are on square and use silicone to seal to keep out moisture.

Back seats do not fold, but there is a ski hatch.

SE manuals with leather are sought after, worth a bit extra over GXEs. Newer shape 97-on are mechanically the same, with some revisions in the OBDII cars.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2005

3rd Aug 2005, 05:38

Update: Just about to do pads and discs at 130k, otherwise everything else still working.

O2 sensors replaced 12 months ago to cure CEL (oxygensensors.com); front one was corroded in place, but Nissan used a spacer nut, which removed easily after the sensor was abused off the manifold. Rear 02 sensor necessitates removal of heat shield (same on most cars), four 10mm bolts all corroded, 2 needed to be drilled and reamed out, but otherwise straightforward.

Split EGR BPT transducer (emissions hose) caused intermittent CELs; easily tracked down with the help of the OBD and a Haynes manual.

Needs a valve cover gasket for oil seepage ($15), but otherwise drives and handles as it did 40k and 2 years ago. Still gets ~24 MPG.

1995 Nissan Altima SE from North America


A reliable, economical, fun comfortable car that a family or two couples can use


I purchased the car used, so one needs to expect "buyer beware". I did need to have a rebuilt transmission installed. However We also have a 98 Altima which is practically maintenance free. It was well worth the cost of the transmission.

General Comments:

I love this car.

It rides well, is small enough yet extremely roomy for 4-5 passengers. The moon roof is always an added plus.

The car feels solid, not tiney.

In '95 Nisson hadn't quite figured out the cup holder/ashtray configuration, but it was doable.

I had the manual transmission and got 32-24 on the highway and 26-28 in town for MPG

I would recommend the Older Nisson SE to anyone, 1st driver or family.

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Review Date: 17th July, 2004

1995 Nissan Altima GXE from North America


Unreliable, high maintenance car


Alternator blew at 125,000 miles.

Both front axles had to be replaced within a week of each other at approximately 127,000 miles.

Distributor blew at 129,000 miles.

Upper radiator blew at 132,000 miles.

Emisions assembly (e.g. tail pipe, muffler, catalytic convertor) fell apart at 141,000 miles.

General Comments:

When it starts to go, even a little bit, get rid of it. It goes quickly. The engine is still strong, but I am slowly replacing everything else.

Probably will not purchase a Nissan again. For all the talk about how great these Japanese cars are, I had much better luck with each of my Dodge's and Chrysler's (160,000 miles at a minimum with these before trade in)

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Review Date: 13th May, 2004

19th May 2004, 09:27

I have to disagree with your opinion of the Nissan Altima GXE. I have a 1996, and I am the original owner. This car has survived my college years and is still running strong. I have escaped uninjured from several accidents after being hit from the front, the driver side, and the rear. I have not treated this car nearly as nice as it has treated me, and any major work it has needed (new axle-I ran over some construction materials) was self inflicted. Unfortunatley, many of your replacements were probably due to overcharges by your mechanic.

I recommend this car to everyone. At 145,000 miles, I could not be happier with its reliability and low maintenance.