7th Aug 2010, 22:23

2000 Maxima SE with 155k miles, runs great except the transmission upshifts under 1/2 to full throttle are delayed; the RPM's go up, but the shift never comes. Happens when accelerating hard or when kicking down on the highway. Changed the fluid, filter and revolution sensor on tranny; still the same. Other times the tranny shifts firm, except for a slight stutter or hard skip, then clunk if I accelerate again, not coming to a full stop. Someone said I should change my fuel filter screen as it may be clogged and causing a slight fuel starvation problem, thus not having enough fuel to handle the demand of the higher RPM's when I nail it. Any suggestions? What has worked for you???

30th Oct 2010, 13:19

I have a 2000 Maxima with 150K miles, and have experienced the same issues as everyone else: the non-acceleration, poor performance and stalling at idle. I've done the following, which has cured my problems:

Changing the 6 ignition coils cured the non-acceleration issue and poor performance (Changed myself with aftermarket parts. Also changed the spark plugs).

Changing the idle control valve (found on the underside of the throttle body) 'helped' the stalling at idle tremendously, but didn't cure it completely - until I cleaned the Mass Air Flow sensor, which completely cured the stalling problem. (Start with cleaning the Mass Air Flow sensor first - $6 for a can of the mass air flow cleaner. If that doesn't cure the problem, move onto the idle control valve.)

The car runs like new again, except my mechanic told me I have an O2 sensor out, but didn't tell me which one (there are 4 on the CA models - each color coded). I read in one of the comments that #2 is most common to fail. Anyone know which color that one is? Also read that someone had a broken exhaust ground strap and that led to the 02 sensor error code. Anyone else experience that?

Hope that helps!

27th Apr 2012, 23:45

Got a 2000 Maxima that had the same problem as far as accelerating. Try the mass air flow sensor. It should give you your pep back.

26th Jul 2012, 18:38

Wow, wish I knew this before I got the car. Now going through the same problem. I have a 2000, and I wish I had never got the car. Had it for two weeks, and already the SES came on. Brought it back to the dealer, and they say it's a sensor, but I don't know about cars, and I feel lost, so I think I am going to sell it.

22nd Nov 2012, 10:23

I have the same problem. I have a 2000 Maxima with 292,000 miles. My service light came on and the dealership told me it was the catalytic converter, and that it was going to cost 1600 to replace. That's unbelievable.

6th Dec 2012, 15:26

I have the same problem with my 2000 Nissan Maxima. But the service engine light comes and goes automatically. The service engineer says change the converter for 550$. But I think I will leave it as it is. I am not sure I am doing the right thing.