1994 Nissan Sunny Hatchback LX 1.4 gasoline from Norway


Good reliable car, a bit small, not the most comfy, but still good


First off, some words needed to be translated from Norwegian if that has any say.

Biggest problem first: about 3 months after I bought it the front wheel bearings front (both sides) were shot. So I replaced them and it seemed almost like they were the original ones; not completely sure, but a buddy of mine told me so (big problem because it took 5-6 hours to change).

This was my fault, but the carry bring on the back got bent, I backed it up on a rock.

Replaced all brakes, one original drive shaft cuff, and I have yet to do it, but need to replace the suspension shock/damper?(not spring) on the left driver's side.

Clutch is still feeling great.

Nothing more, the engine is completely clean, a little rust but only cosmetic.

And the previous owner treated the Sunny like crap and it had no big issues.

General Comments:

It's great for my needs, but it's more of a stop gap car or first car (because of its size).

It's reliable, it can be -35 Celsius outside and it starts right up, no fuss, it will start every time in about 1-2 seconds. Is it cold or hot? Doesn't matter, it will start.

And yes there is an engine warmer that i can plug in, forgot it one morning.

Not the most powerful thing I've driven with those old tired 87 HP, and if you drive over 100Kmh it will drink gas, but down in like 75-90 Kmh it won't be bad (and 80 is the standard speed limit).

Bought the god darn thing for 7000 NOK (about 6-700USD) and owned it for about 10 months.

Almost 30 years old, most of it is stock; I give it the love the previous owner didn't.

Rate it 7.5/10, a good reliable car, a bit small, not the most comfy, but still good.

Oh yes one final thing. I once accidentally drove it in like 60kmh over a hefty speed bump and flew a few good meters, nothing bent or broken. I was amazed.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2022

1994 Nissan Sunny XLS 1.6 twin-cam from Iceland


A basic car, nothing exciting


The rear shocks were replaced.

The driver's seat was crooked and half loose.

General Comments:

A very basic car.

It was silver, had gray plastic interior, the seats were gray, everything was gray, and the car even smelled gray.

The sort of car a Soviet tax collector would drive. This thing was just a dreary, cloudy Tuesday made into a car.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2012

2nd Feb 2012, 22:44

Just my humble, subjective opinion here. Cars such as this may be reliable, practical, use barely any gas, and even (sometimes) last for a very long time.. but because of their complete lack of character and the apparent inability of their designers to give them a hint of style or personality, I wouldn't want one even if you paid me for it.

Even though most people view cars as that simple 'going from A to B', mere-transportation-and-nothing-more thing, I would equate sitting in a gray, bland interior every day, like having to work in a little concrete walled cubicle, as opposed to the plush, comfy, wood paneled office my 1977 Triumph 2000 sedates me with each morning.

Such little things make quite a difference, or am I just being too much of a subjective wa*ker?

1994 Nissan Sunny LX 1.4 petrol from UK and Ireland


The car that will convert you!


Nothing except spark plugs when they reached the end of their life, one switch is jammed (in the right place) and the tyres.

General Comments:

This is a seriously useful car.

I'm learning to drive in it and there hasn't been anything I can't do in it.

I don't have power steering, yet I can still get it parked in seconds!

The power is very good as well, it's there on tap for when I need it!

The cabin is well thought of, with all switches right where you need them. You get the feeling that they thought of everything.

I love this car and everything about it, and for £400 who can blame me?

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Review Date: 7th December, 2008

1st Jun 2022, 00:37

I fully agree, just wrote my review. It has some sort of finesse I call it, it just makes you fall in love with it. All my buddies love it, I love it, Most of the small town I live in love it. Am specifically talking about Nissan Sunny hatchback 1.4 LX.