2005 Nissan Altima S 2.5 litre from North America


Good car, stands up on long drives


Bought used off-lease from Nissan dealer at 89,000 km.

Transmission required replacing at approx. 150,000 (slipping 1 to 2 shift - first gear to second always a bit jerky with this tranny).

Steer yoke went in second year year - relatively cheap, quick to fix.

Foam strips on radiator housing under hood disappeared in second year - can't replace without replacing housing (totally ridiculous).

Followed routine maintenance schedule to the letter and continue to do so.

Catalytic converter needs replacing (212,000 km). Not burning any oil, top marks on e-test up to this point. Never ever used oil or gas additives (except methyl hydrate in winter.

Seems that you spend a lot on brakes on this car; both routine servicing and rotor/pad replacements, and my driving is almost all highway with little braking involved ($'s).

The original tires (Continental) were not a good choice - both for handling, mileage, but most of all road noise - switched to Michelin Primacy MX4's - much, much quieter, safer, more precise steering and now use winter tires in winter (Blizzaks but will switch to X-Ice soon).

General Comments:

Handling excellent.

Fuel mileage fair to good for a 4-banger (I'm averaging 9.8 to 10.1 litre/100 km on hr 120 km/h trips), but this engine compromises more for power vs. mileage in its displacement class. Power more than adequate for a 2.5 litre.

Not burning a drop of oil at 212,000 km - going strong so far.

I'm a big guy and it's got adequate room - comfortable on long trips - really appreciate the power adjustable driver's seat - only thing I'd change is a bit more lateral support.

I can live with the all plastic interior for the price. Centre console hinges snapped (I put too much weight on it - my fault).

Tons of rear leg room - much better than Camry/Accord.

Price/value point is definitely superior to Camry/Accord (and they're both excellent cars as well).

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Review Date: 25th August, 2009

2005 Nissan Altima from North America


The car ran great, until a defective part started causing dangerous serious problems



General Comments:

My 2005 Nissan Altima started stalling out at stop signs, red lights, a drive thru, etc. The check engine light was not on, and mechanics could not diagnose the problem.

This really worried me because I have a 3 year old son I drive around in the car. My biggest fear was making a left turn and it stalling in the middle of an intersection.

Finally when it got harder to start back up, and keep it going once started the check engine light came on. I took it in yet again and he said the code for for the crankshaft position sensor and it was it part of a recall and I needed to take it to the dealer. He gave me a copy of the recall.

From what I read in the recall, it sounds like the recall is for the crankshaft position sensor overheating and causing a problem with the ECM. When I had it towed to the dealer from the mechanic because it was no longer driveable, the service tech explained that the recall only included the reprogram of the ECM, not the crankshaft position sensor, for that I have to pay out of pocket, a little over $200.00. I don't understand why I have to pay out of pocket for something that is apparently defective. I am going to make a claim with Nissan to see if I can get my money back, however will not ever buy another Nissan.

This could have been an extremely dangerous situation, and I was never notified of the recall, apparently they put out groups of them at a time, over a period of time, and I was not slated yet to receive the recall yet. The representative I spoke with, with Nissan said they put it on the news, I must have missed that episode of the news- and worse now it seems like I have to fork out $200+ for a defective part.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2008

30th Dec 2008, 07:57

I had the same problem with my 2004 Nissan. My car cut off 2 times while I was approaching a stop sign at the bottom of a hill. I am very blessed that there were no cars or people crossing the cross walk.

Advanced Auto Parts diagnosed the crank sensor malfunction and the part only cost $40. A mechanic estimated supplying the part, labor, and 3-year warranty for $80 but to check with Nissan b/c there was a related recall. I called a local Nissan dealer and the service manager had a very nasty defensive attitude. So I followed up with 1-800 quality care Nissan folks and the same story... it was my responsibility unless only the ECM malfunctioning.

Nissan charged me $100 for a diagnostic test (that I already had done for free) and $151 for labor and parts. After the diagnostic test I considered going back to my economical mechanic but only the dealer can reset the ECM once the new part has been installed... isn't that a load of crap.

Since the sensor defaulted due to Nissan poor judgment in design layout and not any actions by me, I agree Nissan should cover the cost. I am filing a case with Nissan and encourage others to do the same by calling 18006477261.

I am very dissatisfied with how this matter was handled by Nissan. As much as I love my Altima, I will probably not buy another Nissan. This is one of many times I've had rude customer service. I've also heard of other instances of Nissan cutting corners and not taking responsibility for their factory mishaps.