19th Apr 2009, 18:46

Well it looks like I am not the only Alero car lover (sigh).

I bought the car about 4 years ago with only 60,000 miles on it. Now there are 150,000 and I have had to replace the rotors twice, 4 sets of tires, bearings, and now we are getting to the costly repairs...

Water pump, front axle, transmission all within the last year and a half. A few weeks ago I heard a whining sound and of course it was the head gasket! Now I got the car home 2 days ago and the darn engine is knocking, the car sputters down the street, and I have to floor the gas pedal to go 20 mph.

I almost forgot about the cigarette lighters that keep blowing my fuses, the blinking security light that strands me for no less than 20 minutes, and that gosh darn low tire pressure light that never goes off even though the tires are all inflated properly!!! AAAARRRGGGHHH!

18th May 2009, 21:23

I purchased a 1999 Alero in 2005. When I first took the car home, the THERMOSTAT went bad. I had to have an ABS sensor on the passenger side replaced. Then the front passenger side strut was replaced along with the tire that it shredded as it broke driving home. This was all within the first 6 months of having the car.

Luckily I had a limited warranty with the auto dealer. Within the first year, I had to have the REAR DEFROST repaired, cost me over $300 bucks. Still to this day I hear that THUMPING NOISE in the front passenger side of the car (in the winter when it is cold out). I too had it checked out; was told there was nothing wrong with it.

OH MY THE BRAKES!!!I have taken my car in on a few different occasions for the PULSING BRAKES and I have been told on all occasions that nothing was wrong.

I have had both SPRINGS in the back replaced along with another tire that was shredded when the spring broke.

The WHEEL BEARINGS have been replaced twice since 2005.

Oh yeah and my current issue the INTAKE MANIFOLD!!!

Oh yeah let me not forget the LOW TIRE PRESSURE LIGHT that will not go away.

I expect normal wear, but most of these responses on this page have way too much in common. As much as I love my baby girl I can understand why GM cut the Oldsmobile line. In my own opinion I believe that GM needs to admit to this problem with the Oldsmobile Alero line. My family over the years took a love to the Oldmobile line and it's great reputation over the years. I can remember my mother's 1965 Olds-Ninety Eight made out of American made steel. After buying this car I am saddened to say that I don't want to buy GM ever again. GM has lost their special touch.

2nd Feb 2010, 03:48

My 1999 Olds Alero constantly has low tire pressure light on; the ABS/TRAC OFF. I have replaced the wheel sensor on it once. The door windows are even worse. The guides that hold the window on the strip of steel break and you have to buy all new guts for the window; you can't just buy the plastic guides. My fuse box also gets rain water in it. What's next?

I do love the car, but it is nickle and diming me to death

18th Feb 2010, 10:05

I bought a 99 Alero last year in December. Since then I have replaced the water pump, intake gaskets, driver's side wheel bearing twice, passenger side once, drivers side window and inners once. The map sensor, and the normal things like tires, spark plus, wires, battery fuel filter. I love the way the car looks, but it is killing my wallet. Now it is headed to the garage again; they think the wheel bearings went again. I wish I had never bought this car.

15th Mar 2010, 17:36

I have a 4 door red Alero GLS.. very sharp looking car with tinted windows.

I have had a few major problems since purchasing the car used in 2008. I have replaced the brakes front and back, right and left front wheel bearings, new window motor for driver side window, (that has been taken back 3 times due to some intermittent problem of the windows having a mind of it's own), the low pressure tire light constantly comes on (Walmart is tired of seeing me to check it), and I have had the transmission checked multiple times. There is a leak somewhere and it is a hard find.. or I did get an estimate for about $1,500 to fix it, but the problem has not been defined.

So... what's next... but man do I love that car. LOL.. Just like a bill.. You have to pay for it, cause if you get rid of it, you could be getting something that would cost you more in the long run.

15th May 2010, 00:53

Oh the Alero... what joy, what joy. I bought a 2001 Alero in 2003 with 40 000km on it. I maintained it very well. It's a 5 speed and I am not at all hard on my brakes, but I have the pulsing problem too. Just got brand new rotors last week and it still isn't perfect, but at least it's not deafeningly loud.

A company mechanic on the crew fixes it and checks it regularly, but how well you take care of it has NO BEARING on how this car will behave.

The hazard flasher button fell INTO my dash.

The windows fell into the doors regularly, and many sets of new clips have been purchased and both window motors have been replaced more than twice each, so I settle for the driver's side window working only and the other one propped closed.

The light in the roof won't stay up in its hole.

The bearings and whole front axle have been replaced (joints and all) after enduring HORRIBLE noises for a long time. They tried to tell me it was tires squeaking on rims and warranty replaced 2 out of 4 tires - thanks guys... turns out it was tranny related.

The ABS slings and sensors have been nothing but trouble - replaced drivers side twice and passenger once at $600 a pop.

A week after I bought it the fuel pump died (under warranty) and it recently died again (not covered yay for towing).

Now it is leaking oil everywhere for no apparent reason and is parked for the time being.

It's gone through 3 batteries (at least one was for sure a short)

I will never buy a GM anything after this. I'm glad the crew trucks are Dodge and have 6 times the mileage and 1/100th the issues.

16th Aug 2010, 17:38

Well, some pretty interesting comments.

The 'family' has had a total of 6 Aleros, from 2000 to one of the Final 500. Have had the dash lights (wheel bearing sensors), have had the flasher fall 'into' the dash, have had the intermittent start problem (security gremlin - turns out it was the remote starter). Brakes and some rotors at 25K - either you folks haven't had many front drivers or you're thinking you're easier on the brakes than you really are!

I love some of the issues when the cart has been purchased with 125,000 miles or more (the one at 199,000 miles?) Do you think every car lasts 500,000 miles? You don't think Toyotas use brakes? Been there with them. Had one and replaced it with a second hand Buick when the 3rd replacement choke assembly (at $195 a pop) went and the car would not idle.

Driver habits/assembly/climate has a lot to do with any cars performance. I'd give my left arm to go get another new Olds.