1999 Oldsmobile Alero gl3 3.4 from North America


Piece of JUNK I will NEVER buy another GM product again!


Had to replace #2 and #3 coils.

Had to replace all window trim.

Had to replace fuel filter.

Had to replace fuel pump.

Had to replace plugs and wires.

Had to replace positive battery cable and battery.

Leaks water into passenger side floor.

Had to replace window motor.

Had to have computer reprogrammed.

Had to have dome lamp assembly replaced-kept falling out.

Had to have seat belt retractor replaced-would not go back in.

Drivers mirror (outside) vibrates badly.

Lower intake gasket replaced twice because leaking oil.

Rotors replaced.

Power mirror switch replaced.

Oil pump drive leaking oil- fixed.

Car is NOT reliable- sometimes will not start- GM/Olds dealer answer to that "huh, we just don't know- you got something funky going on there- but it has us stumped-good luck"

Drivers seat has small hole starting to wear through fabric.

All of the above has been within the 4 months that I have owned the car!

General Comments:

All I have to say is if you are thinking about buying one RUN THE OTHER WAY!!!

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2003

27th Jan 2005, 08:07

How much did it cost to reprogram your computer for the car?

2nd Oct 2005, 18:42

You really got ripped off there... havn't had any problems with my 2004 Alero at all, got it with 33k miles too. I have had problems with the passenger side electrical outlit slot, falling out when i try to open it, but otherwise it's all good.

30th Jun 2006, 19:44

I own a 2002 Olds Alero Ecotec 2.2l that will not start. I have replaced the ignition module and the crank sensor. I have good fuel pressure, but it still will not start. I have owned my vehicle for 2 months and have not had any other problems, until now, please help, no one seems to know what's wrong.

1999 Oldsmobile Alero GLS 3.4 V6 170hp from North America


Better then the Ford Bronco II


'99 Alero GLS used with 87,407 miles.

Warranty: 36 month / 36,000

Under warranty until 123,407.

After buying the Alero I was told about problems that other people had with "# point inspections from dealerships"

So I took my car to an oil change business and had the oil change and a look under carriage checked out.

Leaks under car were found. Then I took the car back to the dealership where I bought it.

The dealership put a dye into the oil so they could check it later with an ultraviolet after I drive it for 500 miles.

Well after 3000 miles of driving (vacation). During the trip the Cruz-control switch quit working, but after getting home an "CHECK ENGINE SOON" light came on the dash I took it back to the dealership.

91,649 miles:

There report came back with:

Oil leaks from oil pan & intake manifold.

The code on the dash light was water leakage into pistons due to water pump failure. (Head gasket blown)

All under warranty!!

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Review Date: 31st January, 2003

1999 Oldsmobile Alero GL-3 3.4L V6 from North America


A fully loaded performance machine and inexpensive


The brakes were replaced under TSB in Nov '00. In Dec 02 they were resurfaced. My local mechanic told me that the grinding noise is due to rust build up on the disks, which in humid areas (MO) takes about 1/2 hour. I see a lot of complaints about the brakes, but no one mentions that Olds put out a recall or Tech Service Bulletin to fix the brakes.

Driver power window motor failed - replaced under warranty.

Battery failed - under warranty.

Seals on doors warped - replaced under warranty.

Power steering pump was making noises - replaced under warranty.

General Comments:

I'm bothered by all the negative complaints, I guess the happy people don't make comments. So I'm here to say, I love my Alero. I got the GL-3 with sport package & this is one great handling car.

This car cruises down the highway - at lower RPMs than my old Dodge did. I feel secure traveling at high speeds in this car. It corners beautifully - there's a local road marked for 35, but my Alero handles it at 75 when the road is clear. This car just hugs the road.

Yes, it's had a share of problems - but my old Dodge went through 3 tranmissions, every 25,000 miles - and it would go out on the highway.

The car is made for driving, at least my model is. The cockpit is comfortable for the driver, even my 6'6" friend can fit in the passenger side. The interior is very well done, the colors blend very well. My cloth has held up well, even with 2 boys. The performance of the engine, suspension, tires & brakes are top notch - the car flies.

I came real close to trading up to an '03 with the recent offer from Olds - but they don't make the GL-3 anymore & there's no GLS models available in my area. I guess I'll keep this one through its old age. Where will I find another car with automatic headlights & all the fine features at this price?

Good luck to everyone else who's had problems, with dealers mostly it seems.


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Review Date: 14th January, 2003

27th May 2004, 22:08

After reading your mention of a recall (or tech service bulletin) on the brakes, I tried to find this information on-line. The recalls that I have been able to find concern the steering wheel casing and the console latch. I was able to find tech service bulletins about the brakes. However, these do not appear to advise car owners on how to prevent these problems from occurring. Where can better info. be found?

25th Jul 2004, 22:10

I have been reading the comments on Alero and I don't know what to think.

I went to a dealer ship and they had a Oldsmobile Alero 99' for sale. It was on the lines of what I am looking for. A 2dr coupe, low mileage (44,180) and seemed in good condition. They were asking $7,500 but I got them to $6,100.

Unfortunately after i left and spoke to a friend who was in the dealership business heard there are a lot of electrical problems with 99' Alero's and this worries me. I haven't signed anything yet so any information provided would be greatly apprectiated! Thank you.

27th Nov 2007, 12:14

I would just like to day that I have had my Alero for 5yrs. I bought it used with 30,000 miles on it. I now have 155,000 on it. The car has been fantastic!! I still drive it every day.