11th Mar 2009, 01:10

Hello all,

I also own a 2000 Nissan Maxima GLE. I have replaced the air flow meter, O2 sensor, both CV joints and axles, radiator, starter, all oil gaskets, and all ignition coils. I feel everyone's pain, I haven't had any problems within the last 12 months, but I'm scared because it has been a while; THERE NEEDS TO BE A RECALL.

22nd Apr 2009, 12:05

2000 Maxima - leaking valve stem seals, begat a broken timing chain sprocket (have not completed the autopsy), begat a salvage engine. Replaced: wheel bearings, axles, 6 coils, and MAF. Hopefully with a 50k motor (@$3500) the car will last another couple years. You won't get a recall on these...

23rd Nov 2009, 21:59

1997 Nissan Maxima running rich on the plugs and stalling out when coming to a stop.

Replaced mass air flow sensor, crank sensor, cleaned throttle body, replaced all coils and plugs, cam sensor which controls fuel flow to the injectors, unhooked negative battery terminal for overcharging and alternator problems, replaced 2nd dairy air control, replaced boost valve, soldered coil wires in wiring harness where Nissan had only krempts - known problem.

Cleaned 5 wire ground harness on fenderwll, cleaned battery ground on the engine block, changed the computer, cleaned the ground inside the mass air flow sensor, changed the battery.

Changed the temperature sensor, which would cause the car to run rich and stall out.. I guess next I change the wiring harness.

The only thing is I have a 2nd 97 Maxima that runs great to take the parts off of and switch.. Hope this helps someone.

15th Mar 2010, 16:54

Just replaced my O2 sensors and the light came back. I am beginning to suspect it's the fuel I use, since I switched from Premium to Mid grade. Will switch back to Premium and see what happens.

22nd Mar 2010, 18:21

After topping the trans oil on my Nissa 2000 GLE, it stopped going into reverse. What could be wrong?

8th Apr 2010, 22:29


Have you tried the thermostat? My car was not getting warm either and I changed the thermostat, from then on I didn't have anymore problems with it not being able to get warm.

6th May 2010, 11:19

I just purchased a 2000 Maxima GLE, every week its back at the dealer getting fixed. Already it's had a MAF sensor, and a new O2 sensor. I just picked it up from the dealer again Tuesday night, and here it is Thursday morning and the SES light is back on! I thought Nissans were good cars, I know it's a 2000 and it has 119k miles on it, but after reading this thread I’m starting to doubt this problem will ever get resolved! I’ve only owned the car for about a week and already I hate it! I owned a Honda Civic for seven years, and never had any problems! The only reason I'm still not driving my Honda, is because it was stolen. I will never purchase another Nissan, and to think they want 30k + for a new Maxima! I wouldn't pay $3.00 for it! I wonder what type of problems you can expect with that hefty price tag! I’m all set!

4th Jun 2010, 01:09

After reading all these comments, I must say this is fishy, because I have been experiencing the same exact problems with my 2000 Nissan Maxima, bought it in '05 and hated it every since I had it... Experienced all those problems; now looking at the catalytic converter. This is not right!!!

4th Jun 2010, 12:45

I have a 2001 Maxima SE. I live in Maryland, and this car has cost me a fortune in both repairs and emissions trouble due to the SES light.

It went a long time with no problems. Then in '07 the whole computer system died without warning on a highway. $1600, private mechanic. Then the alternator. Then the SES light came on. Was told 02 sensors. Delayed fixing until Emissions was due (I'm a single mom - car repairs are a nightmare). I got it fixed, but in Maryland you have to wait up to 6 weeks after repairs to emissions test. Before that wait time elapsed, it came on again. This time it was the converter. Private mechanic says it's about a $1,000 repair. In the mean time, I missed emissions and used up all of my extensions, and since the O2 sensor was less than $500, I can't get a waiver for expensive repairs. So the resultant fees and ticket and (now) two traffic court appearances due to this have added to the expense.

My brother and his friend looked at it, and apparently there was a recall for the 01 cc's, but the recall was only good within 5 years of 60k miles, whichever was less. I think my car had 60k miles when I bought it (in '05) so that's not an option. I have until July 12 (though I'm requesting an extension) until I have to go back to court for emissions violation. I was just about to get the cat fixed, but I'm seriously wondering if I should just take the thing to Carmax and get something else. I don't want to fork over $1,000 to then have the SES light come on a week later and STILL not be able to pass emissions. (At that point I could get a waiver, but my car will still be a piece of junk.)

15th Jun 2010, 23:59

Hey folks, a lot of the problems you are having may be the mass air flow meter. Call or email courtesyparts.com, a real Nissan dealer in Texas that wholesales parts, and ask them for the new mass air flow meter. Nissan realized a lot of these were going bad on the 2000-2003 Maxima, so they came out with a new part and it's MUCH cheaper! It's only about 80 bucks from Courtesy Nissan in TX. It's extremely easy to change out, too.

My sister's 2000 Maxima was having a lot of these problems, missing and hard shifting, and wouldn't rev past 3800 rpm, and the CEL was on and off, on and off. Well local mechanics said anything from fuel pump to cats to injectors to coils. Talked to a parts dude at Courtesy on the phone, and they said nine times out of ten it's the MAF meter on these Maxima's. He said, "I've NEVER sold a fuel pump for these cars, but we ship dozens of MAF meters every week around the country!! So that's a tip, get the new MAF for under a hundred bucks, install it in 10 minutes or less, pull the battery cable off for 30 minutes to reset the ECU, and the car is good to go.

SERIOUSLY, did this on my sister's 2000 Maxima with 150k miles, and the thing runs like it's brand new! Very strong now. Good luck!!

These are great cars, but you need to find a good mechanic that can DIAGNOSE these cars, not just read codes and tell you to chance O2 sensors!! There are PROCEDURES in the factory service manual for trouble diagnosis, and most mechanics, including Nissan dealers, are too damn lazy to use their brain and actually diagnose the car. This MAF is just a simple fix that seems to be EXTREMELY common on these cars, so it might just be your easy fix if you're having these problems! Good luck!