2001 Nissan Frontier XE 2.4 litre inline 4 from North America


By far the best compact 4x2


Absolutely nothing has gone wrong with this truck, granted it has only been 25,000 miles. I am not exactly easy on vehicles, and this truck has shown no signs of wear at all with a hard truck workout of 25,000 miles.

General Comments:

This truck never ceases to amaze me: I have taken it through mud off-road that my father's full size GMC would not go through, I have towed things far in excess of its towing capacity without problems (ie towing a Dodge Caravan), and I constantly load it down traveling back and forth from college without trouble. This truck has more than exceeded my expectations.

The 2.4 is torquey, but not real powerful. It'll outdo any other small truck with a 4 cylinder (I know, I drove them all), but you aren't going to win a race against a Camaro or something.

Everything about the truck is right on the money. My only real complaint is that it has a bit of a crosswind issue when traveling 65mph+ on the highway. By the way, this truck is amazing on the highway, it cruises at about 3,000rpms with an auto at 85mph, while 100mph doesn't require that many more revs.

Nice truck, can't go wrong. Tough and practical, this truck gets the job done while achieving 26mpg on average.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2003

26th Sep 2004, 19:45

I bought this 2001 4x2 Frontier in 2002. I use it for doing work around the house and taking trash to the landfill. I like to get it in the mud and spin it around when leaving the landfill. My point is that I don't baby the truck.

The only problems I have had is a cracked windshield (my tailgating), a blown speaker (covered under warranty), and the check engine light popping on periodically. The first time it popped on the dealership reset it. The second time it popped on it went away after some regular driving.

I think the problem was because the truck sits for at least a week at a time between use. (I have a beater Honda Civic for work).

Although the resale value stinks, if you can get one cheap I would say it's a great deal! Overall it has been a great reliable pick-up truck. It is very solid truck inside and out.

2nd Jan 2006, 18:21

The check engine could be because of a malfunctioning O2 sensor.

2001 Nissan Frontier SE Crew Cab 4x4 V6 from North America


Nice looking truck, a bit less quality than what I am used too from Nissan


Wheel balance is continuously off as is wheel alignment. When we first got the truck the wheels needed to be balanced and every 10K miles after-wards.

Interior fabric stains easily and is pain to get clean... what is that material anyway. Have tried several different type cleaners, but nothing works well to clean.

Bolts that attach the step bars were corroded from the day I got the truck. The dealer did nothing to facilitate the repair.

Fan belt squeaks intermittently. Annoying, but the belts look OK.

The chassis has rust on it. I live in the Northeast with snow/salt/sand... but I was surprised that only after 1 1/2 years the chassis has rust. You'd think by this time they would figure out how to stop rust. This summer I am going to treat the frame to help retard the rust progress.

General Comments:

Overall the truck seems very reliable and runs well.

It is somewhat underpowered and seems to strain when pushed.

The vehicle is not as well made as other Nissan's I have owned... not sure why, but it looks like they skimped a bit on quality and hoped its good looks would make up the difference.

Too many small stones get caught in the front fender flares.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2003

12th Dec 2003, 19:58

I'm thinking of buying a a Frontier Crew Cab SE or a Toyota Prerunner Crew Cab. which do you recommend! Contact me at architedux160!@aol.com.