10th Jul 2011, 12:39

My 2005 Nissan Altima was purchased used for my daughter, who is now afraid to drive for her safety. The car has stopped running while approaching a stop light, and only starts again after cooling down. I notified a local Nissan service department, and was told that a recall for the rear suspension and ECM is currently honored free of charge; however, the diagnostics charge is not waived, and would be applied to determine the SES display. The ECM recall is clearly an undisputed manufacturer fault, which is registered by the ECM, and signaled by the SES display as a warning to the driver. I am interested in knowing if any legal action has been filed or pending this safety hazard?

31st Aug 2011, 13:07

Any word on the class action lawsuit yet? I'm $1300+ in the hole right now.

6th Jun 2012, 11:28

We have been having the same problems. Bought this car 3 months ago with 160,000 miles on it. The service engine light has always been on, and replaced the crank shaft twice. I am also fed up, and at this point don't know what to do. Would like to take part in legal action before a lot of people get hurt.

20th Aug 2013, 06:32

I've been working on my buddy's 2004 Altima 3.5 V6. This is some weird stuff, listen up:

When we drove to Autozone to get it code read, at first it said camshaft POS sensor, random misfire (due to camshaft sensor not working right) and intake air temp sensor.

So rather than go back and forth to Autozone, I called my other buddy who has an OBD2 scan tool.

This time, it said lean bank 1, random misfire, and mass air flow sensor. I was scratching my head big time.

So we cleared the codes, drove it for 10 minutes, then drove it home.

Then this time, the codes were camshaft over advance, random misfire, and now crankshaft circuit excessive voltage, as well as throttle position sensor.

Meanwhile, putting the gas pedal to the floor couldn't raise the RPM past 3000, which didn't happen after we cleared the codes, disconnected the battery for 30 minutes and then tried again. Totally intermittent.

And BTW, this whole time you could FEEL that the engine was indeed misfiring, as well as running super rich because you could smell gas out the tail pipe. Then after disconnecting the battery (to reset the PCM), it was no longer running rich after that.

Anyone know anything about Nissan fuel cut strategies? This car would start out around 0% short term and long term and this was now in closed loop. After 5 minutes of idling, the fuel trim numbers would spike up to +25% (indicating a serious lean condition), then at that moment it would somehow go back to OPEN LOOP, which dropped the fuel trim numbers back to 0, only to have this cycle repeat after another 5 minutes.

My brain keeps screaming that the PCM is faulty, but I'm not ready to make such a bold conclusion until I know for SURE that it is in fact the PCM. Any other mechanics out there? I'm totally stumped on this one.

22nd May 2014, 22:18

I own a six speed manual 2005 Nissan Altima SER with 114000 miles. I've owned it since July 2005. I have never had a problem with the car besides normal maintenance issues. Earlier today, I noticed that the car was idling roughly at times. It would sputter and almost stall, and the tach was at 200 RPM and would then kick up to 700.

Later in the day, the issue was occurring more often. Then when I was on the highway, the car felt that it was misfiring. When getting off the highway, the car was not responding well to the gas pedal and then stalled at the next light. It started right back up, but would only respond to the gas pedal in like 5 second intervals, and almost stall in 5 second intervals. I was fortunate to be only a mile from my house. I didn't think it was going to make it.

I haven't gotten an engine light, but I'm going to take or tow it to the dealer next week. Is there any new information on Nissan taking care of the cost of the recall problems? I'm not sure if I have the same issue as the rest, but it seems that way.

1st Jul 2014, 21:12

I have a 2005 Nissan Altima SER, and am having the same problems as most of the above comments.

Yesterday I took it in for a routine oil change, and the tech said it stalled on him. On my way home, it stalled again on a major street driving at about 40-45 mph. I put it in neutral and it started right up, put it back in drive, and had no problem the rest of the way home.

Today on my way to pick up my daughter from school, it stalled on me again making a left hand turn in the middle of a busy intersection. Then about 2 miles later, it stalled again coming to a red light. Put it in neutral and it started right up again.

Another 3-5 miles, and I was turning left into the parking lot of my daughter's school and it stalled once again! But started right back up as usual. This is so dangerous, and has me nervous to drive with my daughter in the car, as it seems to stall as I'm turning the car, and I have no power steering.

I have checked on a recall for the crankshaft sensor, and like most posts, my VIN wasn't in the recall. I think this is complete bulls**t, and Nissan needs to take care of this problem.

28th Aug 2014, 16:46

I took my car to the dealer and they performed an idle relearn, since there were no engine codes. This seemed to work for a few weeks, but then my car bucked in the middle of the highway due to an engine misfire. The engine light along with the TCS and Slip light came on and stayed on. I was able to continue to drive it to work. I shut it off and turned it back on, but it took an extra 5 seconds to start. I took it to the dealer and they replaced the cam shift position sensors. This fixed the problems I was having so far. This cost me $500.

15th Nov 2014, 01:24

Just bought my Nissan Altima 2004 this summer in 2014. No problem driving until there was a steering fluid leak, and had that fixed for $400. Then the check engine light was on for the thermostat and I had that changed pretty quickly. Driving for a week and my water pump had a leak, and also had that fixed. After having that fixed, my car was doing alright, that was what I thought. Then my car died a few times and was overheating while I was going to work, and I noticed that my fan was not working.

There was also check engine light on P1065 ECM. So I did some research on how to fix it, with some luck, but I still don't know how to fix it. Something about the ECM harness power supply circuit is open or shorted, harness ground supply circuit is open or shorted, may be faulty.

My car is not starting and the radiator is heating up every time I try to start it, and there is this odd smell. Should I fix the starter or the alternator to begin with, and then fix the ECM problem? What should I do to fix it?

19th Apr 2015, 00:15

I drive a 2005 V6 3.5L engine. I have replaced both cam sensors, running me about $600. I also fixed a leak of the oil filter for an addition $700, and my mechanic experienced the same stalling symptoms described above. He is recommending me to a transmission shop for a power flush and diagnosis. Is it worth exploring the transmission?