2000 Nissan Frontier XE 4x4 Extracab 3.3 L V6 from North America


Good value for money, but slightly crude


Limited slip differential clutches, entire differential replaced under warranty.

Heater control cable clip, repaired under warranty.

4x4 label and tailgate trim piece have been less than durable, have been replaced under warranty.

General Comments:

This truck was purchased to replace a 1997 Toyota Tacoma. I would have purchased another Toyota but the huge price difference between equally equipped trucks made the decision easy. As it turns out the Nissan has been an excellent truck, easily a match for the Toyota for quality. The original equipment B F Goodrich Long Trail T/A are still on the truck and look like they will go another 10000 km.

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Review Date: 18th April, 2001

2000 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab 6 cylinder gas from North America


Good utility vehicle


Constant drivetrain vibration, worse under load, dealer is unable to remedy to date.

General Comments:

Good all around utility vehicle for those reguiring both passenger space and the convenience of a truck.

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Review Date: 7th December, 2000

31st Jul 2001, 01:22

Your problem has to do with the two piece driveline that the 2k crew cabs have. The carrier bearings tend to wear out and the only thing nissan can do is to replace it with another bearing that will eventually fail again. Also the added load may make the rear springs compress far enough to touch the bump stops. This puts extra stress on the carrier bearing as well, which causes the vibration. Good luck getting nissan to fix the problem.

28th Jan 2002, 17:35

The undercarriage bearing is a defective design. Don't waste your money on this junk. Buying a Frontier was the worst decision I have ever made in my entire life.

2nd Apr 2003, 12:07

I have a 2002 frontier crew cab long bed which has noticeable vibration while driving up grades in the 1600 to 2000 RPM range in any gear. Could this be caused by this same defect. I see Nissan is going to a Dana drive-line for 2003.

10th Sep 2012, 15:37

If you're getting a vibration from the drive train and it gets worse under load, your carrier bearing is probably out. It is located of course under the truck, and holds two drive lines. Change out the carrier bearing. You can't buy aftermarket, as I have shopped it. The part from the dealer costs about $296.00 plus installation. Hope this helps.