3rd May 2015, 20:26

Further update on the original review:

The SUV is now toast. 225,000KM.

Since my previous posts, here are the list of problems/replacements:

- Alternator.

- Starter.

- 3 sensors (O2, cam and crankshaft).

- All 4 wheel bearings.

- Blower motor (which is a design flaw). Take it apart and remove the filter and housing to save yourself 700$.

- 2 rear struts.

- 1 ball joint.

- Plastic panels inside the wheel walls coming loose.

- The list goes on...

I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SUV. We joke that it is cursed, and it is! Glad to get rid of it and will never touch a Nissan ever again. Some people might say I got a lemon, but I asked my mechanic if all the issues, when they would occur, would all happen to other people's X-Trails that they would bring in. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

This is an honest review that I started from my original purchase to give a clear picture and experience.

9th Oct 2016, 13:00

So over 5 years since your first update, you have soured on the vehicle because sensors needed changing once past their recommended service life, because wheel bearings and ball joints were not eternal and are actually wear components, and because the blower motor went bad?

At 10 years of age and 175,000 km, ours has had the same issues, and based on your list, I have replaced more suspension parts, brake parts, and fluids, and yet it's the best vehicle we have owned. It drives and handles as good as new. Engine, transmission, cooling and A/C system, exhaust, and all electric features work perfectly and have never had an issue. Even the body is in amazing shape. It will go to 300,000+ km with regular maintenance and it's a billy goat come winter with Blizzaks on.