22nd Mar 2006, 18:08

Well, I have the same issue as mostly everyone else, or so I believe. My check engine light has been on for some time and every now and then my engine slip and TCS lights come on, resulting in a very rough idle in Park. I can turn the car off, wait a while and during the subsequent restart both light could, I say could, go off. No guarantees.

Has anyone been successful in getting Nissan to pay for the coil changes much less to admit to fault?

23rd Mar 2006, 22:01

I have a 00 Maxima SE, bought it with 75K and had the 90K service done and about 106K is when the light came on. Runs fine, but has a little misfire every few weeks. Had a guy who wanted to replace the plugs because that's what he thought, but wound up replacing #3 coil. I didn't see him do it, but it didn't take him any time at all. Light came back on after 100+ miles. I am thinking of replacing the rest of the coils. I think the front and rear banks are different. They run $77 ea. here in Northern California. If the person who has them for sale still has them let me know. Thanks, febanske@yahoo.com BTY this is my second Maxima and I just think there great cars except for this problem. Will probably get the new body style when this gets close to 200K.

26th Mar 2006, 16:47

I purchased my 00 new in Sept of 2000, only has 58,000 on now. Came across this list while searching for tie rod info and saw all the comments on ignition coils. After reading about having any luck on getting Nissan to fix this type of problem figured I'd chime in. Right after my three year warranty expired with about 30,000 miles my wife called me to let me know the car was acting act. What she mentioned sounded like a misfire, but by the time she brought it home it was fine except for the check engine light. Made an appointment and took it into the dealer. Dealer found a bad coil and changed all six free of charge to me. At the time I figured this was due to the emissions clause and not 3 yr warranty.

28th Mar 2006, 16:22

I have a 99 maxima, and I have had the same problem with the coils ever since 75000 miles. The dealers just diagnose the computer and don't look over the rest of the car. I had them replace all six of the coils and spark plugs at 85000 miles and it ran fine for a while. But now I have 104k on it and it does the same interminent hesitation on the highway!!i mean should the coils be good for remainder of the cars life??

2nd Apr 2006, 17:50

I was just searching to find out how hard it is to change the plugs on my early model 1999 Maxima. I have 175K miles and never changed the plugs wires or coils or o2 sensors. Car runs great, this thread makes me nervous. What plugs do you recommend for my 1999 Maxima? Are they hard to change?


20th Apr 2006, 16:56

I just got back from the Nissan dealership to address the service engine light. My 2000 maxima SE has already had all six coils replaced by a local independent shop when the car reached about 70,000 miles. Now at 80,000 miles Nissan is telling me that all coils need to be replaced again. What?? He at the dealer hinted toward the possibility of non Nissan parts being installed by the local shop. After a quick call they were in fact authentic parts. Looks like the parts and labor will be under warranty by the the local guys, but what is going on? Nissan recommends replacing all coils to eliminate the potential of leaving one bad coil that could make the others fail. When all is said and done... I LOVE my Blaxima!

27th Apr 2006, 09:00

Similar problem as everyone else here. Service engine light came on and the dealer tells me that all coils need replacing on my 2000 Maxima (all plugs too just for good measure) at a cost of around $1,000. I'll be taking it somewhere else because I don't want the dealer to get my $$$.

This seems to be a common problem, and I wanted to add myself to the list of complaints. There is actually a petition to have this addressed as a recall: http://www.petitiononline.com/NIS_IGN/petition.html

8th May 2006, 09:10

Hi all,

Last year I bought a 2001 Maxima SE and since 3 weeks, TCS ABS and SLIP are always on when I drive my car...

I think I have to change Coils to resolve the problem... But I don't understand how Coils can have a relation with ABS and TCS? Can someone please help me? I don't want change Coils, pay 600-1000$ and still have the problem...

Many Thanks in advance.


6th Jun 2006, 09:52

Ouch. My "Service Engine/ TCS/ Slip" lights came on this morning. After reading the thread here, I'm not encouraged, but can anyone tell me what is covered under warranty? I have a 2001 Max SE with 72K km's and purchased an extended warranty. The business manager told me that I'd need the warranty for such things as trivial as the A/C, electric seats, etc., and would be even more thankful should I need it for something engine related. Am I too looking at a $600 - $800 service bill? Or will my extended warranty cover me?

9th Jun 2006, 17:25

I have now had 3 coils replaced on my 2000 Maxima. Each replacement has been around $300. The dealer told me today that some people just replace them all once they start going bad to save the trouble of dealing with them over and over. This seems like an engineering problem to me and should probably be dealt with through a recall by the company. I will not buy another Nissan because of this issue.

13th Jun 2006, 22:10

I took a trip to Autozone and got the free check, and their equipment said my oxygen sensors were bad. I looked at the prices and thought about the labor and decided to check out the sensors before I decided to do it myself. When I looked under my car I noticed a grounding strap that came loose right next to the O2 sensor.

I fixed the grounding strap and now I'm crossing my fingers it works. I'm sure the grounding strap is there for the O2 sensors, but I don't know if I got to the problem too late. I reset the light by disconnecting the battery for 5 minutes, and I drove down the street and no check engine light. I hope things stay like this, but who knows. Good luck and thanks to everyone that contributed to this.

17th Jun 2006, 17:36

I purchased my 2000 Maxima SE about two weeks ago. It seemed to run great, although it has about 140,000 miles on it. This morning when I started it up, the engine made a knocking sound. Although the sound is not too bad, it does make a sound and I am wondering if this could be the coils as well. My service engine light is on, and the guy I bought it from said it was the EGR valve. Does anyone know anything about this that could help me out?