14th Apr 2007, 17:24

It is amazing that each of the previous writers seems to be driving my 2001 pathfinder. Slow windows I will tolerate, but the Cd changer is broke. I Diagnosed it myself and it was the plastic gear. I need a replacement changer. Does anyone have a suggestion?

16th Apr 2007, 10:54

I have a 97 Pathfinder that has been an amazing car until a few weeks ago when the engine started missing, and like others on here the check engine light keeps coming on. The strange thing is that once the car warms up, it runs like a top, and only seems to have issues when started first thing in the morning. My mechanic can't seem to figure out what's causing it, but he's never mentioned the ignition coils in all of our talks. Has anyone else noticed similar issues.

18th Apr 2007, 10:08

For those of you looking for a solution to your Clarion CD changer issues, I have a fantastic suggestion. If you have an iPod or are considering getting one, Crutchfield.com sells the SPEC USA Nissan/iPod interface for the Bose/Clarion radio. For $140, you can replace your 6 disc CD changer with a much higher volume changer. I currently have about 300 CD's on my iPod and have only used 25% of it's capacity. This interface will allow you to use your steering wheel controls to move through the tracks on your iPod. Sound quality is superb, and I can carry my entire CD collection in my pocket. You can get the interface and an iPod for less than a replacement CD changer.

24th Apr 2007, 17:12

CD-Changer and Service Engine Soon Light Issues.

I bought a brand new pathfinder LE in 2001. I loved it till it ran out of warranty; 6-CD changer went (ERR 2) in 2003 and the dealer changed it, but never returned my CDs. I must admit most of the Cds were copies so I did not fuss too much about it. I also read the manual and it said that if you do not use original Cds, there is a possibility of improper operation. The new CD-Changer went (ERR 2) early part of last year and the dealer told me that since it is out of warranty, it is going to be $500 or more. This time I was using all originals. I still have not replaced the CD-Changer because I listen to tapes and the radio (not worth paying $500 plus).

I have seen comments about folks doing it themselves to replace the changer. How tricky/difficult is it.

Coming to SERVICE ENGINE SOON LIGHT. I have done 83,400 miles so far and always had it serviced regularly. Even the dealership admitted that I have maintained the car very well. Nevertheless,this is the third time for the service engine soon light to come on. It was on when I took the car for service and the dealer told me it is going to be expensive so I said, letit be. I had the car serviced 6 months ago and the performance is fine. I took it for smog check yesterday and it passed all emission test, but the garage failed the test because of the light. I do not want to take it to the dealer because they are going to charge me an arm and a leg. Anyone know how to get it fixed cheaply because I have to renew my registration next month.

Thank You in advance.

25th Apr 2007, 12:53

I have a 2001 Pathfinder with the same problems as most people here. I just went to a Nissan dealership to see why my check engine light came on and they told me it was due to the ignition coils. They said to replace all 6. I did not have the $900.00 they said this would cost so I brought it to another mechanic. He said he could replace the one the was faulty, but could not find the specific one. Does anyone know how to find the one that is bad? I have also had problems with my blower being stuck on the most powerful setting even when I switch the levels. Does anyone else have this problem and is there an easy fix? The dealership told me almost $300.00.

5th May 2007, 06:39

I had the same problem with "check engine" light. The first time was due to a CO2 sensor, cheap to fix. The 2nd time occurred during a long trip, it went away by itself. So the 3rd time, I ignored it. It's gone in a week! Just keep drive to see what happens...

7th May 2007, 12:21

Wow, every one of these problems has occured with my 2001 Pathfinder as well. Mine now has 124,000 miles and I drove it for 3 years down the autobahn in Germany at 85-90 mph with the Service Engine Light on. Recently when I returned to the states the light started FLASHING, and that's when I knew I had to take it in for service. It's the CO2 and the #1 spark plug.

I agree that Auto Zone is great -- they gave me all the same codes listed in the other entries above and told me about changing only the first spark plug. Incidentally, my CD changer checked out on me about 2 years ago, too!

7th May 2007, 19:55

The Problem with the six CD Changer Player in the winter is condensation on the CD itself.. If you take out a CD you will notice the condensation immediately. One needs to be patient and let the Vehicle warm up completly. I live in Central Maine where it can get to 20 below at night in the winter.

27th May 2007, 20:50

My 2002 LE Pathfinder has the window problem. Just today, it won't roll up. I can push the button, but can only hear a click, not a motor sound. I am sure it's the motor. but I can't figure out how to get the door panel off to check the window motor. any suggestions? BTW: the CD player skips...

I also have a 2003 pathfinder, SE, so far everything works fine. Just paid it off last month, so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

20th Jun 2007, 19:43

My 2001 Pathfinder had the same window problem, but only on the driver's side. It was incredibly slow in the winter, but just fine in the summer. I endured for a couple of winters, thinking I would have to spend major money for a new window regulator. Last Xmas, I left it at the dealership while on vacation and had it checked out. Turns out the tracks were dirty and I didn't need a new window regulator after all. All they did was clean the tracks and the window works just fine!

My current problem is the shift lever button. Frequently, the button will not depress and I can't take the car out of park. I keep trying, wiggling it, and eventually, it depresses. The dealership is about 40 minutes away from where I work, and I'm in my busy season, so I'm hoping that it won't get any worse in the next couple of months until I have the time to take it in. Has anyone else had this problem? Was it expensive to repair? Am I okay in waiting a couple more months to fix it? It's been going on for about two months already.