2001 Nissan Pathfinder LE 3.5 V6 from North America


With much regret, cancer took her before her time


Coils needed to be replaced. I did them one as a time as they failed over two years, stretched out the cost since I was able to do it myself and didn't have to pay labor costs. Seems to have been a common problem.

MAF replaced at 180000kms.

Fuel filler pipe replaced free under recall. Rust.

Power steering lines and a few brake lines due to rust.

AWD system starting to malfunction in cold temperatures, possibly due to faulty contacts? Didn't have a chance to properly diagnose it before...

Strut housing failure, resulting in broken front strut, culminating in...

Purchased by Nissan Canada and destroyed under the "1996-2004 Nissan Pathfinder Front Strut Tower Corrosion Voluntary Safety Recall Campaign", ID 11V244000.

I'll be *much* more attentive to rust prevention on the next one. I live in a high corrosion area.

General Comments:

I bought this Pathfinder to replace my 1988 Pathfinder. They were obviously worlds apart, but shared a common lineage.

Loved the luxuries of the LE trim level.

The AWD system is incredible. I didn't realize how often it was being used until it started to malfunction, and I started to lose traction in situations I never thought about before. I love the feature so much, my next vehicle had to have AWD, not just on-demand 4WD.

I lost it to the recall, but I was treated so generously by Nissan Canada, I replaced it within 4 days with a 2012 Pathfinder LE.

I love Nissan. I love Pathfinders.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2012

2001 Nissan Pathfinder SE V6 from North America


It's a decent car. I'm sure the 2002 model was better!


Overall the Pathfinder has been a pretty decent vehicle. Although like so many other posts on Nissan forums, mine is similar.

I've spent so much money on repairs, and still have a considerably long list of issues needing to be addressed.

So far I've had two MAF sensors (one aftermarket, and the most recent being Nissan). From what I understand, it's pretty easy to remove/replace. The aftermarket part is $230 or so, and the Nissan part is $600 plus.

I also had a problem with it stalling at traffic lights when idling and losing power. I thought it was the MAF, but found out it was an ignition coil. Of course Nissan said they couldn't pinpoint it and would have to change all 6 for a whopping $1,300+/-. I took my car to the local garage, and they used some type of tool and changed the one needed. My guy has a lot of integrity, and he honestly said that not all of them go out at the same time, and so he wasn't going to change all of them!

My muffler rusted and fell off. I purchased another from Auto Zone and had a muffler shop install it.

The driver side seat is now stuck in farthest position from the steering wheel. Thank God I have long legs! I have leather seats and I guess from wearing stuff with back pockets/buttons I've worn out the seam of the seat. I need it sewn back together. Also it also sounds like something is rocking side to side when I go around sharp corners. These too are mentioned on the TSB.

The transmission flares at times. This was mentioned on the TSB.

Sometimes my windows won't roll up or are extremely slow.

The back hatch gasket or something wasn't working and the gate/door rattled. The hydraulic thingy on the back window on the hatch is broken too, so the window won't stay open.

I had my strut plates and shocks replaced in the front. Also the front axles were replaced. There still is noise coming from the front end.

For years I've had issues with the Check Engine Light.

I've dealt with P0430, P0420, P0171, and P0174 codes. The other day I finally found something on the Nissan Technical Service Bulletin. I took it to Nissan and they did the ECM update and now the light is off and I've passed an emissions test! However they said that both catalytic converters are working poorly and need to be replaced; the cost is $2,500.

My air conditioner won't hold Freon.

My clock doesn't work... not too important.

Also the CD player quit years ago like so many others.

General Comments:

Is a great vehicle in winter when it snows.

I've enjoyed my Pathfinder, however once I began having problems with the CEL, it was annoying because it took so long to fix.

There's not enough leg room for back passengers. Also no air vents in the back.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2010