13th Aug 2004, 16:01

Rule number one: Do not go to your local Nissan dealership on Friday the 13th. Today I found out I need ignition coils (6) for my 2000 Maxima GLE which is how I ended up here. I feel rather fortunate as the price quoted for 6 to be replaced, including an hour of labor, was $472 which seems cheap compared to other posts (lucky me). I'm really looking for some advice and answers to my specific questions. Please reply to shaulor@yahoo.com. I'd really appreciate it.

My friend works at a dealership. When my "Service Engine Soon" light initially came on he saw an oxygen sensor fault that he was able to reset for me. He said drive it for a few days, if it comes back on you'll likely need an O2 sensor. Guess what. It came back on in three days. This time diagnostics came up with a bad knock sensor. That's when he sent me to the Nissan dealer. I'm concerned with the differing faults. I feel more confident now after reading of others with the same issue.

1. Will replacing the coils fix my problem?

2. Can we buy these aftermarket? If so where?

3. Is this a DIY job? I have limited mechanical ability and they told me 1 hour of labor, so I'm not saving that much, but every bit helps

4. What kind of harm is done by just ignoring the light?

I'll add that I bought my Maxima about 2 years ago with 50k miles. I now have 92k miles. It has been a pretty decent car so I can't really bash Nissan. I'm just disappointed as this is my first Japanese car. I bought it for longevity and resale. (oh boy) Will I buy another? Don't know probably not. Someone commented that they wished they'd researched a little more before buying the car. I did my homework and heard nothing of this issue 2 years ago when I bought it. Ironically, the car I owned prior was a 95 Olds Aurora, a car with a horrible reputation. I drove it for years and put a wheel bearing on it, as well as brakes. It was a phenomenal ride and you people think you've got power. There was nothing like that 25 mpg 4.0 liter V8. Today, I really miss it!

I look forward to hearing from you.

17th Aug 2004, 14:50

It is great to see I am not the only person with the Maxima coil problem. My Maxima is a 1996 one... and I have about 150k miles on it. Recently I the Nissan dealer here in Delaware informed me I needed to replace all the coils for over $700 dollars, which is a hefty sum of money to a student like me. There definitely needs to be a recall on these coils. Everyone should contact Nissan USA!

31st Aug 2004, 08:12

I have also been victimized by this infamous "coil problem". I own a 2000 Maxima SE and have a little over 37,000 mile on it. My "service engine soon" light came on about a week ago. I took the car to the dealer today and they said that there is no recall for this issue. They informed me that it would cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $700 and $800.

My question is:

How can this issue be elevated so that it is considered worthy of being a recall?

3rd Sep 2004, 13:09

Just another proud owner of a 2000 Maxima, bought it w/54,000 miles on it and prior to the 60,000 mile warranty ending we had one coil go bad. The dealership replaced it at no cost, then at about 65,000 the same problem and the dealer tells me that I need to replace one more coil that has gone bad, but that they suggest replacing all the rest to avoid future problems and to reduce my costs. I was irate, a few months earlier they were nice enough to replace just one under warranty, but now that my car is not under warranty they "suggest" to "reduce my cost in the future, we might as well replace 'em all while we're in there." My wife and I are very disappointed.

2nd Oct 2004, 13:38

I feel part of a popular coil club... misery loves company. I have a 99' Maxima SE, the check engine soon light came on coincidentally not long after I switched to regular from premium gas (I was told it wouldn't make a difference). I can't tell there is anything wrong by driving the car it, but I took it to a dealer who said I needed to replace all the coils (like every other Maxima owner it seems. I'm driving it with the light on, any risk?

Is there anywhere to source cheaper coil packs? What's involved in changing the coils, is it a do-it-yourself job?

Any comments would be welcome... please e-mail me at djmodlin@yahoo.com


20th Oct 2004, 10:41

I own a 1999 Maxima SE. I am having all these same problems. AT 48,000 miles my check engine light comes on and it's an O2 sensor and a knock sensor. I have ignored these for a while, but it has effected the performance of the car. Now at 82,000 miles my traction control system light and slip lights come on while driving. Does anyone know if I can ignore this problem with the TCS or it is something that needs to be fixed. I think the cars performance is lacking and I want to fix it, but I'm sure it will be expensive. Anyone have a cheap solution?

4th Nov 2004, 15:24

Coil failure continues. Maxima 2000 purchased in 01 with 18k miles. Check engine soon appeared at 39k miles and intermediate misfiring started soon after. Called my local Nissan service for a price quote. 700.00 to replace all six coils. He expressed that they are seeing issue come through there service department. I will look into replacing them myself if I can. Recall is in order. Will submit petition and complain just to me make feel better about losing 700.00. Nissan, never again.

13th Nov 2004, 08:48

I bought my 2000 Nissan Maxima GLE at 58K miles. Since then I have had nothing, but problems and it appears as though I'm not the only one. Shortly after having my car the "check engine soon light" came on. I had my co2 sensors replaced. Now the light is on again. I have done nothing with it. My left rear brake light is constantly going out as well. This also seems to be a reccuring problem although from reading the emails, everyone else says their right one goes out.

I took my car in back in March when my rear brakes went out. I thought it was strange after 69K miles, since on my Accord after 120K miles the rear brakes never had to be replaced. They replaced them and yesterday at 78K miles I heard a loud squealing. Briefly took it by the service center and wow, my rear brakes are out again! Has anyone else had brake problems? I am so fed up with this car right now. The Maxima was a recommended buy on Consumer Reports, but if I can get out of this car, I will, and I'll buy a Honda or Acura going forward.

27th Dec 2004, 08:01

2000 Maxima Problems.

I, like most everyone else here, am having issues with my Maxima. My problem is with cold start ups. The car sputters, surges and stalls. What I am wondering is, do all of you unhappy people that have coil problems, have this problem. I was thinking it was just one of my sensors, but I am told if the check engine light is off when I have it diagnosed, they will not be able to find anything. Well, if I drive it to have it checked, the car will be warm and there will be no light on.

Someone please email me at Willin01@aol.com if you have similar problems or any suggestions.

Thank you.