1999 Oldsmobile Alero GLS 3.4 from North America


Nice car, but too many problems


I bought this car from the dealer's about 2 months ago.

2 weeks after I bought it all the brakes needed replaced.

1 week later driving on the highway the car just died. Turned out that I needed a new alternator and battery.

1 week later I needed to replace my positive battery cable.

3 days later the dealer tells me I need a whole new coolant system.

2 days later my interior lights dim when I role up or down 1 of any windows, the headlights dim as well. And it is a dim that is very noticeable.

General Comments:

Other than the problem I have had since I've had the car I like it, this has been a learning experience for me...

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Review Date: 1st December, 2002

1999 Oldsmobile Alero GL 3.4L V6 from North America


Styling, Performance, and Economy


Power Steering hose went at 37000 km.

General Comments:

This is a great car.

Excellent Styling, and Performance.

Would be nice if Oldsmobile continued to make them rather than GM dumping the brand.

Recommended Buy.

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Review Date: 31st October, 2002

1999 Oldsmobile Alero GLS 6 cylinder. from North America


Nice to look at, but don't buy one!!!

General Comments:

This is a sharp looking car, BUT...

Within 20,000 miles, I have had brake rotors replaced, which still make noise and make the brake pedal and steering wheel "pulse".

Also have had to have shocks and struts replaced due to terrible squeaking noise.

Intake manifold went bad, had to wait over two weeks for part to be delivered.

Now, at just under 29,000 miles the head is leaking oil, and is ready to blow. Engine runs terrible like air is getting in. I am ready to end lease and worried car won't last until the new car I have ordered comes in. The 3 year warranty is expired, and I don't think its fair that I would have to have head gasket fixed!

Also, not long after purchase, the leather started to curl away from the bottoms of all 4 windows, had to have that fixed, only to have it start all over again.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2002

4th Dec 2002, 16:28

Although all these bad things may have happened to his car, I would have to think that it may be caused by the driver instead of the cars manufacturing. I just bought a 1999 Olds Alero and this thing is a dream to me. I have found only one thing wrong with it, besides a few dings here and there, and that was the blinkers, for some reason unknown yet, kept going out like there was a short in the wire. My car had 54,900 miles approximately when I got it, and in 250 miles I've used 1 1/2 tanks of gas and have experienced absolutely no problems in performance, or comfort at that. Over all I would give this car a 9.95 out of ten because it has a little less head room than a 6' person needs, but still very livable since I've got my seat in the low rider position anyway. :)

1999 Oldsmobile Alero from North America


At least it still looks good


August 2001 Tie Rod End replaced. 1000 miles after being told problem. 3 trips to dealer before they changed brake pads and rotors.

Dome light keeps falling out.

Back floors ruined from water leaking into car.

Tape player has never worked.

August 2002 Everything imaginable is going wrong. Battery, water pump, constant coolant leak, alternator and starter.

Please do not waste your money.

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Review Date: 18th September, 2002

1999 Oldsmobile Alero 2.4 I 4 from North America


This car is definitely an awesome car, too bad no one has any good mods out for it yet


There has been absolutely nothing wrong with this car since the day I bought it.

General Comments:

I recently took this car on a 1000 mile trip and it was a dream, averaging around 33 mpg, at 85 mph. very comfortable and exciting trip.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2002

13th Oct 2002, 07:13

I was surprised the Alero got such a high rating. I have had the 1999 Alero for 3 years and cannot begin to count the number of problems I've had with it. As far as reliability, I rate it very poorly. It rarely starts on the first attempt and the security light flashes off and on for at least ten minutes thereafter. I've also had the key get stuck in the ignition switch so that the car would not turn off. At one point the car would not lock except from the outside remote. At least every 6 months something goes wrong and has since the first day I drove it off the lot, when the button to adjust the bass on the radio fell off. Best of luck with your Alero.