1998 Nissan Maxima GLE 3.0 Turbocharged V6 from North America


Great performer


It has been a great car. I just got it this year on my 16th birthday, but went joyriding in it at 14. Never had any problems with it. A few years ago something got stuck inthe ignition and my parents had to get 400 dollars worth of stuff replaced.

General Comments:

Excellent performer mine is at about 320HP since I had it turbocharged a few months ago. Great reliable daily driver.

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Review Date: 19th December, 2006

1998 Nissan Maxima QX V6 2.0 V6 from South Africa


A pleasure to drive for someone who wants trouble-free motoring


Nothing has gone wrong with the car.

The bonnet shocks are worn out, but I have not yet replaced them because they are very expensive and not essential.

General Comments:

The 2.0 V6 has sufficient power for my driving style, but lacks the acceleration of the 3.0. The engine is very smooth and quiet and reasonably economical.

The car is quite big, but handles without fuss provided that you drive it within its limitations.

The lines are quite pleasing and I think the design has aged quite well.

The interior is very comfortable in front and in the back. Driving position is good and the gearshift falls comfortably to hand. It is a relaxing car to drive over long distances.

There are loads of luggage space.

Building quality feels quite solid, not unlike the Merc 230e I had before. There are no squeaks or rattles inside.

A 2nd hand Maxima QX is much cheaper than a comparable used Camry or Merc or BMW. It is much more spacious than an Audi A4, which costs more or less the same 2nd hand. It may be less attractive than a comparable Laguna or Peugeot 406 but its reliability more than compensates.

Parts are a bit expensive, but certainly not more so than parts for the W123. Thus far, I've in any event only replaced the brake pads.

The Maxima has been withdrawn from the South African market. Maybe it didn't sell very well? I don't know about later models, but given its comfort and reliability and other qualities I find it hard to understand why the Maxima has not achieved the same popularity here as the Camry.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2006

1998 Nissan Maxima GLE 3.5L from North America


Absolutely Awesome


When I got this car, it was already 5 years old with a lot of mileage, so I'm not too sure on the repairs needed earlier, but since I got it, it has been amazing. I have needed to replace the brake pads and rotors one time, and I got new tires as well. Pretty much basic stuff that all cars need. I have not had problems with anything else that would be unusual, except the condenser for my air conditioner doesn't work anymore. While this is pretty inconvenient in the summer, it does not take away from the general good condition of the car.

General Comments:

My first car was a Maxima and I loved it so much that after I got rid of it, I bought another one. The first one was a 94 and it was totaled in an accident, but I am willing to bet that if it had not been, I would still be driving it today. Maximas are amazing cars and I would not complain if I were to drive one for the rest of my life.

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Review Date: 12th April, 2006

15th Apr 2007, 16:42

A 3.5L...They only came with 3.0L's.

1998 Nissan Maxima SE 3.0 from North America


I wish 98 Maxima had 02's power, but nothing else of 02 Maxima


Ignition coil needed to be replaced.

Constant starting and ignition problems.

O2 Sensors failed a lot.

Gas mileage got worse despite all problems fixed.

CD player stopped working.

General Comments:

Excellent handling, control, steering feel and response as compared to my 02 Maxima 255HP.

Good road feel.

Quiet and quality interior and more room even in the rear as compared to 2002 Maxima.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2005

15th Apr 2007, 16:34

If you didn't like the 1998 model why did you get a 2002?

28th Oct 2007, 15:31

I don't know what the review is trying to say. You "seem" to be talking about your 2002 Maxima (coil problem) but you also have a 98 maxima and your review is listed under 97.

30th Jul 2008, 15:40

I am the original writer of the review, I have owned two Maximas 1998 & 2002. The 1998 was much better that 2002 with regards to performance, handling, quality of interior materials, fit and finish. The problem areas in the 1998 were; cold starting, Oxygen sensor failing all the time, ignition coils failing.

Although the car was a 1998 model, it was manufactured in late Nov 1997, and the webmaster placed it under 1997 category.

Trouble spots in the 2002 Maxima were; poor quality of materials, really bad handling and steering on bumpy roads and in snow. Smaller space in the rear.

24th Nov 2012, 12:48

Can you place a 2002 Maxima engine in a 98 Maxima...

Swap or trade one for the other?