28th Dec 2004, 11:08

Ignition coil replacement suggested by my dealer. I only have 27000 miles and "Check Engine Soon" light is on. Occasionally stalling. Dealer replacement price for all 6 coils $645.00. Obviously I think this is very unfair, since this problem seems to be so common. I am amazed that I had no prior warning from Nissan regarding this potential problem. Now that I am 3000 miles past my warranty period, I am left to fend for myself on this issue. Very bad performance by Nissan. No longer recommending Nissan as a quality vehicle.

27th Feb 2005, 09:32

I had the identical thing happen (tune up/clean injectors which solved problem for about two days). I am off to the Autozone to purchase the coils and bring them to my mechanic for the labor charge. Other than that, I love my car and the tune up really helped performance wise. It made me remember why I bought the car.

2nd May 2005, 10:32

Wow 2000 Nissan Club!

I am having the same problem with my 2000 Maxima! My check engine light came on in December before a road trip. I took my care into my local Nissan Dealer and they quote me $762. to replace all 6 of my engine coils. I can't afford to pay that kind of money at one time. It frustrates me to no end! I looked into my manual and it tells me not to drive of 45 MPH or up hill. I live in the Atlanta area. Where in the world will I be driving to? No where, but to the grocery store. I want my car to drive as well as it did before, but I can't shed out that kind of money.

I still love my Maxima, but if Nissan doesn't do something about this continuous problem, then I'm going trade this in and go with something other than a Nissan.

Hopless Maxima.

25th May 2005, 21:35

I have owned a 2000 Maxima GXE since September 1999. In 2001 while under warranty at 26,000 miles I had that annoying SERVICE ENGINE SOON light come on and an oxygen sensor was replaced. In 2003 that little annoying SERVICE ENGINE SOON light came on again at 58,00 miles, but this times it wasn't under warranty. I ended up paying $581.00 to replace the ignition coils. Now I am at 79,000 miles and its back on again. It would be nice if this problem was recalled. (Brian2000max)

29th Oct 2005, 15:41

Today I join the coil club!~ My Soon Emptying Savings light went on, and I will have it checked at Auto-Zone. But I know what it is! I have a 2000 SE 5 speed, and it happened while shifting, and turning a corner. The car stalled and I lost power steering and braking.. THIS IS A SAFETY HAZARD. Write your state's attorney general, and tell them about this safety issue. There are enough of us to change this. Let's use our numbers, This has got to stop!..Just google ignition coil problems for Maxima. WOW how many sites out there just like this...I, m angry and think a class action lawsuit is in order. Any attorney's out there?


8th Nov 2005, 15:58

Today I join the coil club. Bought my 2000 max GLE sport edition at 71,000. After driving the car for about 4000 miles the check engine light came on, then two days later the TCS and slip light. I check it out at auto zone and they told me it was my O2 senor and a misfire in coil #5. To make matter worst I have to change my shocks. So I am looking at about 400 O2 senor+ 600 for the coils + 300 for the shocks. And this is not at a dealership just at a Nissan car club.

14th Nov 2005, 13:26

Suggestion... typically, only one coil is bad. When dealer changes all 6, demand the bad coils back and ask them to identify the bad one. coil has electronics so total failure is not consistent (under heat). replace coils yourself and save. change spark in process (platinum only). Maf - $100 part. O2 - $30 part Nissan charges $130 because of special pigtail. Splice and save. Awesome car, but more finicky than ex girlfriend. To date, 2 sets of coils, 2 mafs, 3 O2 sensors, 75 k miles.

13th Dec 2005, 15:12

Excellent, thanks for your help. My 3.0L 1998 Nissan Maxima has been an excellent car from new; no problems until around 130,000Km / 80,600 miles. A local Nissan Dealer (Wollongong Australia - 1hr South of Sydney) suggested changing spark plugs. Did so and miss fire persisted. The dealer now suggests that a coil needs replacing; but cannot identify which one. The dealer suggests replacing them all and says cost will be around Au$700. Not sure of the current exchange rate, but Au$700 is around US$500.

21st Dec 2005, 09:57

I also have a 2000 Maxima GLE with many sensor lights on and off over 3 years. I always bring it to Nissan, they hook it up to read the diagnostic "code" and say everything is fine after resetting it. I think they have known there was a problem, but were waiting for the warranty to expire! I have kept all my copies of the codes from them and I am planning on contacting the corporate office. I just paid over $1000. to have all the coils replaced. My car had the service engine soon, tbs and another light on for a few weeks. I was ignoring it since every time I took it to Nissan they said it was "nothing". It died when I was driving it, I had it towed to an independent garage, and they diagnosed it as the coils. I love the car's performance, but these problems have driven me nuts. Since this seems to be a common problem, why haven't they recalled the cars??

21st Dec 2005, 17:53

Please welcome the newest member to the coil club, ME!!

Modern Concord Nissan of North Carolina quotes me at $970 to replace all 6 coils. He side stepped questions about isolating which coil is faulty by repeating "Nissan recommends replacing all 6 coils so you save on labor if this happens again."

Wish me luck replacing these on my own. I too am curious what possible consequences there could be by simply ignoring this problem

2001 Maxima SE.

27th Dec 2005, 13:02

Hello fellow 2000 Maxima owners.

I guess I am joining the defective coil club. My wife and I own a 2000 GLE that we purchased late 1999 from a local dealer in East Texas. We have been very please with the car's performance and reliability over the years. A couple of years ago the "Check Engine" light came on. We took it to the dealer and the now familiar code number came up for a defective coil. We ended up replacing 2 out of 6. Nothing else was said about possibly defective coils on the 2000 Maxima. In th e past 6 months the same problem has come back with a vengeance. The engine light and traction light both come on and there is an obvious loss of power. We go in and replace the coil that is defective (and any other part that has been damaged in the process such as battery, etc...) and a few hundred dollars later the same problem is back again.

I think that Nissan has know about this problem for a long time and as a corporation that depends on repeat business one would think that customer satisfaction should be important.

East Texas Maxima owner.