2002 Nissan Altima S 2.5 from North America


Poorly made and not backed up by Nissan


The radiator cracked wide open across the top and there was no indication that it was hot. The gauge still read normal.

The car started using a lot of oil, like 1 or 2 quarts every third day. It was not leaking out or coming out the exhaust. One day I drove the car in the morning about 11 miles, came home and parked the car. I went out to go to the store six hours later and it would not start. I tried, but it was blubbering,flubbing, like not a normal starting sound. I had it towed to the dealership for repair as I had purchased the extended warranty for $1,500. I thought I was covered, but guess what? They wanted three years of receipts from somewhere that does oil changes. Since my grandfather owns a towing company/garage I did it myself at 3,000 miles. Ultimately they said my #1 cylinder has no compression and #3 is low. And without authorization from the warranty company they could not look any further.

And they charge $110.00 to put it on their machine.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2006

2002 Nissan Altima S from North America


This is my second, but may be my last, Altima


I bought my 2002 Nissan Altima Sedan, new in 2002.

It ran fine up until 2004 when I started having to pour copious amounts of oil into it. My garage floor is oil free, so it doesn't seem to be leaking, rather burning off during driving, although, I've never noticed smoke or any burning indicators. I drive a lot, about 800 miles a week. The problem as gotten steadily worse. This week I had to put 7 quarts in over 3 days. It makes a funny rattling noise when it's low on oil, but NO oil or over heat lights have every come one. I had my oil changed only 3 weeks ago and since then my service engine light has been on. I finally got an appointment at the dealership today.

General Comments:

Generally, I like the car. If I could keep oil in it, I would REALLY like it.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2006

25th Apr 2006, 15:35

This is a follow up to my original post: Busam Nissan in Cincinnati called... and said my Altima needed a new engine. No real explanation why... just that they ran some tests... and a new one would cost a minimum of

5 thousand dollars. I haven't even paid this car off yet (have 26 hundred to go). This is ridiculous. We are going to try and appeal to Nissan, but with 98,000 miles on it...we're thinking they'll say... sorry Charlie.

Guess we're gonna have to try and trade it in (like anyone will want it)...and buy a new car. Thanks Nissan...you've lost a customer.

2002 Nissan Altima 2.5S 4 cylinder from North America


Waste of money!


I purchased my Nissan altima 2.5S in January 2002. It was my first new car that I purchased so I was excited. But my excitement turned into a nightmare. The first couple of months the car was holding up pretty well. But then my Black molding along side of the top of the doors started coming off so I had to get that fixed. Then into the 2nd year of owning the car my engine went and Nissan said that the engine did not have any oil and seized and it would be my responsibility. but I got the oil changed less than 2,000 miles ago. I wanted to cry when I had to give out $2,500 for a new engine.. then shortly after that my left head light assembly went out and had to be replaced.. Then came the heating system which failed on me. Had to get that fixed... then my rear-view which has the temperature and the auto dimming at night gave out started to go crazy and would the work properly. The steering wheel is also just pealing and it looks so horrible. I am so scared to see what will go wrong next…

General Comments:

The car was seriously the worst thing I could have gotten myself into... I cannot believe, still till this day that my hard earned money is going to this unreliable automobile... I would never in my life purchase another Nissan again. I just feel as though I have been ripped off!

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Review Date: 21st April, 2006

23rd Aug 2006, 19:50

Thanks for your comment on Nissan Altima! I was all fired up to purchase one this upcoming weekend because I thought they were reliable cars. Now I will be checking another type of car to purchase.

19th Sep 2006, 14:24

Our '02 Altima 2.5S makes my blood boil.. and not in a good sense~~ The Service Engine Soon lite has been on since Feb '06 (7 mos.) and after 4 service visits to our trusty (I use that term loosely) Nissan dealership, it still twinkles merrily on the dash. We have had 2 service visits regarding the AC blowing warm air.. neither resolved this problem, even though we doled out ~$360.00. They gave us some story about coolant leaking, head gaskets,..and that we should keep adding coolant as needed. Just one more thing to carry around.. first oil..now coolant! (yes..it burns oil like a fiend.. but there are no leaks..) We chose to live with "warm AC", as we couldn't afford to keep throwing $$ into this vehicle, to no good outcome. The recent problem is the starting.. or rather NON starting issue. When we do get it going, we never know where we'll be stranded that day. The car will also stall while trying to enter traffic on the interstate.. only because you try give it more gas. It bucks and sputters,..then dies. Not safe. We towed it to the dealership late Aug. They told us "contaminated fuel". I was doubtful, as we use the same gas for another car, and it had no problems. But, they were adamant. So they draied our gas, removed the tank, cleaned it out.. charged us $575..And the same crap happened the next day..sputtering, stalling, vibrating. The dealership is not accepting any fault. I sent letters off to Nissan Corp, consumer complaints, D.O.T. -National HiWay Traffic and Safety, safety investigations, and BBB. I doubt anything will be done though. This should be a mass recall.

5th Oct 2007, 23:58

Nissans are made in America by $10/hr. people in poor rural communities (check into it). You're better off buying a Dodge or something, at least you can get it fixed when it breaks.