2000 Nissan Frontier Base 2.4L from North America


I now hate nissan, because of frontier.!!##!!


Bad Fuel Pump, Paint Bad, various plastic and lights broken.

General Comments:

I would definitely think twice before buying a Nissan Frontier as this truck can barely pull itself anywhere, let alone pull or tow anything. Plastic is terrible, seats suck and Manual Transmission is absolutely horrible this thing is so hard to shift gears and let me tell you don't try to race anyone because of tranny it sucks. Overall engine needs to be turbocharged, otherwise is a big waste of time and money and self Respect. Nissan should be able to make better vehicles than this being a HugeCompany, this truck is built like it came out in the 60's. Definetly wouldn't EVER Never EVER buy again, this truck has pissed me off many times. Very SL0W and no Miles Per Gallon!!!

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2005

25th Mar 2007, 18:15

The comment about racing, the misspelling of "sixties" and the overall tone of the review indicates this reviewer probably isn't a particle physicist working for NASA.

2nd Jun 2007, 00:05

Yes I had a 2000 Frontier. Bought it new. I had many problems after 60,000 miles in addition to poor acceleration and fuel economy. My '93 Crown Victoria I've had since 2005 is a much better vehicle despite it's age.

2000 Nissan Frontier Desert Runner XE V6 3.3 SOHC V6 (vg33e) from North America


Versatile, tough and well-priced


Not the best gas mileage and some slight paint blemishes.

Tailgate handle is coming loose.

General Comments:

Recently purchased the truck as tow vehicle for another car as well as general work truck. The truck towed a 4,800 lb load (2,000 lb trailer with a 2600 lb 240sx on it with some junk inside) 500 miles from San Francisco to San Diego without a hiccup! Even going up steep (9% inclines) the engine would just keep on working, not fast, but it was sufficient to get it where it needed to go. Never overheated, and was exceptionally stable on the freeway even under hard braking, with only a slight wiggle over bad pavement.

Without a heavy load, the truck drives well, with very good visibility, stopping and handling. Personally I find the seats very comfortable especially for long drives, however the controls are mounted far from the driver. Although gas mileage isn't great, but I found odd that even towing a large load, I still got around 17 mpg, which is about the same as unladen..

I also wish there was an intermittent wiper option.

So far an excellent and handy truck, well worth the money, but for future heavy towing, I plan on installing a Limited Slip Differential as well as a transmission cooler.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2005

8th Jan 2005, 00:03

I can't believe it's a 2000 model and has no intermittent wipers..

21st May 2005, 12:23

I drive a 2000 Nissan Frontier SE V6 Desert Runner and it has intermittent windshield wipers.

16th Nov 2005, 17:26

I have a 2000 desert runner xe and it has int. wipers.

12th Apr 2006, 23:37

I have a 1992 Nissan Pathfinder and it has intermittent wipers with different speed choices. I'm sure your truck has them too.

28th Dec 2009, 21:33

I drive a 1996, no intermittent wipers. I had an 87, no intermittent wipers. My father has a 2004, no intermittent wipers. Base Nissans just don't have them, it doesn't matter what year they are. I'm sure that the person driving the truck would be a better judge of whether they have intermittent wipers than all of you who've never been within 200 miles of it.

31st Dec 2009, 14:47

I drive a 2000 Nissan Desert Runner which does not have int. wipers. Overall, it's a great truck.

2nd Nov 2010, 23:36

I have had three Nissan pickups. The latest is a 2000 Desert Runner. They have intermittent wipers.

1st Aug 2014, 07:13

I drive a 2000 Desert Runner. Cool little truck... even now. Mine has int windshield, security, power mirrors, A/C, LSD...

2000 Nissan Frontier XE Crew Cab 3.3 V6 from North America


For sale: beautifully maintained, low mileage piece of dung!


After just 2000 miles of ownership (14k on truck) I was having difficulty shifting the 5 speed into 1st gear. The dealer couldn't replicate the problem. It became more and more persistent and escalated to other gears. Finally after 9 months, 12,000 more miles, and 5 visits, the dealer agreed to pull the transmission and found a piece of rubber binding in the clutch. The entire clutch assembly was replaced. After several more months the clutch was squealing on launch and was again replaced, after complaining to Nissan Consumer Affairs. So far it's still okay.

Universal joint was replaced under warranty.

Fender flare seal replaced twice and tailgate finisher replaced 3 times due vinyl delaminating from metal. Covered twice under warranty and once through Nissan Consumer Affairs.

At 40,500 miles the Malfunction Indicator Light has illuminated. The dealer replaced the evap canister vent valve for $200, but the next day the light came back. Now they say the fuel tank is rusted through causing the loss of fuel pressure! Note that just 100 miles before this the tank was removed to replace the fuel pump sending unit under recall. Also note this is a 2WD truck that has not been run hard or off road, and I keep it very clean year round. They tell me a new tank runs $580! I can't find an aftermarket tank for anything later than a 95 model. The parts stores say they've never heard of replacing a tank that new. It's currently under review with Nissan Consumer Affairs.

General Comments:

The truck looks great with its high "4WD" stance, even though it's only 2WD. Good "tough" looks all around.

The interior is very comfortable, although the base model lacks cruise control and other features found standard on many other vehicles in this class.

The engine revs high and is very smooth. High marks here!

Gas mileage averages about 19. Pretty poor for a 2WD, V6 with a 5 speed. I have friends with full size V8 4WD trucks that get 17.

The "reliability" of this truck is okay, as it has never left me stranded. However the "durability" is poor. Now that the warranty has expired it will cost me a fortune to keep it going! Of the 20 vehicles I have owned this has been the MOST disappointing. Way to go, Nissan! Or is it my service dealer??? I can't tell which is worse!

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Review Date: 20th September, 2004

3rd Aug 2005, 11:48

I too have a 1999 Nissan Frontier XE extended cab 2WD 5 speed manual transmission and I have had zero problems. The hoses and belts were replaced at around 100K miles. the clutch was also replaced at around 100K miles and the water pump went out at about 115K miles. it now has 141,000 miles on it and it is running fine. believe this or not my truck is getting 27 mpg on mostly highway driving. the sticker says 22 city and 26 highway, so I thought I may have miscalculated. so I calculated it again on a full tank of gas and the second time, I came up with 26.5 mpg. I have been running synthetic oil in it and don't know if that matters. but anyway, it's a good dependable truck imo.