15th Jan 2011, 01:34

Just to update the post above regarding the P1320 code. I ordered 3 coils and installed 2. Number one coil (which is different from the other 5), and number 3, both on the passenger side. Easy job, one 10mm bolt each plus the electrical connector. The hardest part is just getting to them, but still easy. Cost about $85 each including shipping. I ended up only doing 1 and 3 since I ran out of daylight. Looks like I got lucky, as it has been over 2 weeks and 500+ miles with no P1320 code or sign of any problem. I saved at least $700 over what the dealer would have charged to replace them all.

I did get another code recently P1145 and was going to replace the sensor as explained here:


But I ended up taking it out and cleaning it off, and the light has not returned. Another $200+ savings for 15 minutes work! $50 coder reader from Sears has been the best investment I have made in a while.

With the money I saved, I bought a new Pioneer stereo, all the wiring harnesses (including steering wheel function adapter and Bose amp integration) and a single DIN dash kit. Now have an iPod compatible, fully functional stereo (sounds much better than stock) for $250.

Oh, I also got new floor mats Nissan P/N 999E2-XN000CH for $78 delivered. Even though these are factory replacements, they are not quite the same as the originals. Seem a little cheaper quality wise, but look much better.

All and all, the Pathy is looking sharp and driving great. Here is to the next 150,000 miles!

2nd Mar 2011, 09:52

I have a 2001 Pathfinder; it is my third Pathfinder. These vehicles are reliable and can pile up hundreds of thousands of miles. 300k on my first PF.

I bought mine used, I received the paperwork, and previously the owner had the 6 disc CD changer repaired and windows lubed, and CEL checked and re-checked.

There is a technical service bulletin out, stating the computer needs to have the program updated. Mine still has an error, stating the 5th O2 sensor is out, behind the 3rd cat converter.

I have a code reader and keep an eye on the engine codes. FYI if the CEL starts flashing, then you need to have the codes checked right away.

The clock fix posted here worked great! Just be careful pulling out the clock bezel/AC vent, get in with a hook (or two) and pull from the vent, not the bezel; it will pull straight out with moderate force applied.


26th Mar 2011, 09:55

I have had 3 coil failures in my 2001 Pathfinder, although it has less than 58,000 miles. It was manufactured in Feb 2000. I replaced all 6 coils, and now have the P1320 code. I just discovered that the engine ignition up to Aug 2000 has a different ignition after 2001. I replaced the coils over several months, so some are from NAPA and some are from Checker. The problem seems to be that the after market coils are generic, apparently for Pathfinders made after Aug 2000, and don't work well with earlier model. I recommend that if you replace the coils, get identical OEM coils. They are only $10 to $20 more than the generic.

4th Apr 2011, 10:46

Or you can clean the MAF sensor with some electrical cleaner first before buying the Maxima sensor. It is located just behind the air filter case towards the engine. It has a wiring harness attached, get a torx t-20 security bit (has a hole in center), remove 2 screws, drench with cleaner, let dry, repeat. Put back in. Replace air filter with a pure cotton filter with NO silicone! May need to replace gas cap also. Have codes reset.

This should take care of it!

25th Apr 2011, 21:30

#2 is on the driver's side front/fwd under the coil.

21st Sep 2011, 22:24

My name is Rick, and I read the mass air flow info you posted - I took my 2001 Pathfinder SE to a local dealership, and 1200 was my estimate - long story short, I replaced the mass air flow sensor with a rebuilt one for 40 bucks, and it took 30 minute tops! Runs great and the check engine light will reset itself after you drive it, or you can disconnect the battery for 30 minutes; both work. I just wanted to let you know to save your cash! It's a pretty easy fix, and easier to trouble shoot with the web handy! I'm not showing off, just tossing a few bones someone was kind enough to toss me!

Thanks, Rick and roll.

9th Mar 2013, 01:04

I have a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder with the service engine light on. The service man used the scanner to scan my car, and let me know that the number 5 cylinder was misfiring. I did replace the ignition coil on spark plug #5, and reset the service light by disconnecting the battery positive side, and reconnecting it back after 5 minutes. After all that, the problem was fixed.

Good luck.

12th Jan 2014, 08:02

Shifter problems... I had the same problem, it would not shift out of park no matter what I did. Try changing the brake light fuse located under the dimmer switch for your instrument panel. Once I changed the blown fuse, it shifted perfectly from then on.

26th May 2014, 15:04

Change your start / ignition relay.

7th Jun 2014, 23:55

I bought my 2001 Pathfinder LE yesterday! Last night the SES light came on, but similar to yours idling rough, mine was idling a bit high (by this morning anyway). The code has indicated the Idle Controller Valve. We shall see on Monday.

I also have window problems, but only one is the slow roll as I've read here. Mine is that, from the driver's window control, I cannot roll up the back windows. Down yes, but up no. They can be rolled up from the rear controls.

Anyone experienced any of this?

30th Jul 2015, 20:12

Try taking a hammer and hitting the frame of the seat where it bolts to the floor. My passenger seat had the same issue; after maybe five whacks with a hammer it's working fine. You don't have to beat the hell out of it, just hard enough to get the motor under the seat to free up.