1997 Nissan Primera Precision 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Nissan need engineering lessons from the Germans!


Severe knocking noise from the front suspension at only 14,000 miles. Believe this to be the front suspension links. Nissan dealership say all Primera's have this severe cracking noise from the front suspension whilst in normal driving situation. Any comments out there?

Rattles from door casings, dash board, and window mechanism.

Reverse gear difficult to engage.

Other than these unacceptable faults, the car appears to be OK.

I regret selling the Golf for the Nissan, believed Nissan cars were good, this is certainly not appearing to be the case in our experience.

The car was previously owned by a mature gentleman and only driven in a gentle manner and treated carefully.

General Comments:

Handling is good.

Air-flow through the car is very poor, unless with high fan settings, this is very noisy so is not used very often.

Cabin is fine in terms of layout, all controls fall to hand easily.

Good fuel economy.

Believe there has been a lack of engineering development work if as dealer suggests, front suspension clunks are normal at 14,000 miles and are getting worse!

I have had 20+ new cars in the last 10 years (two car family) and have become reasonable at judging one make against another. The only ones to date that have been superb have been VW, Mercedes and the best ever - the Audi range.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2001

2nd Jul 2001, 07:53

I'm not surprised you're having suspension problems. This is a known fault that affects nearly all Primeras since 1997. Nissan do not agree that it is a major issue and hence refuse to issue a recall notice. However, I took legal advice through Trading Standards and had my top/bottom links replaced free of charge, even out of warranty. Try to give them a call, they are most helpful. Have a look at my review: SE "Absolute heap of junk"

I'm VERY happy so say that I have just sold my bone-shaker Primera for a measly £3500 with 60k miles just to get shot of it. Please note that these links seem to go every 15-20k miles.

Good luck with your Primera if you're keeping it!

1997 Nissan Primera GT 2.0 from UK and Ireland


A highly under-rated sports tourer


The starter motor needed replacing recently after it failed, I wasn't told the reason why.

The only other faults are an annoying rattle somewhere in the dash and a knocking sound from the rear (maybe the doors). Both are intermittent and irritating.

General Comments:

I knew a little about the car and it's capabilities and wasn't disappointed.

The handling is very good for such a big car. In-fact I am impressed. I have driven smaller sportier cars than the Primera GT and can say that the handling is definitely good.

The engine is powerful without a doubt although not unrefined and the delivery is smooth. The high compression cylinders seem to deliver at the higher speeds. This is not a boy racer's 0-60 car. However once the car has it's legs the 100 arrives quickly. Powering through the gears, although not exhilarating, it's a breeze and the car will punch through the air at 130+ quite happily.

No wonder the factory Nissan Primera's creamed the opposition in the BTCC a couple of years ago.

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Review Date: 9th May, 2001

14th May 2001, 03:29

I have had two GT's and think they are great, my current one will do 140+. One of the most underated performance saloons around and I can tell you that it leave an AUDI TT for dead on the motor-way!

16th Aug 2001, 07:48

I've had mine since new - 4 years ago.

Great car. It has one minor rattle, But a solid all-of-a-piece car, little flex, and begs to be driven hard.

I love it- shame they don't make them now : (