1992 Nissan Hardbody Pickup SE 3.0 from North America


A great value machine


We lost the radio at 3 years, replaced under warranty with a rebuilt. The replacement lasted approx another 3. This time, I replaced it with name brand which is still running.

We lost the instrument panel (specifically the gas gauge) at 2 years and the panel was replaced under warranty.

At 8 years or 180,000 miles, we lost the starter, which I replaced.

I do preventative maintainance of belts, hoses, timing belt, and water pump at a 2 year interval. I have also had the alternator bearings and brushes replaced just on principle.

Seats need replacement, but are still usable. Just not so comfortable as when they were new.

I keep waiting for something else to go amiss, but the old gal just keeps on running.

General Comments:

Other than above, this has probably been my best automobile in 30+ years of driving. Take a lesson, Detroit. I would love to buy one of yours, but you would have a rough time matching the reliability of this machine. Make a good, small, reliable, truck. Heck, even charge me more to buy it, but support it and me and you will keep me. The Japanese have learned that lesson.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2003

29th Jun 2004, 14:11

Agree totally! Bought my truck in the summer of '92 for $6900 with 10 miles on it. It now has 170,000 and running as strong as ever. Still getting 20+ mpg (good considering how I drive it.) I have done all routine maintenance as recommended.

The only thing replaced on the block so far is the water pump because the gasket started leaking, but the pump was fine. Oh, replaced the thermostat also because I was right there. That's it! Starter, Alt., timing chain, (although I'm not sure how long those are suppose to last) are all original.

Hard to believe that I drove this truck through my senior year of high school. Do you know what kind of abuse my clutch has been through? Hasn't gone out yet.

I'm sure being a 12 year old truck with most original parts, I'll be stranded somewhere, sometime. However, it has been much more reliable than my '97 GMC Yukon with 69,000 miles. Thank you Nissan for the full size trucks!

24th Nov 2008, 12:22

Me too! I bought in late 91 with about 14 on it, now nearly 300K. Same basic things went wrong. Radio - replaced under warranty. Gas gauge - replace the entire instrument panel under warranty. Starter (3 so far). Clutch is starting to slip so I'll be yanking the transmission and replacing it before end of the year.

Take a lesson, Detroit. You want my business - sell me a comparable vehicle and STAND BEHIND IT. I have had my fill of Detroit's finest and except for the 62 Olds that I had that lasted for 20 years this is the finest functional vehicle I've owned. I expect I'll be putting my own crate engine and transmission in at some point and don't plan to buy another until the new generation vehicles have proven themselves.

1992 Nissan Hardbody Pickup Long Bed V6 from North America


Nissans live forever


Steering box went out after hitting a dip in the road


New engine, but the transmission is sick, no problem.

General Comments:

I have decided that Nissan trucks are indestructable, yo can't kill them. I've lowered it and have no problems, and it handles curves at 95mph like you're going 25mph.

Miles per gallon is bad, but I have a K&N intake, aftermarket intake manifold, 18x9 brevets and DC exhaust system. I've had this truck pushing 128mph easy, no lie, I can prove it!

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Review Date: 8th June, 2001

23rd Jul 2001, 00:45

I have a 93 Nissan Pickup, lowered 4 inches. I've done everything to it rims, stereo, interior... etc. It truly is indestructible.

1992 Nissan Hardbody Pickup 4X4 2.4L from North America


No major problems, has never let me down


Starter, exhaust, tires, shocks, battery at around 120000 miles. The bed is starting to rust some where it has scratches. The bumper has rust also, wouldn't recommend the chrome package.

General Comments:

Truck has been very good as far as reliability. Only replaced maintanance items. They don't last forever. Could get better gas milage for a 4 cylinder engine but not too bad.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2000