1st Jun 2008, 20:04

Same problems as everyone else - 2001 Pathfinder 69k - had it 3 years - just replaced a coil and engine light right back - I'm resetting the light on my way back to the dealer I bought it from to trade it in - i could barely handle the engine light problems when it was under an extended warranty and free.

WATCH out though, Nissan dealer sold us an extended warranty, but check your paperwork CLOSELY to make sure the warranty doesn't start as of the original sale date, not the date you buy it used - we paid for a warranty for time periods BEFORE we owned the car - what a rip-off!

11th Jun 2008, 03:35

Hi, everyone. My 2001 pathfinder LE has 2 problems- poor gas mileage (Full tank $70 will get me 120 miles in the city), and check engine sign. Every time the mechanic reads the computer about check engine, different problems show all the time. What is a 1st problem with the very poor gas mileage?

12th Jun 2008, 20:38

I am the original owner of a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder LE: It currently has 96K miles, has had the CD changer fixed (my dealer only charged $350 and not the much higher prices quoted above), and is now giving the 1320 code problem regarding the ignition coils. I have a scanner so I turned off the code, it seems to be running fine, but I expect it to come back soon. Am ordering the Haynes repair manual so I can replace the coils -- hope it aint too hard but will give it a shot. Nissan is the shame of Japan it would seem based upon these known but uncorrected problems. Why don't they do something about these coils that routinely go bad??? I have a 1997 BMW 328i with 119K miles that (other than needing a radiator) has run like a Swiss watch. Nissan has lots to learn from BMW in my experience.

23rd Jun 2008, 13:29

Bought 01 Pathy used 70k, 1 month later the SES light comes on, dealer said right cat bad. Changed right cat, light comes on. Long story short, changed all sensors and the light is still on. Took it to the dealer; now they are saying left cat. Also the CD player went out, and the right passenger window is getting slower.

10th Jul 2008, 10:43

Just brought my 01 Pathfinder in again, check engine light, needed left cat $900.00 part, ignition coil pack $800.00 part and have trace a slight evap leak somewhere. Fortunately the cat warranty was extended to 8 and 80,000.00. I was told by the techs not to go after market on the coil pack, they routinely fail.

I replaced the Mass Air Flow Sensor, myself, $300.00 for the Bosch part aftermarket, 15 minutes of labor without the proper tools. Nissan quoted me over $800.00 to do the Mass Air Flow Sensor.

I had them lube the window tracks, solved the problem completely.

20th Aug 2008, 14:04

Mine is a 2001 Pathfinder SE with 100,500 miles. Had slow windows from year 3. Changed battery twice in last 3 years. "Service Engine Soon" light has been on for a year now. Took it to the local dealer and they gave a $700 quote to replace sensors, which I declined. Have had poor acceleration and pinging for last 6 months. Someone suggested I put premium fuel, and that has helped get rid of the pinging, and acceleration has also improved a little. I had had Hondas before that did 80k miles without the slightest problem, so Nissan does put Japan to shame. I will never drive a Nissan again, unless I get it for free. Their quality sucks big time.

12th Sep 2008, 17:59

Hey how's it going fellow Pathfinder owners, sweet rides you have, :P. I too am a fellow 2001 r50 Pathfinder owner, early 2000 production date XE LSD 4x4 auto with about 130,000 kms on it.

Purchased in Jan 08 with around 120,000 kms on it.

Service engine soon light, common problem is the Mass Air Flow sensor, you should get a P0171 and a P0174, which is the truck running lean. You will notice on startups after the truck hasn't been running, it will seem hesitant and want to miss until it warms up, and then it will run almost normal.

Read online about that problem, and came up with a solution that worked for me. Apparently you can use the same MAF Sensor off of a 2001 Maxima, which has the same engine (vq35) and it costs a few hundred dollars less than the Pathfinder MAF sensor. I tried this method, and since I've driven over 500 kms on it and the truck seems to be running as good as ever. everythingnissan.com search for part # 22680-2Y001 and the MAF sensor should cost you less than 100 dollars shipped. You can install easily yourself with tools in about half hour to an hour if you take your time. Since installing the new MAF sensor and housing, my Pathfinder has no more stumbling on cold takeoffs or engine missing at W.O.T.

Slow windows, silicone grease or silicon oil; I read somewhere people would pick some up from parts dealer and lube up their rails somehow and that would fix the problem; haven't tried it yet, but might try it out or read around the Internet for more of that.

I've read around on the Internet and seen some people saying their Pathfinders were still running around with over 180,000 miles on them. So I figure these trucks should last pretty long if you take care of them.

14th Sep 2008, 17:20

I have a 2001 Pathfinder. Bought it used at 95,000. Shortly thereafter it started pinging and the infamous SES light went on.

Comments in this forum let me to replace the cheaper MAF sensor and the pining stopped!! Thanks much for that info.

The SAS light soon went out and then again it went back on again. I changed the fuel filter (cheap fix and yes it needed it anyway) and the light went out.

Then shortly thereafter the SAS light went on again!! This is making me crazy! But I decided, if the car is running fine, and it is, not pinging, hesitation and mileage is about right for this vehicle, I am done spending money on the light. Sort of like that L1011 that crashed while the crew were messing with the landing gear light that turned out to be just the light itself.

I think the on board computer must be hooked to the crappy CD changer which is also broke and the light is connected to both.

Again if you have real problems like pinging and hesitation, check out the advice on the MAF and replace that. I did that myself, real easy and for about $70.

Oh and by the way, the SAS light is off for now...

25th Sep 2008, 18:20

I cannot believe that so many other people have had the exact same problems as me! I have 2001 Pathfinder and the cd player went awhile ago, but what I'm experiencing right now is the poor acceleration on the highway or inclines. I had the dealer and my other mechanic check it out and no one can find a problem. I think they are starting to think I'm crazy along with my husband. Does anyone know what is causing this?