2008 Nissan Qashqai Tekna 2.0 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Don't buy the Nissan Qashqai


Interior light bulb blew 5 times.

Leaked oil on 7 occasions after 5,000 miles.

Clutch worn and needed replacing after less than 10,000 miles.

Gearbox became faulty and needed replacing after just over 12,000 miles.

Window motor on front passenger side failed just days after gearbox was replaced.

CD ejection jammed after 15,000 miles, and the whole stereo had to replaced.

General Comments:

Bought one because I kept hearing about how brilliant the Nissan Qashqai was, and how it was a new breed of family car.

But it's been the biggest letdown I've ever shelled out for, and I would never touch a Nissan again.

Apart from being unreliable, it was nowhere near as good to drive as I had been informed it was.

I had a Renault Laguna before, and they were notorious for mechanical and electrical problems, which were expensive to correct, but mine wasn't bad, and it was actually far better than the Nissan Qashqai.

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Review Date: 26th November, 2010

27th Dec 2012, 19:56

This is because of the diesel engines!! The petrol engines were made by Nissan and the diesel engines by Renault. I was after a diesel Qashqai until I found this out, and now I have a 1.6 petrol and it's never let me down.

I think the build quality went downhill when Renault took over!!

14th Jul 2014, 19:34

Well I have been an owner of 2 Qashqai, namely a 1600 and a 2000. Both were petrol units. Km traveled: the 1600 - 185000km, the 2000 - 275000. Both were fantastic vehicles.

I am busy purchasing a 3rd one, a diesel 1500 DCI. Hope to get the same service out of it.

David Hird from South Africa.

8th Jun 2015, 10:59

Having a Nissan engine would hardly solve the problems this owner had with the transmission, wiper motor, driver's side window or interior lights.

Would the original reviewer happen to still own the car? If so, would you like to update us on how ownership has progressed in the past 3-4 years?

2008 Nissan Qashqai Acenta 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


I will never buy a Nissan again


Clutch plate broke at less than 5,000 miles.

Interior light bulb broke at 7,000 miles.

Driver's side window motor failed at 10,000 miles, followed by malfunction of stereo buttons.

Oil leaks started at around 15,000 miles, and resulted in valve cover gaskets needing replacement.

Clutch worn out after 17,000 miles.

Engine needed replacing, following fire at 22,000 miles, brought on by leaking water cooling pipe.

General Comments:

Not a bad car to drive, but the Qashqai has been terribly unreliable, and so different from the Nissans I owned in the past. I had a second hand Saab 9-3 before, and I'd rather have kept that instead of buying this heap of junk.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2010

5th Jun 2011, 09:07

Had a disappointing experience with my Qashqai -- first brand new car ever - never had as much trouble with any secondhand car previously owned - have completely gone off Nissan..

25th Sep 2011, 06:00

Had a 1.5 diesel since March of 2011, and a few minor problems, one - the bluetooth kept freezing and not working properly, two - the driver's door kept forgetting that it had a full-auto mode, and I had to keep reprogramming it.

It's a good drive, not as good as the adverts say it is on fuel, unless you want to go everywhere on tick over!!

The paint is thin and scratches at the slightest hint of being rubbed or on leaned on.

Yes, you will bang your head every time you get in it unless you're shorter than five feet five.

Overall, I like this car and all it has to offer as a driver friendly vehicle.

Oh, and the glass roof makes the black leather seats become hotter than my old mum's spiral oven rings!!