1992 Oldsmobile Achieva S Quad OHC from North America


You need to know what you're doing


First thing happen was overheating had it replace for $70 from junk yard, and couple months later, I notice puddles under my feet gutted the car can't find no trace of leakage, so just live with it and now all shocks are out its like riding it a hummer or something, the car swerves a little when going speeds of 110 and above, door locks are confused driver side works only for unlock and car locks itself. My doors locks are jam can only unlock from one side and the windows are out of track that really sucks..Front dashboard has sun damage and ceiling like to flake.

General Comments:

The car has lots of hidden powers I just need to tweak it right, good gas mileage, roomy backseats.

Just recently raced a new mercury Highlander and smoke it... my brakes are great.

I like the car its something you can make into something else. Just need to know what you 're doing.

The outside design are pretty much aerialdynamic.

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Review Date: 18th January, 2003

24th Aug 2005, 21:33

Hey man, just wanted to say that reading your entry was a trip...ha!

1992 Oldsmobile Achieva S from North America


It will cost you money


The hood release puller has come off. Can't open the hood to check the engine.

The car engine has messed up. Has a low compression.

The windows in the front are off tracking.

The stereo speakers has come off.

Not sure what happen here, about to take it to the mechanic, but there is a strong gas odor that is coming in the car.

General Comments:

I am not sure to say whether this is a good or bad car. Usually, Oldsmobile makes great cars. I don't know what happen here.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2002

1992 Oldsmobile Achieva SL 2.3 Quad 4 from North America


A very reliable, inexpensive and stylish car


Had to replace the alternator and Oxygen sensor shortly after purchase.

I also opted to replace the front calipers, rotors and pads.

Had to replace the Integrated Ignition System coil housing at around 185,000.

General Comments:

An awesome overall car.

The performance rating is relative to my car having a Quad 4 which kicks out a surprising 160 HP. Lots of "get up and go" when you need it (or want it). Get ready for high RPM and a very powerful engine sound.

This car has a very comfortable, very spacious interior. All controls are very well situated to make the driver feel that he/she is in control. Each passenger has their own map/reading light. The rear seats also fold down to fit large items into the trunk.

The Acheiva also has a very sleek and stylish exterior. Some models experience 'peeling' of the black portions of the front and rear bumpers which can make the car appear neglected.

Another common problem is due to a wiring fault in the instrument panel which will cause the "Check Gages" and "Check Oil" lights to flicker/stay on.

I have heard some rather unfavorable stories about GMs early Quad 4 engines, but I cannot say that I have expereinced any of these problems first hand.

With the size of a luxury sedan and the speed and handling of many domestic sports cars I would recomend this car to just about anyone.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2002

18th Dec 2004, 02:36

I have a 92 SL and do have a problem with the check gauges and check oil lights flickering, or staying on sometimes as well. I was wondering if you got that problem fixed on you car and if so, what exactly do I need to tell my mechanic to look at to get this problem fixed?

27th Feb 2006, 22:29

I also have a '92 SL with the same Check Gauges/Check Oil light problem. They either stay on constantly or flicker on and off. Also, my car has a hesitation problem. If I put the throttle to the floor, the car sputters and really doesn't go anywhere. If I lightly tap the throttle and wait for it to "kick in" it'll usually go fine.

Anyone have suggestions?

28th Feb 2006, 17:28

To the above poster: I suggest replacing your fuel filter.

Then I would check your catalytic converter; it may be plugged. It can cause the symptoms you describe.

10th Feb 2008, 09:15

I have white 92 Oldsmobile Achieve. That car is one of the best cars I have owned. It has a 3.3L v6 that has 211,893 miles on it, and still runs brand new. It still has all the original part's on it except for the Battery, Filters, and Belts.

This car pushes 210hp at 193lbs of torque. Its and old unmarked squad car. There not the most roomy things in the world, but 4 people is comfortable. I would defiantly recommend this car to people.

The power is great and the speed is awesome. We took it to the drag strip just to see how fast we could get it, and it reached 154mph. Thanks for reading the review.