9th Jul 2003, 19:03

I've owned my 2000 Nissan Maxima SE for a month now and I love it. I would agree that it is a true sport/luxury car. Whether on the highway or around town it has plenty of acceleration and power. I own an automatic with traction control and I have to say that the off-the-line acceleration isn't quite the best that I've experienced, but then again... once that speedo hits around 20 and I floor it... LOOK OUT! It DEFINITELY "gets out of its own way" and I've heard that an aftermarket intake will solve that problem... but I have yet to try it. I drive on the highway everyday and I have never been disappointed in any area of its performance nor comfort. I would have to agree that the seats are a little on the hard side, but with the 8-way power seats, a little adjustment here or there, and I'm not complaining anymore. I honestly do find it a pleasure/joy to drive everyday and would absolutely recommend this vehicle over and over and over again. Thanks for reading this... I can't brag enough about my Maxima!

21st Aug 2003, 11:52

I, too, have had the ignition coil problem. I had owned my 2000 SE since May of 2000 and started having the misfire at about 62,000 miles a few months ago. I took it into the dealer and they told me there was bulletin on the problem. The solution was to use 92 or higher octane exclusively to see if the problem went away. If not, replace all 6 coils at a price tag of over $600. I used 93 octane exclusively. My check engine light would come and go. Finally it would not stay off and the car continued to run a little rough at idle until driven a short distance and went away. Got too annoying to handle. Took it to a local mechanic, computer diagnosis showed misfire on Cyl#5. Replaced that one coil and it went away! Hopefully the other coils will not go as well. I don't need any additional expenses so I can buy an '05 next year or the G35 coupe!

15th Sep 2003, 12:28

I own a 2000 SE and love it. Except for the issue I have read other people comment on. I have 52000 miles on the car and just had to replace the coils in the car. I am hoping there is going to be something done about this. I have been doing some research and it appears to me that there should be a recall on this problem.

21st Oct 2003, 08:17

I own a 2000 Maxima SE. I am also experiencing the same problem as others in this thread: bad ignition coils. Although I'm generally happy with my vehicle, $700 is a hefty sum to pay.

13th Jan 2004, 09:58

I have a 2000 SE (Feb) and I too have had to have the coils replaced @ 60K, only had 3 replaced, but still cost $400, otherwise car is fine. You'd think they'd have told us.

13th Jan 2004, 20:23

I have a 2000 maxima GLE, which around 60K replaced #3 ignition coil, and just now at 70K miles, had to replace #2 ignition coil. guess I'll just keep on until all are replaced? any suggestions?

16th Jan 2004, 14:21

I have a 2000 Maxima with 45,000 miles on it. I was just told that my #5 coil is shot and had to be replace for $269.

I hope that the rest of the coils don't all start shorting out also because this will start getting very expensive.

17th Jan 2004, 16:45

Same as everyone else. Bought my 2000 Maxima in July of 2003. At 40000 miles the Service Engine Soon light came on and the dealer told me the ignition coils were going bad. Recommended replacing all of them, even though only one was below specs at the time. Changed #3, cost: $71 labor, $66.27 for the part. (If your repair shop is asking for more, go somewhere else.) After changing #3, a couple days later the light came back on and the engine misfire resumed.

Needless to say, I'm deeply disappointed and left to wonder what other parts are of such low quality.

Any thoughts on needing an extended warranty? Are more things going to go wrong that would be covered by a warranty?

1st Feb 2004, 00:33

2000 Maxima GLE

My "Service Engine Soon" light went on at around 50K miles. I didn't service the care until 59K miles for the light indication. Yes... the problem was engine coils at a whopping $1000 for all 6 coils.

I asked the dealer if this was common and the answer was no. In the two years this person has been working at the dealer, this was the first he has seen this problem.

I don't know what to believe. Seems to be pretty common to me.

5th Feb 2004, 08:47

My 2000 Maxima GLE has 55K miles on it. The service engine light has been on for a couple of months now so I decided to get it checked. The only thing that's affecting my cars performance is that it shakes a little when I first start the car and lasts for about a minute. I'm thinking that its nothing major, but when I took it in they told be that my ignition coils were misfiring on both sides and I should replace all 6 at the price of $570. This quote is from an actual Nissan dealer. Does anyone know if I can get this done for a significantly cheaper price from a regular mechanic? Also, should I be worried about having a non-Nissan dealer fix a problem like this.

9th Feb 2004, 16:19

I just had this problem fixed today on my 2000 SE. It cost $665. My service engine soon light, slip and tcs/off lights all came on last week. The slip and tcs/off lights both turned off, but the service engine soon light stayed on. I took it to my dealer and they said it was a problem with the ignition coils, but couldn't isolate it so they had to replace all 6 of them. Has anyone sent a letter or email to Nissan? Is there a way to get them to do a recall? It seems like this is a pretty common problem.

12th Feb 2004, 12:17

I have a 2000 Maxima GLE and am experiencing the same issue. I feel fortunate however, mine didn't start acting up until I reached nearly 80,000 miles. I agree with everyone here in that Nissan should step up to the plate.

18th Feb 2004, 18:00

I just purchased a used 1999 Maxima GLE in great condition and 65,000 miles. Two days after driving it off the lot, the Check Engine Soon light came on, and I asked the dealer to handle it. An O2 sensor later, and the light was off. Today, after getting a 60K service to clear up the minor shutter during idle and acceleration, and the problem is worse. In fact, it's really bad. The car is shaking all over, and at 30-40 MPH, it shudders. I took it back to the repair place, and they suggested a Nissan specialist, who diagnosed it and said it would be $770 to replace all coil packs. They said that replacing one or two will still have you coming back. I'll let you know if it works. I'll also use this forum as a negotiating point. Thanks for the posts. I'll contact Nissan also.