1994 Nissan Sunny XLS 1.6 twin-cam from Iceland


A basic car, nothing exciting


The rear shocks were replaced.

The driver's seat was crooked and half loose.

General Comments:

A very basic car.

It was silver, had gray plastic interior, the seats were gray, everything was gray, and the car even smelled gray.

The sort of car a Soviet tax collector would drive. This thing was just a dreary, cloudy Tuesday made into a car.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2012

2nd Feb 2012, 22:44

Just my humble, subjective opinion here. Cars such as this may be reliable, practical, use barely any gas, and even (sometimes) last for a very long time.. but because of their complete lack of character and the apparent inability of their designers to give them a hint of style or personality, I wouldn't want one even if you paid me for it.

Even though most people view cars as that simple 'going from A to B', mere-transportation-and-nothing-more thing, I would equate sitting in a gray, bland interior every day, like having to work in a little concrete walled cubicle, as opposed to the plush, comfy, wood paneled office my 1977 Triumph 2000 sedates me with each morning.

Such little things make quite a difference, or am I just being too much of a subjective wa*ker?

1994 Nissan Sunny LX 1.4 petrol from UK and Ireland


The car that will convert you!


Nothing except spark plugs when they reached the end of their life, one switch is jammed (in the right place) and the tyres.

General Comments:

This is a seriously useful car.

I'm learning to drive in it and there hasn't been anything I can't do in it.

I don't have power steering, yet I can still get it parked in seconds!

The power is very good as well, it's there on tap for when I need it!

The cabin is well thought of, with all switches right where you need them. You get the feeling that they thought of everything.

I love this car and everything about it, and for £400 who can blame me?

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Review Date: 7th December, 2008

1994 Nissan Sunny LX 1.4 from Cyprus


Rubbish, buy something else


Well, let's see:

I bought the car used, but so was my previous car (which is still trouble free after all these years). About the Nissan Sunny however:

1) As soon as I bought it, after 2 weeks, there was a petrol leak from the hose of the petrol filter.

2) Two months after purchase, the clutch disc needed replacing as it became worn out.

3) 1 year after purchase, the wheel switch that turns on the lights and controls the left/right indicators needed replacing.

4) 6 months after purchase, the car started leaking oil. Mechanic says it can be fixed, but after a few months the same oil leak will re-occur.

5) The oil in the engine immediately becomes very black, even right after being drained and replaced.

6) 1 year after purchase, the car was exhausting black smoke: this was a problem with the automatic air intake control of the car, so a mechanic disabled it altogether.

7) 1 year after purchase, the air conditioning gas became empty.

8) 1 year after purchase, both front shock absorbers needed replacing.

9) Even from purchase, there is a knocking sound coming from the back suspension. Dealer replaced for new ones, but the sound never went away.

10) The reservoir cooling fluid disappears after a few weeks of driving.

11) The car pulls to the right, even though it has new tyres.

I absolutely hate this car, but I bought it for my wife (who is a new driver) so she did a couple of fender benders so far and broke the door mirror once...

At least I got for a good price back then (1500 CYP) and the car is steady on the road and feels safe and solid (the car is very heavy, around 1200KG).

General Comments:

Unreliable, expensive to maintain car with low performance and very bad mileage (uses 45L of fuel per 350km) no matter how economically you drive in town.

I think Nissan brings shame to all other Japanese manufacturers.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2008

5th Aug 2008, 06:24

You got a lemon. I don't know why you have gone off and completely defamed the car.

The sunny is known as a reliable, cost effective car.

Why you wrote this review, I don't know??!

3rd Oct 2008, 03:15

I totally agree with the first comment - no matter what car you buy, there are always lemons around. Get a mechanic to look over it if you're unsure as to its condition.

25th Feb 2010, 12:36

Amazing!!... You buy a car after 10 years of it being on the roads, and you claim it is not good enough... LOL... yeah I agree there are lemons around...

Important: average age of a car in Europe is 8.5 years... Source: http://www.acea.be/images/uploads/files/20090529_average_car_age.pdf