13th Dec 2007, 11:46

2001 Pathfinder LE with Bose system.

Have 60K miles on this great car. Only problem is the Bose 6 disc changer. Mine lasted 6 years, and suddenly stopped working. Nissan is no help and wants way too much to repair or replace. Looking at buying Pioneer or JVC double din unit to replace the entire unit. Even with all extra cables and interfaces comes in 1/2 less than what a dealer would charge.

19th Dec 2007, 22:29

Hi, I have 01 pathfinder. I found the same code problem after replacing all four O2 sensors and mass flow sensor. I fixed the problem for a year. Now my gut feeling is that it was the mass flow.

These check engine lights I have heard all sound like my problem. I have not had a problem with the coils. Yes windows are slow, and the doors don't close like they did when it was new.

Hope it helps


20th Dec 2007, 12:56

2001 Nissan Pathfinder LE owner... I wish I would have read these comments earlier. Problems:

1. Around 50k replace O2 sensor, not too bad on price

2. Bose sound system CD player stopped working about 1.5 years ago, Nissan tells us that they will charge $900 to take out the system and send it back to Bose to fix. Now, we just use an FM transmitter for the ipod rather than fix the stereo.

3. Driver's side window moves VERY slow.

4. CEL is always on. Nearly every time the light is simply a gas cap problem. This is a defect in Nissan's system. We've done everything we can (new gas cap, etc.) and the light continues to light up.

5. At 90k, we just replaced all 6 ignition coils and the spark plugs since we had a critical misfire. We knew something was wrong when the CEL started flashing and the engine almost died. Big $$$.

26th Dec 2007, 15:57

Every car has its issues, seems like we have found the ones associated with the 2001 pathfinder :) I have mine in the shop as I'm typing this, 6 coils being replaced - spark plugs being replaced and a leaking oil gasket. With tax this should run me about $1500 bucks!

Has anyone contacted Nissan about the coil issue?

Oh well, I guess a 7 year old car with over 180k km on it is gonna need service sooner or later.

At least we don't have timing belts to replace :)

27th Dec 2007, 16:20

Just finished paying for repairs to my 01 SE Pathfinder with 96K miles. Haven't had any issues until now so I can't complain too much. Had a power steering leak, 2 Oxygen sensors and a wheel ball bearing replacement.

Yes, the CD changer broke and Nissan replaced it free of charge, but I'm waiting for it to break again. I use my iPod most of the time now anyways.

The windows roll up extremely slow in cold weather. Sometimes they don't even roll down for me when it's really cold (below 25F).

It will be paid off in 6 months and I can start putting money aside for future repairs. Other than that it has been good to me.

29th Dec 2007, 16:39

2001 Pathfinder SE.5 Spd. Engine light on again. 5 th time. 6 disc CD player broken, again. Uses 2-3 litres of oil every 12-15000 kms. Digital clock not working anymore. Heater fan makes irritating noise. 145,000 kms. What's not to like?

2nd Jan 2008, 08:51

I have a 2001 Pathfinder with many problems as of late. It has 97k miles as of today. I've replaced the following over the past 2-years: O2 sensors, right/left CAM sensors, Mass Air Flow meter (MAF), #2 ignition coil, bad oil gasket.

All these repairs and I purchased it new and babied it with doing the full 30, 60 and 90k service + oil changes every 3-months.

Today, I've been rewarded with another check engine light incident due to bad coils. My Infiniti dealer recommends changing them all (even the #2 coil I did in January 2007) for the low low price of $850.00.

The dealer tells me that there is no way to determine the bad coil # because multiple are failing. Anyone know if this is true or false? FYI - Only code P1320 is registered and it's not followed by those codes that indicate the coil position.

Regarding the CD player issues... I own an Infiniti G35 with the Bose premium sound system. The CD player no longer works and it displays the message "CD ERR F3". This is probably the same component that is used in the Pathfinder SE. Funny how Nissan refused to upgrade to a unit that works properly. Check the Audio rating for most Nissans in Consumer Reports: all have a big black dot.

P.S. I am dumping this thing soon!

2nd Jan 2008, 15:47


I purchased my 2001 Pathfinder here in Vernon BC, several months ago and like it a lot... been a Toyota fan for many years. My mil (engine lite) came on so I purchased a "reader" and code P1145 (variable timing solenoid) was faulty. Replaced it and all my plugs and solved the problem.. (or not)

Today I booted it on the hiway and my mil light is on again.

Can't check it now as my Buddy has borrowed and not returned my reader!! A reminder to him and I get it back tonight. I'll get a reading and follow up with the news. Great machine although you people have given me cause to worry with all the coil problems. My windows work fine and it's a lot colder here than where most of you live. My remote car locker doesn't always work, but the unlock never fails. Anyone know why that is? New battery's in remotes. Thanks


21st Jan 2008, 09:48

My wife has a 99 Pathfinder. Never had an issue until 90k miles. Took it in for the big service and to have the drivers seat belt fixed (would not retract) and fix a sticky gas pedal. Was told the seat belt had lifetime warranty and would replace free and gas pedal would be fixed with throttle body clean. Got the car back after paying $1,000.00 and it cut off a block from the dealership. Limped back to dealer - diagnosis: air mass meter bad, wanted another $700.00. Of course, they said failure of air mass meter not related to their work. Got it replaced at a local shop for $450.00 (took a week to find the part) and noticed the seat belt did not work and the gas pedal was sticking again. Dealer said they lubricated the seat belt and refused to replace it. They offered to clean throttle body again.

First cold morning today and car did not want to start. Now have "service engine soon" light on. Runs fine and restarts without issue. Will take to the same local shop and not dealer. Anyone have trouble with gas pedal. Can spray lubricate under dash and will work for a day or two. Can be very dangerous to back up as you have to push down very hard on gas pedal and car takes off.

23rd Jan 2008, 14:23

I have a 2001 pathfinder as well, same problems as everyone here except that I also have an issue with the ignition still thinking the key is in the ignition when I remove it and open the door. I get the beeping sound and am unable to lock the doors. Anyone have a solution to this, my extended warranty expires in a month and want to know if this could become a expensive problem in the future or just an annoyance.

Same problems were CD player (replaced twice), windows (paid $300 to lube them and they were back to the same a week later, went back to the shop and got them to refund half of the money) and my CEL just came on, will get it checked as I still have warranty.

Solution to the ignition???