2005 Nissan Altima 3.5 from North America


It sucks, I hate it


I have read everybody blogs about the Nissan Altima. It's just funny how the corporate knows about the issues and they don't want to do anything about it. I mean it's over 200 customers that are unsatisfied.

I personally think since the corporate does not want to do anything, I spoke with a attorney to get a consultation, and he said I had a case, how about we all get together and sue Nissan!!!

Or either they replace our cars, I have 2 kids, it is dangerous driving around my vehicle, knowing that my check engine does not turn on. I mean I took my car in 2 weeks ago, and was told that I needed to replace my wheel bearings, almost $800.00 to replace.

I have always taken care of my car. Done oil changes and there is all this crap going on. I had enough.

I need people that want to go forward with this to email me at babydolljags1@yahoo.com. I will need all your paper work as far as your car going to the dealerships, getting fixed, the problems. Give me your phone numbers! :0.

General Comments:

This car sucks, I don't recommended to nobody!

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2010

26th May 2011, 11:18

Umm. I didn't know that your engine light was supposed to appear for wheel bearings... LOL. Too funny.

2005 Nissan Altima SL 2.5 from North America


Nice car if the dealer can fix it under warranty


All services performed by dealer per their recommended schedule.

Shifting tough from the beginning.

22,162 - Warranty interior front door escutcheon replaced.

25,519 - Warranty replacement of Panasonic CD/radio - electrical problem.

29,334 - Replaced battery - I paid $99.95.

30,418 - Warranty replacement LH dash vent.

31,486 - Recall # RO712 fix - warranty - don't know what they fixed.

35,277 - Replaced all tires - I paid.

38,929 - New fan belt - I paid $146.28.

33,000 - Front head light plastic hazy, scratched looking. Will not replace under warranty, say it's normal wear and tear.

9/9/2009 - Big problem. Does anyone know if the following could be related to this model's transmission problems, or? I put my car in park (hard shift and solid once in), exited car, opened a gate, turned around to see my runaway car going in reverse. It collided with a stationary pole scraping/denting side of car (estimate currently $6,000 to repair my car body damage). I know I did not leave it in reverse and exit, because I would have been knocked down by the open car door.

This is my first automatic & I did not realize the shifting is not supposed to be that tough, and the battery and tires may have worn out too early due to it? After the body work is done, AAA has recommended I take the car to have the transmission evaluated. If a car problem, I may be able to have a "no fault" claim. Shish.

General Comments:

Nice roomy trunk, roomy interior.

Nice paint sheen, beautiful design.

The seats are hard, like the folding back seats for transporting long objects.

Visor could be longer to block sun on the side window.

A little noisy.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2009

2005 Nissan Altima S 2.5 litre from North America


Good car, stands up on long drives


Bought used off-lease from Nissan dealer at 89,000 km.

Transmission required replacing at approx. 150,000 (slipping 1 to 2 shift - first gear to second always a bit jerky with this tranny).

Steer yoke went in second year year - relatively cheap, quick to fix.

Foam strips on radiator housing under hood disappeared in second year - can't replace without replacing housing (totally ridiculous).

Followed routine maintenance schedule to the letter and continue to do so.

Catalytic converter needs replacing (212,000 km). Not burning any oil, top marks on e-test up to this point. Never ever used oil or gas additives (except methyl hydrate in winter.

Seems that you spend a lot on brakes on this car; both routine servicing and rotor/pad replacements, and my driving is almost all highway with little braking involved ($'s).

The original tires (Continental) were not a good choice - both for handling, mileage, but most of all road noise - switched to Michelin Primacy MX4's - much, much quieter, safer, more precise steering and now use winter tires in winter (Blizzaks but will switch to X-Ice soon).

General Comments:

Handling excellent.

Fuel mileage fair to good for a 4-banger (I'm averaging 9.8 to 10.1 litre/100 km on hr 120 km/h trips), but this engine compromises more for power vs. mileage in its displacement class. Power more than adequate for a 2.5 litre.

Not burning a drop of oil at 212,000 km - going strong so far.

I'm a big guy and it's got adequate room - comfortable on long trips - really appreciate the power adjustable driver's seat - only thing I'd change is a bit more lateral support.

I can live with the all plastic interior for the price. Centre console hinges snapped (I put too much weight on it - my fault).

Tons of rear leg room - much better than Camry/Accord.

Price/value point is definitely superior to Camry/Accord (and they're both excellent cars as well).

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Review Date: 25th August, 2009