24th Aug 2007, 22:10

My experiences are consistent with those others have shared. Slow window in cold weather, a SES light that is perpetually on and the CD player dilemma.

The last comment I read relates to the gear shift locking up. You don't have a transmission problem. There's a switch on the steering column that can be replaced (parts and labor) for about $250. Worth doing.

After replacing all O2 sensors and all plugs, I'm prepared to drop one last chunk of change into this vehicle before I sell it - new ignition coils. Any advice from anyone on how to do this inexpensively... where to buy the coils specifically?

While I respect the loyalty of Nissan fans, I'll be going back to Toyota moving forward - reliable, few "bugs" and superior service.

10th Sep 2007, 18:50

I have a 2001 Pathfinder SE with all the above mentioned problems. I just spent $350.00 for a coil pack and spark plug replacement 2 weeks ago and guess what...it's doing the same thing, skipping and flashing check engine light again!

I went to Auto Zone today and priced the coils at $93.00 each. WTF??

I can't afford to keep taking this thing to a mechanic every time a coil needs to be replaced. Does anyone know how to do this and can they share it with the rest of us, please?

Thanks in advance... Broke in Connecticut.

17th Sep 2007, 18:46

Well isn't it wonderful how many of us have the same problems. (1) Coils going bad (with 54K miles on mine), (2) Windows that won't raise and lower efficiently and a (3) CD player that should have been replaced by NISSAN with a reliable substitute (I had it rebuilt once, my dime, then when if failed again I quit using it). I really like my Pathfinder. It is a shame Nissan has not come forward and tried to help their customers. Check this out. Some manufacturers are giving $750 loyalty cash to repeat buyers. That $750 would more than pay for the coils, windows and CD players we all have had problems with. Loyalty to a manufacturer is based on past performance in my opinion. I wonder if Nissan has loyalty cash???

Anyway, my solutions were:

1. I use the trouble code scanner I bought at Autozone and it gives me a code 1320 and then code 304 (secondary code or pd). 304 is for the #4 cylinder (Haynes repair manual). So, that is the coil I changed. Coils are easy to change. Just remove all the other engine components preventing access. Don't forget to change the spark plug too. Looks tough to do, but isn't.

2. As for the windows, spray some silicone lubricant into the window races. It improves the operation of the windows a great deal.

3. Chuck the CD player and install one of the replacements available at Cruchfield or your local auto radio store. Or, install the available MP3 adapter wiring and use a portable MP3 Player.

Good luck to you all.

11th Oct 2007, 14:59

The 2001 Pathfinder is a great SUV; I just got one a month ago. The check engine light came on when I was driving on the highway, but I didn't take it to the dealer. Instead, I took it a local shop to find out the reason; it was the cruise control sensor. It only cost me $40 for the check-up, and now the light is turned off. Now I have no other problems with the SUV, and (I hope) none in future after reading all the other comments.


Toronto Canada.

22nd Oct 2007, 16:32

I've got an '01 Pathfinder SE. Got it used with 25k on the clock. Now sitting at 83k. I've got the slow windows (most noticable in the cold weather) - I've got the 6-disc, knock on wood, not one problem (yet). I've got the check engine light, comes and goes for no apparent reason. Also, someone mentioned that they couldn't get the car in to gear... most likely related to a jacked up, brake/park lock-out solenoid (Had the same problem on mine, dealer wanted $200 to fix) - I found there is a manual override. so I took the console apart and made the manual override permenant. I suppose I should be looking at/in to the coil and O2 sensor (s) - I think O2 most likely, as the light comes and goes... thoughts on that anyone?

19th Nov 2007, 17:52

Hey Ya'll! Seems like all the same story, 2001 Nissan Pathfinder SE.

1) SE light on 2) slow power windows 3) 6-disc Bose CD changer that doesn't.

Now, the SE light, I've got to get around to checking.

I work for a Chevrolet dealership (both my cars are foreign) and have access to mechanics, one of which deals just with imports. I'm working on finding out how to get this diagnosed and fixed without breaking the bank. I'll keep ya'll posted. I can get out of them the "how to" stuff that most mechanics won't share.

The slow windows, it does happen mostly in the cold (I used to live in western Maine), but now I find it happens here to in South East Louisiana. I recommend lubricating the window tracks. This seems to help with a slow raise, and will also help keep that window motor/regulator from burning out prematurely (a much more costly fix).

The CD changer has nothing to do with humidity or moisture in it; they (all makes and models) all need to have a chance to dry out in humid conditions. I think most of us are having completely non-operational issues with the disc changer.

My solution for this is going to be an aftermarket replacement thru crutchfield.com, a JVC KW-XC410 AM/FM/CD/MP3/Cassette. The DIN size will fit the stock radio opening. (approx $259.) I'm not sure if my steering wheel controls will be usable, but at this point I'm willing to sacrifice. I'm willing to purchase what I have to to get this to operate properly. (I'm not plugging Crutchfield, but it does make it simple for the do-it-yourselfer, they provide most everything you need). I'll keep ya'll posted on this fix.

More to come once I get this thing fixed...

19th Nov 2007, 20:31

01 Pathfinder with many of the problems listed and more. O2 sensors changed. MAF sensor changed. Now a p1320 code. Random misfire... changed all the plugs and still have the problem. Seafoamed the vacuum line and still can't pinpoint the coil that's bad. I hate to spend $90 + for each coil, but at least I will not be paying a mechanic an extra $400 to do what most people can do with a $20 Haynes manual at their side. I love this SUV, but I can't afford the headaches. Oh yes the windows are slow too. If I bought this car new I would be writing letters to nissan.

7th Dec 2007, 20:26

I own a 2001 SE Pathfinder and have had some of the same problems listed here. I got the error message on the CD player about 2 years ago and based on the recommendation of the local Nissan dealership, took it to a guy in Northern Virginia to fix it. It cost about $200 I think. I also have a problem with the volume knob--when I try to turn it down, it makes the music louder. The repair guy said it is a common problem. I just use the steering wheel controls. I did have a MP3 connection installed by Best Buy and now can listen to my ipod. The ipod sits in a little holder in the glove compartment and I can control it with the control knob installed on top of the ashtray in the center console.

As for the windows going up slow in the winter--it happens every year.

My new problem is that I have noticed a dramatic loss of fuel efficiency in the past week. I do mostly city driving and it seems like I can watch the fuel gauge indicator literally go down as I am driving. Could it be a leak connected to the new recall? Or perhaps something to do with not having the engine tuned in awhile? I have 97K miles and think it was about 60k the last tune up.