25th Jan 2006, 14:05

We have a 2000 Maxima and the check engine light came on again. Called the Nissan dealership and the service tech said chances are there is nothing wrong "it just happens" and they will disconnect the battery to reset, but have to put the car on scope first for $95 CDN. Well, the car is currently in getting another oxygen sensor--already had one replaced, along with all the ignition coils--absolutely ridiculous.

14th May 2006, 15:30

I have had the same problem with my 2000 Maxima, it runs great and everything, but the service engine soon light keeps coming back on, I've replaced the ignition coils the headers and an oxygen sensor, the light goes off, but then after about a week it comes back on.

25th May 2006, 10:57

Have a 2001 Maxima GLE with 97K. It was dying in Park. I replaced 2 O2 sensors for $500 and the "service engine soon" light came on almost as soon as I left the dealer's lot. I had picked it up from the dealer on Saturday when the service dept. was closed so I couldn't call them until Monday. Their response was to bring it in for another diagnostic and they might not charge me if it was related to the O2 sensors.

Needless to say I will be going to Autozone to get the code. I'm sure if it comes up with an O2 code the dealer will tell me the 3rd sensor went out and whack me for another $250. Not happy to hear about the catalytic converter problems in this thread.

I have another problem that you folks could help me with... when I floor the accelerator (which I don't do very often) it seems to lose all pep, like it has a governor on it. Anybody else experience this?

5th Jun 2006, 08:57

A recent problem has started with our 2000 Nissan Maxima SE.

After driving somewhere, get home, turn off the car and this high-pitched, whiny sound comes from under the hood.

Pop the hood, and it sounds like a rhythmical straining sound, like an old fan that was never shut off.

Turn the car back on, rev a couple times, turn A/C on/off, then turn car back off and sound still there.

More than 24 hours later, I go to use the car again, and that sound is still there, slower, but amazingly still going?

70k miles on the car, no previous problems.

Does anyone know what it is? Battery doesn't seem to be draining since everything still works fine, A/C pumps strong and cold.

Took to mechanic, but couldn't 'make' the problem occur, so no fix.

Long road trip coming up and don't want to be stuck...

Any ideas/constructive comments welcome.


8th Jul 2006, 20:13

I have a 2000 Maxima. After reading the posts above, I can truly relate to your problems, going through another with engine light. Already replaced all coils, and two cats. The code again is reading a problem with bank 2 cat. I guess it's time to start changing O2 sensors. Coil problem started about 40,000, Cat problem 86000.

27th Jul 2006, 14:13

My 2000 Maxima with 90k miles has cost me $1500 in the past year. Check engine light comes on every few months, off, then on again, ka-ching, another few hundred dollars. I'm ready to trade it in before the catalytic converter goes. A shame really, because I love the car... but can't afford the maintenance at this point. I want something with a warranty.

31st Jul 2006, 23:45

2001 Maxima, 97900 miles.

Service engine soon light on. Brought it in when all idiot lights went on. Car died in driveway. Replaced original battery, died next day. Brought in and needed alternator, but the service engine soon light was a result of a cat P0420 error. Previous week Autozone said it was a O2 sensor. Who to believe?

After the alternator replacement, I have driven it 250 miles with no light coming on, but it's idling odd. Stalls in park after reving to 4000 rpm? I hear air flow in my internet searches, obviously cats, O2 sensors, engine coils... anyone know where the real problem (s) may be?

9th Aug 2006, 17:21

I have a 2000 Nissan Maxima SE, my Service Engine soon light came on when I put a certain brand of gas in my car. The first time that it happened I took it to the dealer and needless to say they charged my $450.00 and told me that it was a bad sensor. The second time that it happened, I simply disconnected my battery for 5minutes, which corrected my problem.

17th Aug 2006, 14:17

I have a 2000 Nissan maxima and I'm surprised the SES light hasn't burn out, its been on for so long. I found a shop to look at it and found the MAF sensor was bad. This car had no power at all. Would fall on its face unitl you would release the throttle and would not run over 5K RPM. After changing the MAF it runs great considering how it ran before. the shop tells me I have two O2 sensors bad. Can replace if I want, but not necessary. Should I replace them and will it help with performance and fuel mileage.

30th Aug 2006, 05:07

I have a 2000 Nissan Maxima SE with 75K miles and have had to replace the ignition coils and the oxygen sensor, as so many have in this car, due to the Service Engine Soon light.

Recently, though, I am having a problem that I have not read of anyone else having. The automatic air-conditioning system seems to have gone crazy. Normally, the auto-air system pumps out hot air from the bottom vents (by the feet), and cold air from the middle vents (by the body/face). Now, the auto-air pumps out cold air out of the bottom vents, unless I set the air-temperature to above 82 degrees, at which time it starts pumping out warm air on the bottom vents. On cold mornings, when it was working properly, it used to pump out warm air from the bottom vents when the air temperature was set higher than 68 degrees.

Has any one else run into this?

6th Nov 2006, 18:52

I have a 1997 Maxima SE with 202,000 miles on it. Runs great, but have had engine light on intermittently.

Finally decided to get it fixed:

1. Replaced knock sensor -$285

2. Replaced sticky speedometer and speed sensor -$450, $125

3. Replaced O2 sensor -$210

Current total: $1070.

Engine light came on after a week. Mechanic suggested turning it off and rechecking, came back on after another week.

He identified a different O2 sensor failing. Upon further questioning, he suggested it was probably the catalytic converter being clogged and causing the O2 sensors to fail due to excessive heat generated by clogged converter.

The proposed fix would be $210 for the sensor, and $1200 for the new cat with pipes for an additional $1410.

So, to fix this problem is seems I'm paying $2480. I hope nothing else happens. Otherwise the car really does run great and has been very reliable.

23rd Feb 2007, 06:40

I have a 2000 maxima. Previously had one ignition coil bad, replaced it. Ran better after that. Later got some O2 sensor codes. Checked the voltages on the O2 sensor as best I could and found the sensor was within range. Noticed that the ground strap for the exhaust system was broken. Replaced the strap and the codes went away for a whole year! Had a bad off idle power problem and Nissan said to replace MAF sensor. That helped for a couple of months. Now the engine occasionally doesn't want to idle fast when it is cold and it promptly kills when you put it in gear. Took it to a repair place and the check engine light came on. They insisted on replacing coils before they could do any work. I replaced the rest of the coils which took 1/2 hour. The shop wanted 2.5 hours to do it. I notice there is a solenoid on the throttle body for the idle. Does anyone know if this can go bad on a 2000 Maxima?