1994 Nissan Sunny LX 1.4 from Cyprus


Rubbish, buy something else


Well, let's see:

I bought the car used, but so was my previous car (which is still trouble free after all these years). About the Nissan Sunny however:

1) As soon as I bought it, after 2 weeks, there was a petrol leak from the hose of the petrol filter.

2) Two months after purchase, the clutch disc needed replacing as it became worn out.

3) 1 year after purchase, the wheel switch that turns on the lights and controls the left/right indicators needed replacing.

4) 6 months after purchase, the car started leaking oil. Mechanic says it can be fixed, but after a few months the same oil leak will re-occur.

5) The oil in the engine immediately becomes very black, even right after being drained and replaced.

6) 1 year after purchase, the car was exhausting black smoke: this was a problem with the automatic air intake control of the car, so a mechanic disabled it altogether.

7) 1 year after purchase, the air conditioning gas became empty.

8) 1 year after purchase, both front shock absorbers needed replacing.

9) Even from purchase, there is a knocking sound coming from the back suspension. Dealer replaced for new ones, but the sound never went away.

10) The reservoir cooling fluid disappears after a few weeks of driving.

11) The car pulls to the right, even though it has new tyres.

I absolutely hate this car, but I bought it for my wife (who is a new driver) so she did a couple of fender benders so far and broke the door mirror once...

At least I got for a good price back then (1500 CYP) and the car is steady on the road and feels safe and solid (the car is very heavy, around 1200KG).

General Comments:

Unreliable, expensive to maintain car with low performance and very bad mileage (uses 45L of fuel per 350km) no matter how economically you drive in town.

I think Nissan brings shame to all other Japanese manufacturers.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2008

5th Aug 2008, 06:24

You got a lemon. I don't know why you have gone off and completely defamed the car.

The sunny is known as a reliable, cost effective car.

Why you wrote this review, I don't know??!

3rd Oct 2008, 03:15

I totally agree with the first comment - no matter what car you buy, there are always lemons around. Get a mechanic to look over it if you're unsure as to its condition.

25th Feb 2010, 12:36

Amazing!!... You buy a car after 10 years of it being on the roads, and you claim it is not good enough... LOL... yeah I agree there are lemons around...

Important: average age of a car in Europe is 8.5 years... Source: http://www.acea.be/images/uploads/files/20090529_average_car_age.pdf

1994 Nissan Sunny Sabre 1.4 from UK and Ireland


The best cars on the road


Absolutely nothing.

General Comments:

The car has proven itself to be very reliable; it has never let me down.

The engine has proven itself to be excellent, as it never burnt a drop of oil, and requires very little maintenance, due to it having a cam chain.

The interior is a little dated, but hey, it's 12 years old, so what do you expect?

I would highly recommend one of these cars to anyone who is looking for a cheap and ultra reliable runaround, that requires little or no maintenance.

It's not too bad on fuel either; around 35-40mpg, depending on what kind of driving you do.

All in all, it's a super little car, that will go on and on forever, due to Nissan's excellent build quality.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2006

29th Apr 2008, 09:29

Dead right I bought one there two weeks ago from a relative. 107K miles on the clock and it runs like new! any maintenance needing to do you can do yourself because its such a simple engine! powerful and nippy too! GREAT CAR! And parts are really cheap due to the high volume they were produced in!