21st Dec 2009, 08:51

Hey, I have a 95 Pathfinder. The frame rails are rusting out. How can I repair them, and for how much? If anyone can help, that would be great. I'm at sgammer_5@hotmail.com

20th Jan 2010, 22:33

I just bought 1995 Pathfinder XE for a general beater/bush truck.

The rear frame was not bad. I fixed the problem myself by welding in a 3" channel on the sides and 2" on the bottom in the needed spots. Make sure to use a 240 volt arc welder to get a good hold. Also, make drainage holes in frame.

The frame is good as new. Where there is the will to, you will find the way.

12th Feb 2010, 12:30

Another busted frame Nissan. My 1995 Nissan King Cab 4x4 truck also has the characteristic cracked frame on the passenger side from front wheel to back wheel. I discovered this when checking manual transmission fluid. Not yet busted completely, and I don't know if a welding job will fix it. I've owned the truck for 11 years. Nissan has lost a customer for life.

16th Feb 2010, 15:28

1995 Hardbody 4X4. Same problem. Took it to a local shop to have the brakes checked and they won't let me drive it home. Frame is rusted from front to back. Amazing this has been going on for years and Nissan has not done anything. We have owned 5 Nissan's and loved them all... but never again!

22nd Feb 2010, 08:08

I purchased a Nissan SE-V6 King Cab pickup new in 1995. I drove it until 2007 when I discovered the frame had completely rusted through. It had 139,000 miles, but I always kept it clean and never drove it off-road. The cost of repair was too high, but I heard about the Toyota recall of their trucks, and thought Nissan would honor their customers and do the same.

I kept the truck, but did not drive it, until Sept. 2009 when I finally gave up on Nissan ever standing behind the product I purchased, and I sold it to a man who had the equipment to fix it himself.

I loved that truck; it looked great and ran great, right up to the moment I was forced to take it off the road. I will never buy another Nissan vehicle.

22nd Feb 2010, 16:38

Although I empathize with those whose frames rotted, I really see no product liability on Nissan's part after 12 or 15 years.

It is commendable that Toyota took the high road, and took care of their customers, but how long can you reasonably expect a manufacturer to stand behind their vehicles?

27th Mar 2010, 22:20

You don't see this kind of poor frame on American trucks, even 20 to 25 year old trucks. I have a 1990 Chevrolet Silverado and the frame is solid. I just bought a 1995 Pathfinder from a scumbag who knew the frame was shot. I found it when I got home. I think Nissan should stand behind their product. Now I'm out $1,700.

28th Mar 2010, 12:52

22:20 - Am I correct in assuming that you purchased a 15 year-old vehicle and didn't check the frame first?

Do you really think that Nissan should pay for your mistake?

Don't you think that you should check out the frame on any used vehicle that you are considering purchasing - especially one that is 15 years old?

I wouldn't expect a lifetime warranty. Do you?

1st Apr 2010, 21:49

I just bought a 95 XE for my son.

I do agree, there seems to be excessive rust on the frame, but I did look before purchase. I've read to much about these SUVs after my purchase. It seems to be where you live. I'm in CO, mild humidity (No problem). There are stories of a bad pot hole breaking this frame in half, but it appears to be in high humidity states. I checked my frame with a needle nose hammer and it's solid (exterior rust only) If your frame is solid in the crucial areas, use rust bullet. It's expensive, but find every spot and coat it. If the rust is on the inside, you will have to remove a couple of things here and there to spray it to get the inside. If it's on the outside, use a roller. This will add another three years, they say 10, but I'm being realistic.

21st Jul 2010, 02:30


Hi Kids.

I've been doing some research and found a firm that does large lawsuits against automobile companies for safety reasons.

The structural integrity of the vehicle MUST stay intact during a collision. If you're like me, my frame rust is so bad that the mechanic said it would absolutely not protect my kids in the back seat.

We now have legal grounds and I will try to contact the law firm tomorrow. They're busy against Toyota at the moment, but maybe they have enough staff to work with us.

22nd Jul 2010, 09:35


If anyone would like to add their accounts of the DANGEROUS structural defects (aka. Frame Rot) in the 1993-1995 Nissan Pathfinders, I have found a law firm that specializes in these types of complaints and suits. Since mine started behind the rear wheel well, it has completely exposed my gas tank to being crushed if I were to be rear-ended.

Please contact the law firm and they will enter it in their database, with the department that deals with structural defects.


I do not expect any monetary compensation. But speaking as a father of 2 kids, this is a matter of safety. God only knows how many people may have been injured or killed by this defect.

28th Jul 2010, 20:34

I have a Nissan Pathfinder 1995 XE in good condition which runs great except for the chassis frame that is completely rusty. Also it has low mileage. It failed its inspection because of the rusty frame. With the tough economy I cannot afford to get a new car. I love my baby. What I should do?

6th Oct 2010, 17:18

I've recently purchased a 91 Nissan Pathfinder SE. The motor sounds good and everything else is working OK. The major problem is the frame rot around the passenger side wheel well. There is a crack on either side of the wheel frame. It hasn't broken off yet, so I'm considering a weld job.

Overall, it's really disappointing.

4th Jan 2011, 05:46

I also bought a used Pathfinder. It runs great!

I had a power steering issue. I replaced the PS pump and it still wasn't fixed. I went to look at the power steering gear box and could put my fingers through the rusted frame where it was mounted. Upon inspecting the rest of the frame, it was the same. It is amazing that the whole chassis hasn't collapsed yet...

My wife and I used our Xmas bonus money to but this truck and now we're afraid to drive it.

19th Jan 2011, 17:01

Same with me!

I am the original owner of a 1995 Nissan Pathfinder. I bought it new going on 16 years ago and now have 280,000 miles on it.

I have never had any issues with this truck, but vehicle age (plus the fact that I used the truck to pull tree trunks out of my yard with a snatch-strap) dictated that my reverse went out on it last January and the transmission specialist basically balked at cracking the case open to repair it, stating that he didn't want to take my money only to have the frame collapse on me. He showed me what he meant by poking holes in the frame with his finger. I was in a state of disbelief until I stuck my finger through the frame also. It is the same place as nearly everyone else has stated; that being the passenger side rear wheel well. Anyway, since the rest of the frame wasn't too bad other than some small spots of corrosion, he agreed to repair my tranny.

I'm still driving it (cautiously) but will eventually have to have the frame either replaced or repaired. I have never owned a vehicle as trouble free as the Nissan Pathfinder and I do not want to give this one up. As troubling as the corrosion problem is, it is just too much fun to drive.