26th May 2010, 12:39

I have an '05 Nissan Altima 2.5S and have the same issue. One day out of the blue we're driving down the interstate and the car bucks on us and then resumes. The very next day the Service Engine Soon light comes on. We took it to our regular mechanic who diagnosed it no charge, and did a second opinion as well at Auto Zone, who does these no charge. Same codes came up.

We took it a garage where they installed an aftermarket crankshaft position sensor and reset the computer, only to have to take it back a week later because that one failed. The new one failed as well within a day.

After much head scratching, he contacted Nissan and a friend of his who has worked on these before. You need to have a certified OES(?) Nissan crankshaft position sensor installed as well as replacing what is called a pigtail (I have no clue what that is). I am hoping beyond all hope this takes care of the problem.

I LOVE my Nissan and have had no issues up to this point. I am leaving on my honeymoon driving to Florida as of this Sunday (May 30) and do not need to have car issues to worry about.

17th Jun 2010, 07:42

I have an 2005 Altima. It has shut down on me while turning and sitting at the lights, and backing out of the drive way. I took it to the dealership, and they state that nothing is wrong. They can't find any codes. A friend saw that my air filter was open and closed it. The next morning it cut off again. The check engine light is not coming on. Can someone suggest to me what I should do? What should my next method of action be? It is really freaking me out. Driving around and it just cutting off.

29th Jul 2010, 13:07

I have the same problem with a 2004. We are at the mercy of the dealerships. Will never buy another Nissan again.

1st Aug 2010, 19:08

Dealer wouldn't fix master cylinder for manual transmission; 450.00 repair 1 year after I bought my 06 Altima SE R. The car is fast and has nice Bose audio. I still love it. 18 inch tires, kinda costly, silver paint, smoked out tail lights, draws nice comments.

3rd Aug 2010, 15:04

Hello - I just read ever single one of your posts. I too have the very SAME problem with my 2005 Altima. I bought my car in Sept. 2005; my car only has a little over 50k miles.

This past weekend my car would not turn on. I cranked it about 3X's until finally it turned on. I thought it was very strange, but didn't think anything of it. I went about my duties that day, but as I turned the corner, my car jerked pretty bad, as someone mentioned "almost as if someone rear ended me" so I pulled over to see what the problem was. Again, it didn't want to start.

So off I went to the nearest auto repair shop. They put it through the diagnostic machine to check exactly what the problem was, only this time my "check engine light" was now on. I explained to the tech. that I had NEVER experienced any problems with my car until now.

Anyhow - I paid $80 for the report which stated that it was the Crank Shaft Position Sensor. The auto repair shop suggested that I look into a possible recall from Nissan. I did my homework, and indeed I found out that there was a recall. However, after contacting both the dealer and corp. office, they told me that because my VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) was not listed on the recall list, the cost of repair was pretty much on me.

I'm EXTREMELY angry and disappointed because clearly this is a MFG problem. This is not because of wear and tear - I kept up with all the maintenance and my car only has 50k miles on it... that's pretty good!

IF ANYONE HAS ANY INFORMATION on how to go about a Class Act Suit against Nissan, please post it on this site. Just about everyone I have spoken too agrees that this problem is not the typical "wear and tear" but instead a serious and dangerous problem. Thankfully my children were not in the car with me, as some of you did, I can’t imagine driving on the FWY and suddenly having my car turn off. This is a serious and extremely dangerous problem. Someone has to put an end to this.

Almost forgot - the total cost to repair this problem is roughly over $600!! Not to mention all the family and friends you have to bother to give you a ride… totally unfair. To top it off when I spoke to a Nissan dealership, customer service rep. the person who I spoke to said that it was just part of the business… ”typical wear and tear… it’s how we make our money” WHAT!! WAS HE SERIOUS..???

20th Sep 2010, 12:28

I have the same issue as the above comments with a 2005 Altima 2.5S.

The check engine light is on and the car stalls at low speeds (three times in one recent weekend was the final straw). I took it to 3rd party repair shop (since Nissan dealer is way too expensive), and had them diagnose. It comes up with cam and crank sensor code, which I thought would be covered under the recall. The dealer says it's the that, but the recall only covers the ECM reprogram and they can't reprogram the ECM with the check engine light on. So they want $500 to replace the cam and crank, won't reprogram the ECM, AND charged me for the diagnostic which I already paid for at the 3rd party shop. I totally agree with the above that the recall should be to replace the cam and crank sensor, not reprogram the ECM which is the symptom and not the cause of the cam and crank sensor program.

I'll never buy another Nissan product again after this.

30th Sep 2010, 22:06

I too have the same problem in my 2005 Nissan Altima. It stalls, is hard to start, and bucks like a horse intermittently.

Originally, the exhaust manifold was cracked above the first catalytic converter at 40K miles. $800 item from Nissan and can't get in the aftermarket. So I welded the cracks and eventually replaced the second oxygen sensor, as it was not heating up. This seemed to clear the P0420 code. What made me angry was Nissan would not replace the exhaust manifold themselves.

Now, the new symptoms started a year ago or so, and the P1065, P0420, and P0335 codes are gleaming out of my reader. I am now spitting blood straight out of my eyes! The radio is shot, the windows rattle, air conditioner is screwed, and the paint is fading. Oh, and don't hit a cigarette butt or the alignment will go out.

I need advice on where to get the best crank shaft and camshaft sensors that will not fail, so it will pass smog. As for Nissan products, I will never ever even look at another Nissan unless I am driving it into a large dumpster! My 01 Chevy Z-71 has over 200K miles with no problems whatsoever - it runs like a top! And people keep saying the Japanese cars last the longest! I would rather drive a go-kart with a pull start Biggs&Stratton than another Altima!