19th Jan 2009, 15:01

I've had an '01 Pathfinder LE since 2003, bought it with 25k or so on it. I've had almost no problems with it other than the O2 sensors, I replaced both front sensors about a year ago. Well, now I'm at about 105k and my rear window wiper won't work and I just got a cylinder 1 misfire P0301, which Autozone analysis says it could be plug/wire/coil/injector. From reading the board it sounds like I'm better off starting at the coil for the cylinder 1, after I clean the plug and look at the connection. Hopefully it will go smoothly. The good news is the 5 disc changer has always worked like a charm, and the windows are slow.

29th Jan 2009, 17:51

I've had my 2001 Pathfinder LE since it was about 54k. Now it's at 98k.

At about 85k miles the CEL came on. I took it to the dealership and they said it was a Mass Air Flow Sensor that needed to be replaced. With parts and labor they quoted $900. Since the truck was running fine, I decided not to get the repair. Four months ago when the truck hit 93k it started to have problems going up hill and accelerating passed 50 mph on the freeway. I figured it was just a fuel problem, so I took it to a Chevron and got 91 octane. That seems to fix the problem, but in the morning the truck needs about 5 minutes to warm up, otherwise I'll get problems the whole day. Weird. Maybe I should just suck it up and replace the MAF. What do you think?

2nd Feb 2009, 19:06

I have a 2001 LE 4x4 that I bought in 2004 with about 47K.

About 6 months or so after purchase, the CEL came on. It shook whenever I came to a stop. Took it to Nissan and the ignition coils had to be replaced. I was told that Nissan has the exception where you can't just change one coil, you have to change them all because you can't pin point the problem.

About 2 years ago the CEL came on again and it's been on ever since. I just took it to Nissan and they said the codes read that the solenoids need to be replaced ($900).

My truck is running fine except for the slow window in the cold and it's drinking gas now for some reason. I used to get great gas mileage. And of course, my CD changer went out about 2 years ago.

3rd Feb 2009, 23:19

I got my 2001 Pathfinder from the dealership here in town, and it had about 62k on it. It runs very good except for the hintable shaking at a stop like everyone else says, and the driver window is very sluggish - thank god no engine light yet, but I noticed the gas mileage is very bad within the last couple months, really weird, use to get about 300 miles a tank, now get about 200.

Any answers? It now just hit 72k and all I run is premium in it. Also has a lil ping to it when next to a wall or building???

5th Feb 2009, 19:35

Wow, I noticed a lot of similar problems on this forum with the 2001 Pathfinders like MAFS, slow windows, and the CD player. Those are all the problems I'm experiencing. Has anyone ever thought that Nissan should do a recall on this and fix the problems for free? I mean, geeze, all these problems are common among the Pathfinder. There has got to be a lemon law somewhere that requires Nissan to fix these common issues or compensate Pathfinder owners for the repairs. Anyone interested? Let's write letters and get lawyers; oh man, the lawyers would love a high profile case like this! I say Nissan, pay for our repairs or pay for our lawyers. Your choice. Comments? Thoughts?

8th Feb 2009, 14:53

I've had my 2001 Pathfinder since Feb. '03, now 88k miles. Always had the slow windows (mostly driver's), CD stuck in changer for past year, and Service Engine Soon light on for about two weeks, then off for a month for no reason, now back on; reading of P1320. Occasional feeling of misfiring/ bad cylinder accompanied by flashing of "SES" light rather than continuously on. Misfiring lasts several minutes, then evens out and "SES" back to continuously on.

Any reason to hope that changing any or all coils will be a long-term solution?

21st Feb 2009, 20:13

Yet another 2001 Pathfinder owner. Like all the others, I have had all the same problems. Right now I'm at 135000 and looking to replace the ignition coils. Hesitant on doing it myself, but am tired of spending 1100$ every time I go to the Nissan dealer. I think a recall on all our Pathfinder problems would be sweet. I've always liked this vehicle, but it is very sensitive, and the repairs add up quick and don't seem to ever stop.

26th Feb 2009, 21:08

Hi guys.

I have a 2001 Pathfinder SE with 98K miles. I have had the window slowness, O2 sensor, solenoid, and now the rough idle issue. I have diagnosed with a ODB reader and determined the problem to be ignition coil fault. I also have hesitation if I do not allow 3-5 minute warm up. As for the ignition coils, you can test these to determine which one is failing. Do this by using a multimeter. Here are some links that will describe how. Save some money and do the work yourself.



Multimeter = $20.

Ignition coil = $80 online.

Not giving the dealership a dime = Priceless!

8th Mar 2009, 16:27

Same boat. 2001 SE, only 46k miles, got it new. Needed a new dash bulb. Slow windows, now feels like it's got trans issues when cold. And finally the engine light. Good company. I'll see what the dealership says and then it may be good bye pathy.

11th Mar 2009, 13:49

Repeat poster from Feb. 09- I read on another site about using silicone spray on the window tracks. Not talking about removing door panels, just lowering the windows, cleaning the tracks with all-purpose cleaner and a Q-tip and spraying silicone lubricant into the cracks. Did this a week ago (just after the weather warmed up, so I won't say positively that this was the total fix) and the windows are much more efficient now. Don't use WD-40 as that will get sticky with time. Silicone spray was about $3.50 for a large can. Ten-minute job.

I also read on an earlier post here that the SES light associated with the ignition coils might be caused by a weak battery. I had a battery failure in cold weather just about the time my SES light started coming on. I changed the battery and had the #2 coil changed (in the last week of an effective warranty- $50! Unfortunately, they said the CD changer wasn't covered). I'll post again if the light returns...

16th Mar 2009, 12:51

Hi All.

I bought my '01 Pathy LE brand new 8 years ago here in NYC. I drive an 80-mile round trip to work every day. I didn't have any problems with it up until it hit the 100K Miles. It felt like Nissan had put some kind of mileage triggered virus in the system. First went the CD changer with Error 2. Thanks for the cassette player and iPOD, didn't spend a dime to fix it and have forgotten about it.

Then at 103K miles ignition coil had to be replaced at a whopping cost of $1372.00 shop recommended replacing all to save labor cost. At 108K miles CEL turn on with P0171 and 0174. I have been driving it is as with CEL on for about 8 months, but want to replace MAF with Maxima's part as many people have not experienced anything wrong with it. Overall I am satisfied, but just wonder shouldn't there be a recall for this since almost all of us have experienced same problems, so it is definitely due to cheap parts Nissan used?