6th Sep 2006, 16:27

My 01 SE has >66K miles and just last week the service engine soon light came on - can't use the tape though - the emissions check is yearly and will auto fail if the light is on. I was told that you can disconnect the positive side of the battery for 5-6 minutes and the light will reset. Is that legit? The only other problem I had noticed was the light behind the AC switch went out ~ 6 months ago. I live in the South and bought it used - it originally came from the Northeast (US) and has been a great car. As a side note: I STILL have my '89 hard body p/u - that thing just will not quit!

19th Oct 2006, 08:57

I would like to share with everyone the problem that will eventually occur multiple times with the 2001 Nissan Pathfinder and Infiniti QX4 Bose Clarion in-dash 6-disc changer mechanism. My particular unit has been repaired 3 documented times. After some investigation, searching, and viewing the service manual for the Clarion CD changer, I found the problem with the CD changer is caused by the use of plastic gears that will either strip out or crack during normal usage of the unit. While waiting for a response from Nissan, I have filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau, listed a complaint with the NHTSA, filed a claim with the local State Attorney General's office, and posted on many forums to help spread the word.

1st Jan 2007, 09:38

I have a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder LE and the windows are slow in cold weather. The only thing I can do is bump it up a little at a time until it’s back up.

A couple of days ago it started running bad and the check engine light came on. I took it to Auto Zone and they said it was number one cylinder misfire, so I said "so problem, I will just changed the plugs and wires", wrong answer. That's when I learned about the ignition coils for each cylinder. I talked to a mechanic at a Nissan service center and he said they have been having problems with the coils. He also said your wasting money if you replace them all because a new one could go out at any time also. None of the local auto parts stores had one and the Nissan dealership had to order it, prepaid of course. I thought about buying a spare, but #1 cylinder is different than 2-6. I will change the plugs and only #1 cylinder coil at a price of just under $200. With the problems Nissan has with these coils, you would think they would keep some in stock at their dealerships.

13th Jan 2007, 12:53

I also have a 2001 Pathfinder LE. Have had it for 5 years, drives perfect till now. Slow windows has always been a problem, I cleaned the tracks with a qtip and that works. Also, for some reason had passenger window broken and replaced. Ever since then passenger window rolls better than when I bought truck new.

As per the check engine and engine coil, dealership has just told me the same thing, change all 6 coils. Went to a private mechanic, who used to work for Nissan for 10 years, he told me don't change all 6 just change 1. He has done this on other pathfinders and he owns a 2001 himself and says that low voltage on battery will cause the coils to go faster. Makes sense, I was lazy and battery was weak, didn't change it for a year. 6 months later coil problem.

1st Feb 2007, 06:51

I'm on my 3rd Pathfinder. Current one is a 2001 SE with almost 110k on it. We generally really like this truck. I have many of the issues listed by others though:

Slow windows - we cleaned the tracks and applied a light bit of silicon lube, this seems to have helped a lot. This solution does need to be repeated yearly though.

Coils - Mine got so bad I bought a check engine reset tool to keep the car running! I would pop codes sometimes twice a day. We replaced all 6 coils and this problem is mostly cured now.

High speed engine miss. I didn't see too many people list this issue. The Mass Air Flow Sensor will wear out around 100K miles and need replaceing. You'll know its going due to the power loss when getting on the highway, or if you feel the engine miss under hard acceleration. Cost to repair is $600. This seems to be a common issue with the 3.5 motor.

Transmission Control Module is another part I've researched and heard others complain about. If your transmission sometimes won't shift to the next gear, or if it seems to float between gears you might want to have your TCM check out. My SE has this issue, but I've not done anything about it yet.

To the person that said next time they'll get a 4Runner...well my last 4Runner had just as many issues!

14th Feb 2007, 16:06

Well, well, well... it appears that I have many of the same problems that I have read in the other posts. What really upsets me the most is this "err 2" message! I mean come on Nissan & Clarion what's with the crappy stereo systems that you have put in to these vehicles?? I was told that it is not worth getting fixed and have read on some other web sites that the problem very well could occur again. I CAN listen to the radio and cassettes, but will more than likely get it replaced with an after market CD Stereo system. But... it may not work out well as I heard that the Bose system and speakers may not be compatible to these other after market stereos. Is this true? Also, I will not be able to use the steering audio controls either. What a pain!!

25th Feb 2007, 09:38

Slow Windows? My '93 Infiniti G20 does the same thing, it's a Nissan quirk, get used to it, they'll always go up one way or another.

Broke Clarion/Bose player? The G20's was replaced as well, another quirk.

Service Lights always on? EVERY automobile does this, they are 9/10 times minor "suggestions" to fix. You be the judge. We must remember that these are machines, and machines break. There is no perfect car, if there was, we would all drive the same thing. All cars are expensive to maintain and fix. All cars need to be maintained and fixed. Nobody has ever owned a car, and smiled at their maintenance bill. Nobody has ever owned a car and never had it break. Yeah, most Nissan dealerships have bad/slow service. So do the Big 3, as well as Toyota, Honda, Mitsu, etc. It's what they do. The only way to avoid having problems with any car you buy, is to sell it and ride a bike. Otherwise, accept it for what it is. Sorry, but I am a Nissan Fanatic.

9th Apr 2007, 20:53

I own a 2001 Pathfinder SE and I'm having all the same problems listed above: slow windows, check engine light, broken CD changer and burned out a/c button light. This is the second time the CD changer broke. The first time, it was replaced under warranty. This time, I guess I'm on my own. PS - After the CD player broke the second time, I started banging my dashboard with my fist and the a/c button light came back on. Try that, for those of you with that problem.